McDonald’s Kiddie Crew

My kids, together with their friends from the village, joined the first batch of the Mcdonald's Kiddie Crew last week and they had a blast!  It was their first summer job ever so they felt all grown up going to work and earning some money.  Ok exag on the latter.  To the sadness of my son, who loooves money,  their is no daily allowance.  But the wealth of learning and fun they had is priceless and the photo ops too adorable.

The program is a 5 day, 2 hour a week exposure helping out as a Mcdonald kiddie crew.    In those 5 days,  they did arts and crafts (they colored their own cute Mcdonald's apron), team building activities (making a collage), practiced for their 3 dance numbers for graduation and of course did their kitchen and counter work.  The kitchen and counter work is where they had the most fun.

My kids raved about how big and frosty it is inside the walk in freezer filled with burgers and fries!  They did counter work, taking the order, punching it in the cash register, giving the change and finally getting and arranging the ordered food on the tray.  My kids went to Mcdonald's along Libis and their schedule was 1-3pm so there were not too much customers.  Well if there was none,  I would be one for them.  Needless to say,  I gained a pound ordering from them!  My parents,  even drove all the way one afternoon to order from the "apos." And of course,  my husband has to take off some time from work to order from them too!

They worked on the soda machine, which was a big hit.  I don't know, they have this fascination of pressing the cup onto the soda machine??? Imagine their joy when they prepared the ice cream sundae as they pressed on the lever and swirled the cone, the smile plastered on their faces.  They of course, greeted the customers with "Hooray for Today!"  cute!!!!  (Customers even took pics of the kids - a testament to the cuteness of the project!)  They also worked on the drive thru, headsets on, taking the orders, preparing and finally handing them over to the customer.   Again,  since it was a lean hour (do consider this when you book the time for your child),  there was no one driving thru.  Naturally,  I rode the car and went through the drive through.  I was rewarded with shrieks because someone is finally driving through and smiles so huge - I wanted to stand along Libis to urge people to drive through:-)

Finally, there is the graduation that is in full attendance of all parents.  The kids were so cute dancing to the latest hits like Party Rock and the cute Mcdonald's "Hooray for Today" jingle.  And they even had awards like best in counter, best smile, best leader etc. Everybody gets an award so no one feels left out.   The graduation ends with the children doing a final round in the kitchen to say bye to their one week work place.  It was a happy and fun experience for my kids.  Pap-para-para ... love ko 'to!

Note: The program fee for the Mcdonald's Kiddie Crew is P550.  It is inclusive of a shirt, cap, id, backpack, color me apron, certificate and daily Mcdonald's snack.

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