Decathlon PH: Most Massive and Complete Sports Store in Manila

I was in Alabang for my son's football tournament and I decided to pass by Decathlon in Festival Mall because I needed football socks and a co-parent recommended Decathlon.  I was expecting a store like Toby's or Sports Warehouse and I was in for a surprise,  the store is gargantuan!!!  As in para syang S&R, H&M or Ikea ng mga sports equipment!  Feel nyo ba excitement ko? Outside pa lang my heart was palpitating already!  Just to put it aside, this is not a sponsored post.  Natuwa lang talaga ako sa aking discovery!

Decathlon is a 42-year old French Company and is one of the biggest sports retailers in the world!  They opened their first store last June 2017 and they plan to open more than 30 stores in the Philippines in the next 10 years. They have over 1,300 stores in 28 countries.

The store carries about 74 sports!!!!  Sorry excited much! [Read more...]

Is a Postpaid Cellular Plan better than Prepaid?

After decades and decades of having a pre-paid line,  I have now switched to Post-paid.  It took years because of 2 things: First I have this weird attachment to my first ever cellphone number.  Weird, right? Second, super tipid ako.  I always felt going pre-paid will be much cheaper.

However,  since I have embarked on a quest to reduce stress in my life,  I have taken the plunge and said goodbye to my good old cellphone number of more than 20 years!  I realised the stress of running out of load,  yes!!! nakakahiya! and carrying 2 phones is something I could do without.  Not to mention my 2nd phone, where I put my PLDT mobile landline is a dinosaur of a phone in terms of size and age!  Stress drilon when it rings in school or when I'm in a fancy place because even my driver's and yaya's phone looks better than it.  Kaya kapag nasa school ako and I'm using it,  I have to pretend to take out my "better looking" phone at baka isipin ng mga ma-mothers na naka-Bottega eh sobra akong ka-chipangahan.

I got the P 799 plan of Globe.  With P 799 a month, I get unlimited calls to Globe and Touchmobile, Unlimited Text to all networks, a globe duo number for landline calls and 3.5gb of data per month.  Not bad at all! It is liberating to use one phone for both my landline and cellphone calls not to mention my now unhurried calls since I'm unli anyway.

My friends, who often tease me that I'm the only person they know who uses pre-paid, congratulated me for finally making the switch.  And in the 2 weeks I have had it, I'm congratulating myself too.


Review of DeLonghi MultiFry: More than just an Air Fryer

I have been meaning to get an air fryer for the longest time but I want to make sure it serves its purpose of cutting down our oil use in the house. My husband argues that it’s just like a Turbo Broiler only in a better package.  True, one of the advantages of an air fryer is its cool, modern look but I’m more of a function person. I want to keep my kitchen stuff to a minimum therefore each piece of equipment and tool I buy must be used, and used often.

According to my research, my husband is quite right. Air fryers and Turbo Broilers don’t have much difference. Both use air as its primary heating element. However, air fryers are supposed to circulate hot air faster so it can cook, normally, deep fried food with less oil.

DeLonghi blew my mind away last Christmas 2016 when they gifted me with a MultiFry! Smile from ear to ear with a clap, sabay talon! Napakasaya!!!!! Here is my full review. Please note that though I was given a DeLonghi Multi-Fry, the review and opinion expressed here remains to be my own. [Read more...]

Yummy Home Cooked Meals = Comfort Food

Fried Purefoods Corned Beef

When I think of comfort food I think of home cooked meals that brings me joy.

I remember waking up to Purefoods corned beef with steaming rice on Saturday mornings. I remember my brothers and I fighting over who gets the most Purefoods bacon. Bacon is relatively expensive and since budget was tight then, the rarity of a bacon serving and the squabble that comes with it, made it even more yummier.

There were times when my mom, would serve us another brand and we would eat, yes, but nothing spells special than the classic taste of Purefoods. It’s like those givens, pencil is to Mongol as corned beef and bacon is to Purefoods.

My husband on one hand introduced me to Purefoods Vienna Sausage. He grew up to spaghetti with Purefoods Vienna Sausage on it and wants us to do the same. My kids have not had spaghetti without it.

It’s funny how we pass on to our kids the comforts and happy memories of our childhood. It brings a warm smile to our hearts as our past and present comes into one joyful contact.

A few weeks back, Purefoods Blue Line invited bloggers to a delightful afternoon of Art at Sip and Gogh, Pasig.

Sip and Gogh

I was a little bit worried at first because art is not really one of my talents. I can’t even draw a straight line! As in may ruler na, tabingi pa rin. I was quite surprised because it is not as hard as it seems.

#LoveMarie artist herself, Heart Evangelista, was there to help us out in our creations. She is soooo pretty!

Heart Evangelista Painting

It is nice to know a celebrity like her shares the same breakfast comfort food I grew up with.

Heart Evangelista

Camille, from the funny trio of TheSoshalNetwork got lucky when Heart added a painting of lovers on her canvass.

I’m quite pleased with my artwork as well. Everyone was guided to paint their own rendition of “Down the Blue Lane.” I decided to add what brings me joy, my family.


In a way, painting is just like cooking. Both entails art and love. I’m not a natural artist nor cook. But I like beautiful things and I like good food. When we try our hand at it, both are not as daunting as it seems. It is relaxing and it warms the heart.

