Happy International Women’s Day 2016!

Strong Woman QuoteA salute to the strong women out there who may be hovering in different worlds from parenting to wife, from worker to great friend and yet maintain a world of her own! Let us celebrate our womanhood! We deserve it mothers! Happy International Women’s Day!

5 Practical Ways to Raise Unprejudiced Kids

Careful the things you say children will listen quote

“Mom, look at the poor kid,” my son anxiously pointed to the scruffy looking, emaciated street kid. True, it was a poor kid but there was something in the way he said it, that made me feel uncomfortable. It felt like we were passing by an aquarium and he saw a fish, instead of a little boy just like him.

I cautioned him not to call people poor because that is rude and he reasoned out but he is really poor, isn’t he? I’m at a loss, he was correct but it is not right to be casting labels on people. I am deeply bothered and as I processed, I realised, that my kid wouldn’t know those labels had I not used them myself. [Read more...]

Married Couples and Valentine’s Day: Should we even celebrate it?

Valentine'sBack in my single days, Valentine’s would have my stomach in knots in anticipation of what my then-boyfriend-now-husband has prepared for the day. Which restaurant would he take me to? Do I get tulips or roses? Now, married with 3 kids, Valentine’s is just another regular day save for the man on the street selling those heart shaped balloons and restaurants offering dinner set menus.

Frankly, after the birth of my kids, I haven’t been a great fan of Valentine’s. I mutter about the commercialism and horrible, horrible traffic it brings. My husband and I both agree it’s absurd that we will squeeze in with the crowd and get jacked-up set menus in restaurants. So I shrug it off and won’t mind a bit if my husband treats it as just one regular day, just as I would.

Something tripped in my middle-aged brain though and I turned really melancholy with the absence of the attention I previously wouldn’t have minded. I suddenly ached [Read more...]

Smiling your Way to Good Oral Health Care with The Right Tool

Smiling FaceWhen I was a child I wasn't too keen on brushing teeth (aren't all kids) as a consequence plaque slowly built up and by the time I hit my late teens I lost 2 of my side teeth (one on the left and one on the right). It wasn't a nice childhood memory plus not having your original tooth isn't healthy not to mention pretty! I never want my kids to experience the same, that is why im vigilant in stressing the importance of good oral hygiene on them. I always tell them, once you get rid of your milk teeth, those adult teeth will serve you till your gray old years so better take care of it. Sometimes my daughter wants to take a short cut [Read more...]

Strengthening Long Distance Relationships Through Digital Connections

Bridging-distance-through-digital-connectionMy husband recently started working in Taipei and the move was quite disconcerting for us considering we have never been apart before. Now, more than at any time of our family life, we appreciate and rely on the power of digital connections to bond as a family.

Apple’s Facetime is our favorite means of communication. We would call dad or dad would call us, as we rehash the events of the day and say our goodnights. Or we would do a Facetime by the poolside and show daddy how long our pre- schooler can stay under water. Or dad would pan the phone to show us the new restaurant he discovered.

Viber is where we share photos, videos and funny links. The photos range from a math problem dad has to help the kids solve to what we had for dinner, from the pouring rain outside or our little boy dressed up in his favorite Darth Vader costume to the gigantic cockroach that mom killed.

It is through these little bits of communication that we try to make the best of what the distance is throwing at us.

And since our means of communication relies heavily on digital connections, it is important that we have reliable internet connection. I may have complained about PLDT in the past, but in the end, amongst all the internet providers in the country, PLDT remains to still be the better choice.

PLDT together with SMART Communications has come up with another breakthrough product to strengthen communications in families.

PLDT speedster plan

PLDTHOME Speedster Fam Plan

  • Plan allows you to share your PLDT Home DSL data plan with your family’s SMART mobile phones.
  • For P 1,299/month the PLDTHOME Speedster Fam Plan offers five times faster speeds of up to 10Mbps and a monthly allocation of 50GB.
  • Share 6 GB of the 50 GB monthly data allocation to up to four SMART mobile phone lines.
  • Home data and mobile data sharing conveniently billed under one subscription.
  • Subscribers can get a SMART mobile line that comes with a free smart phone for an additional P299 per month or with a free iPhone for P799 per month. Or if they have existing SMART subscription, they can enroll their numbers in the plan.

Give your loved ones the family-sized connection they deserve. Switch to #PLDTHomeDSL now and get 50% off your broadband bill for 1 year. Plus, enjoy FREE Installation and a FREE WiFi Modem – no cashout needed! Visit www.pldthome.com now. Promo is valid until March 31, 2016.

Disclosure:  Thanks to PLDT Home for sponsoring this post.


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[Read more...]

