Advanced Noche Buena!

Say Noche Buena and family, food and CHRISTmas immediately comes to mind.  You can’t have one without the other two nor two without one.  Through God’s grace, I have always been blessed to have those three.  My family is here to celebrate it with me.  We have ample food to feast on.  And the meaning of CHRISTmas is present as we celebrate the Holy Mass before the main meal.

Not all families though enjoy the grace of CHRISTmas togetherness.  As a nation rich in manpower resources, we have our modern day heroes who are spread out all over the world working for their families back home. We have people working in BPOs and in hospitals working on night shifts.  These people won’t be spending CHRISTmas with their family and their family would have an empty spot on the dinner table for them.

Lady’s Choice, the brand that is a CHRISTmas staple in the holiday spread of Filipino homes and a mayonnaise of choice in making staple Noche Buena dish like Macaroni Salad, prepared a special surprise for some of these families by arranging an Advanced Noche Buena. Watch with me and feel the magic an Advanced Noche Buena brings, simply because CHRISTmas is “Mas Masarap Talaga ‘Pag Magkakasama!”

Did you well up? I definitely did. I welled up because I’m happy for the families. After a long time, they finally get to spend their Noche Buena together albeit in advance. As a mom, I know how important the presence of each family member is and it is our joy to see the family complete, especially in this season of CHRISTmas. And dads, tough as they are, we see how they value and treasure the warmth family brings.
Lady’s Choice surely warmed up hearts in advance and filled up tummies with the ever-present Macaroni Salad.
In this season of CHRISTmas may we all be enriched with the grace of family because “Mas Masarap Talaga ‘Pag Magkakasama!” Spread the gift of togetherness by sharing this heart -warming video with your loved ones.
And to make that scrumptious Noche Buena spread, head on over to Lady’s Choice FB page to score the perfect recipe for Macaroni Salad, Creamy Beef Stroganoff, Baked Salmon, and so much more.

Lady's Choice Advanced Noche Buena Pack

An Advance Noche Buena to everyone!


P.S. Thank you very much to Lady’s Choice for making CHRISTmas extra special for these families. And thank you for my Advance Noche Buena kit.

Nesfruta #RealnaReal: Make your Kid’s Drawing Come Alive

Nesfruta #RealnaReal

What can be a more joyfully heart-warming gift than telling your kid that you can make their drawing come alive!   Wow!  I can already see their eyes glowing with happiness and their heart’s swelling with pride as they gently handle their “live” drawing, unbelieving at first and then with giddy excitement make it soar through the skies or dive in the deepest ocean.

Nesfruta, Nestlé’s powdered fruit juice line, is going to make your kid’s drawing come to life with Nesfruta’s #RealnaReal contest.   Here’s a look at what Nesfruta can do for your child.

Super aliw, right?!:-) All you have to do is let your kid draw, take a photo of it and then upload it at the Facebook page of   10 winners will be drawn through an electronic raffle and hopefully,  it will be our kids:-)  To get more details about the promo,  please click Nesfruta link.

Through Nesfruta’s #RealnaReal contest we can make their drawings come alive.  We can also assist them, guide them or provide different mediums for them to create their very own.   My daughter’s favorite character is the one and only Ice Queen, Elsa.  Her slippers are Elsa.  Her clips are Elsa. Her pillow is Elsa.  And of course she makes Elsa!

Over the months of Elsa stardom,  she has created an Elsa lamp, an Elsa Mine Craft figure, made Olaf melt, Elsa clay, snowflakes and sung “Let it Go” for the nth time.

The possibilities are endless as we let our kids stretch their imagination and let them create with their hands.  By using their imagination,  we help build our kids’ creative problem solving abilities and let them explore beyond the box.

This CHRISTmas season, I think the greatest gift we can give our children is to make their imagination come to life and give them time as we soar with them in their great world of imagination.

Join the Nesfruta #RealnaReal contest,  post away and make all this come true.  One character per entry,  enter as many as your child wants:-)

Good luck and Merry CHRISTmas!




P.S.  Thanks to Nesfruta for this wonderful campaign.


Yummy Promo Alert: S&R Holiday Feast

One of the things my family and I look forward to when we go to S&R is the must do side trip to the S&R fast food service.  I think everyone who goes to S&R orders a pizza because the warm and oh so yummy smell of pizza wafts through your nose upon entry and the memories of New York style pizza makes your heart flutter.

SNR pizza

S&R always, always delivers the taste of a good old New York pizza.   Starting off with the humongous 18″ size New York Pizza is known for. The cuts are huge, your eyes grow big in excitement and then you grab and fold it a bit because you want every piece of the cheesy-gooey goodness!  The crust is puffy and bread-like from the end and tapers down to a thinner middle.  The overload of mozzarella cheese together with all the perfect spices, sauces and toppings are screaming eat me.  OMG!  I’m getting hungry!

This whole month of December, S&R is giving S&R members a Holiday Feast by throwing in one whole New York Pizza, 6 huge slices of their Southern Style Fried Chicken and three 22 oz bottomless soda for unbelievably, P 999!!!

SNR Holiday Feast 2014

My family and I tried the S&R Holiday Feast and we were so stuffed and happy.

Dining at SNR

The pizza of course was delicious, ever.  The bottomless soda is always a treat.  My kids always find the idea of bottomless soda very fascinating.  They are excited to be the one to choose and get their drink, fill it half way, finish it and try the another soda for later.

SNR pizza and chicken

SNR Southern Fried Chicken

For the Southern Style Fried Chicken, it is our first time to order it.  And it was gooood!!!!   You guys have to try it.  First let’s start with size, haha, matakaw kasi that’s why I want it big:-)  S&R’s Southern Style Fried Chicken is big  and won’t leave you “bitin.”  The chicken is tender and juicy and has the right spice combination.  And the chicken skin, is not heavy on breading, is fried to the right crispness and has that perfect golden color.  My daughter who loves pizza was getting confused whether to wolf down the whole pizza slice or eat another chicken!

SNR-Fast Food - Food-Service

S&R Fast Food Service is available in all S&R Membership Shopping Warehouses and is available  to S&R members only.  I think, just to have access to the food at the S&R Fast Food Service sulit na yung P700 annual membership.  It’s like getting a pizza card for a fee but this time you throw in access to exclusive and unique grocery products from all over the world at warehouse prices.  Check out how to be a member and get updated on new S&R Fast Food Service promos and new S&R products (they always have new products)  here.

Dining at SNR

Tara, kain na!




P.S. Thanks to S&R Membership Shopping Warehouses for treating us to the super yummy, full to the max S&R Holiday Feast!:-)


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Nesfruta #RealnaReal

Nesfruta #RealnaReal: Make your Kid’s Drawing Come Alive

What can be a more joyfully heart-warming gift than telling your kid that you can make their drawing come alive!   Wow!  I can already see their eyes glowing with happiness and their heart's swelling with pride as they gently handle their "live" drawing, unbelieving at first and then with giddy … [Read More...]

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