Kohkufuji in Nara


Nara is Japan’s first permanent capital and houses Japan’s largest and oldest Buddhist temples. It is also famous for the deer park where deer freely roam and mingle with locals and tourists. To get to Nara from Osaka we used the Kintetsu Railway at Namba. (Note: From Shinsaibashi, take Midsouji line to Namba, transfer to […]

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Todaiji in Nara


I appreciated the architecture of Todaiji Temple. It is the world’s largest wooden building and it is remarkable how the wood withstood time. It was originally constructed in 784 and was reconstructed to 2/3 of it’s original size come 1692. The pillars and of course the Buddha and his fierce looking temple guards are simply […]

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Best Links to Plan Your Japan Trip


Winner links that helped me plan our Japan trip better. Without them there will be lots of wasted time and stress level will be on red alert. www.japan-guide.com It has a complete listing of the tourist spots in Japan categorized by area. Example for Hakone, it will list down all the tourist spots within and […]

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Fuji-Hakone Guesthouse


To add local flavor to our stay in Hakone, we stayed at the Fuji-Hakone Guesthouse. It is a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) complete with an onsen (hot spring). We were pleasantly received, like old friends, by an English speaking Japanese girl. Most of the guests are backpackers and it has a college dorm feel to […]

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Hakone in a Day


If you are in the Tokyo area already. Hakone is a place worth visiting. It’s just 3.5 hours away from Tokyo and the town of Hakone is warm (figuratively) and idyllic, with lots of interesting places to see. We bought a Y5,000 2 day Hakone FreePass from the Shinjuku station in Tokyo. It includes a […]

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Hearton Hotel, Osaka, Japan


Pronounced as Heart-ton not hear-ton, the hotel is as what the reviews state it to be. Good location and good value for money. Well situated 5 minutes away from the Shinsaibashi Train Station and 3 minutes from the Shinsaibashi 1km shopping strip. It is a haven for shoppers as the strip is lined with stores […]

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