TheGoMom Nominated as Best Parenting Blog at Nuffnang Awards 2016 #NNMatchlessMomLilian #NUFFNANGAWARDS2016 #Blogopolis4D


I am beyond words!   When I received an email from Nuffnang, I felt I already won! 😉 Really, I did. I was beaming from ear to ear and I called my family to let them know of the nomination. And syempre, it wasn’t enough that I tell them, I had to make them read the nomination letter, out loud!:-)   It is a solid validation that all the hard work I put in the blog is of significant value to the parenting community.

thegomom logoWhen I started blogging, my only thought is that I wanted to write. I used to write for the collegiate paper and it is one of my true passions. Blogging has given me the opportunity to write once more within the confines of my home, a topic closest to my heart, parenting.   Blog posts came naturally as the experiences I share came from my everyday life as a mother. It covered my confession as a serial shouter, my hilarious experience with our Quentin Tarantino maid, my insight on the reality of marriage, my tips to avoid petty theft at home, to my desire for my kids to love their Filipino identity. It also covered our family travels laden with information.   And not to be discounted, as it is an integral part of the blog, are the 1,000 plus worksheets I have made for my kids, as I personally tutored them in their early years in school.

I wrote. And, I posted.   And like in the movie Field of Dreams, I built it, and people came.

Readers started dropping by as I see my statistics rise. Readers started commenting how they find the site helpful. And pretty soon, advertisers noticed it too. I have been asked several times how to be noticed by advertisers [Read more...]

5 Simple Ways to Ensure Safety of your LPG with Petron Gasul

Gasul-Delivery Boy

I'm a very practical mom. Whenever I am buying something for the house I always compare with other products in the market in terms of quality, quantity and price. That is probably the reason why I take 10 years to do my grocery shopping. But there are some things that are already a given. No brainer. Automatic. Take for instance Petron Gasul. It has been my trusted brand of LPG for years.

LPG under the sink

Petron Gasul in my service kitchen.

For me safety of the family must never be compromised. I shudder when [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy-New-Year-20162015 has been chaotic for me. To-do lists hounded my days and I was always harassed, stressed and dead tired. Running after finishing one deadline after another. And it is not because I have so many things to do, it was because I was so disorganized and quite frankly, I was as slow as a snail on tranquilizer.

This 2016, the following quotes will guide my year.

Early-to-Bed-and-Early-to-Rise-Makes-a-Man-Healthy-Wealthy-and-WiseSleep is essential to me and when I don’t get enough rest, my whole body feels it and it functions on 1mb.

2015 had me sleeping late and waking up tired and stressed. I trudge through the day, brain half working causing me to produce what should have been a 2 hours worth of work to 5 or 6 hours! And because I lack sleep, I wasn’t a ray of sunshine to my little people. This year, I will try to hit the sack by 10pm and haul the kids to bed by 9:30pm.

Plan.-And-Stick-to-the-Plan2015 went by with to-do’s falling down my lap. In short, my to-do list was controlling me instead of me controlling my to-do-list. It was exhausting and really quite depressing.

This 2016, I’m writing down my goals and chunking it down to realistic, actionable to-do’s with timelines and hours that I need to spend on it.   The clock should be my ally reminding me to stick to my plan. A timer is essential to keep me focused. For instance, when I write a blog post, I have to put a 2 hour cap for writing and a one hour cap for finding photos. Therefore I can’t spend 2 hours finding inspiration on the net!

Finally, I end with my very own quote. I want to be kinder to myself and find balance. Read my full post about Balance here.

Quote about finding balanceWith the swirl of things happening around, it is essential to make a choice and . Did I plan and choose 4pm to be a time for my pre-schooler? If I did then I should not feel bad for the work left behind. Did I plan and choose to spend a few hours catching up with friends in FB? Then I should enjoy it.  Did I plan to work on accounting for the business today? Then I should feel accomplished. I’ll make a choice and find peace and joy in that choice. It’s alright, I made that choice.

New Year.  New Beginnings.

Amidst the busyness of parenthood,  I wish that all of us will find our truest and purest joy this 2016.

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3 Days to Go Before CHRISTmas 2015!

3 days to go before CHRISTmas quoteAnd the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. - Dr. Seuss

Experience the Magic as Hongkong Disneyland Turns 10

Hongkong-Disneyland-FireworksImagine the most wonderful time of the year, in the happiest place on Earth with all the festivities of a 10th year anniversary! It’s hitting the jackpot thrice!

It seems like yesterday when the nearest Disneyland closest to home opened it’s door to Asia.   And just as you would expect from Disneyland, such a celebration will come with much fanfare and joy.

Listed below are the new attractions people are raving about in Hongkong Disneyland’s 10th Year Anniversary celebration:

MICKEY AND THE WONDROUS BOOK, a brand new live musical featuring Disney’s most loved characters and stories from Mickey Mouse to Olaf and Tangled to Frozen.

