Trying Hard Cook

Filipino Beef Steak or Bistek Pinoy


I don't really cook.  I don't even know how to do a sunny side up egg.  But once in awhile, that would be maximum of 4 times a month,  I would dabble into the kitchen (and that is only after 9 years of being married).   When I cook,  I follow recipes to the dot.  How many scoops of sugar,  I don't really know what a pinch or a dash is.  What if I have giant hands then a dash would be a scoop.  Or when the recipes say cook until tender or crisp - what is that?   How many minutes or hours would bring me to tender or crisp???  I hope they would make it more precise.  Anyway,  the help does all the preparation.  I teach them how I want the meat or veggies cut and once its all prepared I start.

I mix in all the ingredients as specified in the recipe card.  If the heat is too much or if the oil begins to pop the help stirs as I watch.  The help, really abhors me in the kitchen.  And I take so much time cooking.  Once in awhile I hit the jackpot - my kids love my Bistek (the bistek on the pic is mine!), Lasagna and my husband loves my Szechuan Eggplant and Shrimp Pasta.  Maybe I stirred it properly or I whispered the right prayer.  If all else fails,  there is always delivery.

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