Pantukoy (Ang, Ang mga, Si, Sina)-Set A

Tignan ang larawan at isulat ang Ang, ang mga, si, sina sa patlang.

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Addition – Place Value Chart – 4 Digits – Grade 3

Addition - Place Value Chart - 4 Digits - Grade 3

Addition Drill Worksheet – Grade 1

20 Item Worksheet.


7 + 3 = _______

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Click here to print -> Addition Drill Worksheet - Grade 1

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Appreciating Singapore Math

Singapore Math.  To add 15 plus 8, first dissect 15 into 10 and 5 and then add the 8 to 5 and add the 10 back.  To multiply 5x8, first multiply 5 to 10 then minus 2 5's. Complicated?   Not really. 

It took awhile for me to appreciate Singapore math.  Simple addition and subtraction are formed into bonds and to solve word problems you would have to draw models.  But now that my son is two years into it, I realize it's brilliance.

Children are taught the how's of math instead of memorizing tables and formulas.  Kids are deeply involved in lots of word problems which require deep analysis.  It is a bit harder than traditional but the science and thinking behind solving solutions will surely make one come out smarter.  Plus since it is dealing with day to day word problems,  kids appreciate it better.  I myself, a self confessed "duh math?" girl,  is begginning to like math.

Xavier hosted one Singapore math proponent and whiz Dr. Yeap Ban Har.  He was a very engaging speaker, not a dull math prof.  Essentially, he rallied the parents to support Singapore math because of the statistic data of the rise of intellect of Singapore math instructed students vs the traditional one.  It made average students become above average. 

He said that multiplying 485 x 87 can easily be done by a $1 calculator.  What figure to input and what operation to use is what matters.

Aside from making me close to rallying "I love Singapore Math!" I realized that I should go with the flow of the book and not try to inject my old method of answering the problems.  Visual instruction (ex. models, blocks)  is better grasped by kids.  

And it further emphasized what my son and I have already been doing which is practice makes perfect.   I provide my son with different problems and different scenarios according to his level.

Third is that you don't have to be a good soccer player in order to be a good soccer coach.  Ergo, you don't have to be a math whiz to teach your kids math.     Sometimes,  when my son doesn't get the word problem I am tempted to ask him questions that are short of giving away the answer.  You just have to ask the right questions.  Probe.  Write down given and label.  And give kids time.    It takes time so I allocate a lot of time maybe 5-20 minutes per problem.  Given enough time, using models, understanding the word problems my son will soon find his Aha moment.  It takes time but it's definitely worth it.

For more of Dr. Ban Har please visit his website: - question and answer blog - lectures given by Dr. Ban Har

Hit the Sack by 10

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What is it with schedules that it is so very hard to keep them? Everyday I vow that I will sleep at 10pm so that I can wake up at 6am and so go to the gym early and can go about with the rest of the day. But no, no.

After putting my boy to sleep at 9pm, I have to turn to my girl and read her 3-5 bed time stories before lights out. And then another 10-15 mins of storytelling, this time her turn. She falls asleep, I fall asleep a bit, but I still have to transfer to the master's bedroom.

Now it's my husband's turn for talk time, luckily I don't have to read him bed time stories and before you know it Voila! it's already 12midnight!

Good thing I have gotten over the new years resolution bug. Before, New Year is big for me because it is the day I shed old nasty habits for friendlier ones. But uggh 365 is long man. So when I turned a year older I shortened it to a new month, then a new week now I'm down to a new day. And a new day always promises to be a good day to start anew. Hello to the day I sleep at 10pm!:)

Endowed with a Keg

I don't have a six pack. I have a full keg in my belly. For some reason, I am naturally endowed with a big tummy. Ever since I was a child my front pack is always sticking out. Now that I'm still little but years older, it seems to have grown into an enormous mass. Massage attendants often run after me to remind me pregnant women can't be massaged. Grrr!

People often walk up to me with smiles pasted on their faces, "Hey, you're pregnant! How many months na?" After a sigh, depending on my mood I tell them I'm not. Sometimes when it's a stranger asking me nicely I say a white lie, nod my head and tell them I'm 3 months pregnant. I have already gone to the doctor to check if she left a towel inside and she says I'm perfectly fine. She then discusses my extreme options - liposuction or tummy tuck. Yes, that extreme!

So for now I try to sit up straight and suck my breath till I feel my chest is actually bigger than my tummy. My yoga instructor taught me if you tilt your pelvic bone slightly outward it will tighten the hamstrings and make you look taller and slimmer – for now that would do.