Mickey-and-the-Wondrous-BookKids will be delighted to see all the characters they love in one musical show! I can already see the glow in the eyes of the kids!

DISNEY IN THE STARS, is the stunning Fireworks show of Disneyland only more dazzling!

Fireworks-at-DisneylandCutting-edge technology, spectacular lighting effects and state-of-the-art video projection on the Sleeping Beauty Castle will leave everyone in awe. I don’t know if I’m the only one but Disney’s Finale Fireworks always makes me teary-eyed with joy. It’s like my heart is swelling with hope and joy, I have to cry it out! Maternal hormones!

FAIRY TALE FOREST.  Visualize walking through the whimsical landscape of “Tangled,” the familiar town of Beauty and the Beast to the underwater world of “Little Mermaid.” Wouldn’t it be enchanting!?!

To add to the 10th anniversary flair, Disneyland is also offering a play and dine promo that entitles visitors to a free combo meal in the restaurants inside Disneyland . The combo meal comes with main course and a drink.

For more information on Hongkong Disneyland’s 10th Anniversary attractions and promos, hop on over here.

For an extra touch of whimsy, Hongkong Disneyland has made a game where you can create a personal note using different Disney themes, like the one I made.Hongkong Disneyland Facebook GameTry making you own at Hongkong Disneyland’s FB Page and let your husband or kids be amused.

Let the magic of Hongkong Disneyland fill the entire family!

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Tasty, Creamy Recipes to Try this MerryCremas 2015

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Alaska Merry Cremas Festival 2015

And like all Christmases, it is the time when “walang patid na chika” and overflowing food becomes inseparable. Truly, it can’t be merry without the otherJ

Last November 29, Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream treated food loving Pinoys to the Alaska Merry Cremas Festival in Trinoma. As always, they put together a good mix of food merchants selling their signature dishes using Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream.   They also had fun games for everyone.

Alaska Merry Cremas Festival

What I loved most with Alaska Merry Cremas Festival 2015 was the recipes I got to take home! Each booth displayed their Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream specialty. As an avid collector of recipes, I was extremely happy because I have a bunch of new recipes to try at home.

I have already tried cooking one dish the ALASKA CREMA CHICKEN PAPRIKA.


And the kids [Read more...]

Christmas 2015 Starts in Joyful Note at SM Mall of Asia’s “Santa’s Very Merry Wonderland”

Everyone's favorite season is on a roll and the kids and I welcomed it with a bang last November 7 at the Mall of Asia Christmas Launch!   It was truly a festive, joyful Christmas kick-off as Mall of Asia patrons were serenaded by the acapella-epic performance of TheFilharmonic.

The Filharmonic in Manila 2015

TheFilharmonic, a group of 6 Fil-Am boys gained international fame with their unique singing talent. They sing without instruments and yet they sound like they have the full ensemble! Super cool! [Read more...]

Quick Guide to Manila’s Christmas Attractions and Activities 2015

Christmas is my favorite season (isn't it everyone's?:-) ) and one of the traditions of our family is to marvel at the beautiful Christmas displays all over Manila. I have already spotted some nice displays and I would be adding to the list as I see them. The list is numbered just to signify how many displays there are and does not connote any ranking.   Merry Christmas!

2.   Eastwood City


Eastwood goes less this year with their Scandinavian style reindeers that seamlessly blends Christmas joy and modernity.  Proving that less is more never goes out of style.    [Read more...]

Domicillo Design Hotel: Stylish, Romantic Getaway in Tagaytay

Domicillo TagaytayIt is our 15th wedding anniversary and I thought that since we only had the weekend I have to find the most romantic getaway that won't be too far away.   My frenetic search on the net led me to DOMICILLO, a design, boutique haven offering one of the best and widest view of Taal Lake.

Because of work, errands and the horrendous traffic (4.5 hours instead of 2 hours to Tagaytay) to get out of Manila, we arrived at Domicillo at 7:30pm. I was almost in tears. Hehe because we paid a premium plus our anniversary is too hurried. Uwaaah it's not a happy anniversary anymore.

But truly, when we stepped into Domicillo, the warmth and charm of the place reminded us what we were here for - a relaxing, intimate getaway to celebrate 15 years!

Domicillo TagaytayThe place was just as the pictures promised it to be. Understated elegance.

We got the best room in the 8-room boutique hotel, the [Read more...]

PLDT HOME Telpad: Controlling the Home Remotely

PLDT connected home

Imagine those sci-fi movies where the owner of the house sees what goes on inside the house remotely, arrives with the air conditioner on, has the oven baking yummy ribs ... the time has arrived for the truly modern home.

PLDT HOME is offering the most advanced PLDT HOME Telpad that helps us control our home devices remotely. [Read more...]