The Learning Library: Developing Passionate Readers

LIB1Hi guys!  How has your summer been so far?  Holy Week came in early and summer classes are starting off already this week!   On my end,  my family and I have been busy exploring Luzon because my brother from Canada is here till mid April.  But May will surely be catch up time for my kids in terms of summer activities.  I feel it would be a waste if they spend their entire summer holed up in the house playing gadgets that does anything but sharpen their mind and strengthen their body.

Like all summers past, my kids will have a taste of the arts, sports and lots-a-reading!  These days more than in the past,  schools have amped up reading loads.   Learning in most subjects is anchored in reading comprehension from math, science all the way to CLE.  Memorizing takes a back seat as comprehension takes center stage and rightfully so.

As such developing our children's reading skills has become pertinent.  And like most skills, it is easier to develop one in something you have passion in. THE LEARNING LIBRARY, a one-of-a-kind reading center, has taken developing love for reading as its primary mission.   When love for reading is there,  the skill will naturally follow.

THE LEARNING LIBRARY has a string of special summer reading workshops for kids aged 3 years old all the way to high school.   You can choose from the list as to what might interest or what is needed by your kids.  THE LEARNING LIBRARY is most known for is its highly successful WIKA’y GALING! program. WIKA’y GALING! offers a complete program for students who did not grow up with Filipino as their primary language.

For Summer 2015,  they have a new program I am excited about.  It's their Tuklas Kultura: Experiencing Filipino Culture writing program.  In this program, genuine appreciation for what is uniquely Pinoy will be taken up.  In order to make the program grounded to what tweeners and teens appreciate, popular culture forms from visual, performing, culinary, music and literary arts will be the jump-off points. 


Other programs in the list addresses reading comprehension and writing skills in themes the children can easily identify to.

THE LEARNING LIBRARY has 9 branches all over Metro-Manila you can choose from.  To know more about their reading programs,  visit their website THE LEARNING LIBRARY.  

Let's kick off academic school year 2015-2016 by developing readers in our kids with THE LEARNING LIBRARY's wonderful programs!

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Disclosure:  Thanks to THE LEARNING LIBRARY for offering these wonderful programs to everyone and most especially to my kids!:-)


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