Please do visit and like Purefoods Blueline Facebook page and share with others your comfort food.   Purefoods Blueline has more than the Classic Corned Beef and Vienna Sausage, they also have premium line of Luncheon Meat, Liver Spread, Chorizo de Bilbao and Spaghetti Meat Sauce.   Something to try and start adding to our joyful list of comfort food.

Purefoods Corned Beef

Go, Create Happy Food Memories with the Fam!


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Disclosure: Thanks to Purefoods Blue Line for introducing me to the joy of art and for sponsoring this post.



Strengthening Long Distance Relationships Through Digital Connections

Bridging-distance-through-digital-connectionMy husband recently started working in Taipei and the move was quite disconcerting for us considering we have never been apart before. Now, more than at any time of our family life, we appreciate and rely on the power of digital connections to bond as a family.

Apple’s Facetime is our favorite means of communication. We would call dad or dad would call us, as we rehash the events of the day and say our goodnights. Or we would do a Facetime by the poolside and show daddy how long our pre- schooler can stay under water. Or dad would pan the phone to show us the new restaurant he discovered.

Viber is where we share photos, videos and funny links. The photos range from a math problem dad has to help the kids solve to what we had for dinner, from the pouring rain outside or our little boy dressed up in his favorite Darth Vader costume to the gigantic cockroach that mom killed.

It is through these little bits of communication that we try to make the best of what the distance is throwing at us.

And since our means of communication relies heavily on digital connections, it is important that we have reliable internet connection. I may have complained about PLDT in the past, but in the end, amongst all the internet providers in the country, PLDT remains to still be the better choice.

PLDT together with SMART Communications has come up with another breakthrough product to strengthen communications in families.

PLDT speedster plan

PLDTHOME Speedster Fam Plan

  • Plan allows you to share your PLDT Home DSL data plan with your family’s SMART mobile phones.
  • For P 1,299/month the PLDTHOME Speedster Fam Plan offers five times faster speeds of up to 10Mbps and a monthly allocation of 50GB.
  • Share 6 GB of the 50 GB monthly data allocation to up to four SMART mobile phone lines.
  • Home data and mobile data sharing conveniently billed under one subscription.
  • Subscribers can get a SMART mobile line that comes with a free smart phone for an additional P299 per month or with a free iPhone for P799 per month. Or if they have existing SMART subscription, they can enroll their numbers in the plan.

Give your loved ones the family-sized connection they deserve. Switch to #PLDTHomeDSL now and get 50% off your broadband bill for 1 year. Plus, enjoy FREE Installation and a FREE WiFi Modem – no cashout needed! Visit now. Promo is valid until March 31, 2016.

Disclosure:  Thanks to PLDT Home for sponsoring this post.


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[Read more...]

PLDT HOME Telpad: Controlling the Home Remotely

PLDT connected home

Imagine those sci-fi movies where the owner of the house sees what goes on inside the house remotely, arrives with the air conditioner on, has the oven baking yummy ribs ... the time has arrived for the truly modern home.

PLDT HOME is offering the most advanced PLDT HOME Telpad that helps us control our home devices remotely. [Read more...]

Affordable Home for Every Filipino Family: Micarapatan Ka Na

Micarapatan Ka Na.  Uplifting the socio-economic status of each and every Filipino is an issue very close to my heart.  I believe every Filipino has a right to have a home he can call his own, complete with title and all the decency he deserves.  After all, second to the children we raise,  we parents consider our home to be our next greatest achievement.

Last week, I was privileged to be part of a group that MICARA LAND invited to take a sneak peek of the affordable housing community they are developing. MICARA LAND is a subsidiary of Pro-friends (Property Company of Friends, Inc.).

Micara Land Affordable Housing

MICARA ESTATES-TANZA, situated in the progressive town of Tanza, Cavite is a mere 30 minute ride from Coastal Metro Bus Station and is accessible through Cavitex.   The community they are developing will come complete with all the amenities households would need - grocery, church, public transport terminals, security, parks and swimming pools. Numerous schools are along Tanza.  Tanza General Hospital and public market is also nearby.  Parents can relax in their work and know that everything their children need is just a stone's throw away from their home.

Micara Estates Affordable Housing in Cavite

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard how affordable the house and lot in Cavite is.  Their Tricia House has a 40sqm lot area / 30sqm floor area and is only approximately P 695,000.00 for cash purchases and if amortized through Pag-ibig, only P 4,605/month over 30 years.  It's just like renting a house!  Households with a combined income of as low as P 25,000/month can afford to have a house!

They also have other affordable house and lot size combinations but the ones available for the current Phases 1 and 2  are the Tricia House and the Portia House.  The Portia House has a lot area of 45 sqm and floor area of 40 sqm and is priced at approximately P896,000 for cash purchases or amortized over 30 years with Pag-ibig at P 6,024/month.

All houses currently being built will come with a one car garage and is in ready for move in condition.  The floors will be in plain cement finish, painted plain cement finish for walls, ceramic floor tiles for the bathroom with water closet and lavatory, kitchen will come with a sink and of course doors and windows.  Here is a photo of the deliverable condition of the house:

Affordable housing

But the interior renovations you can do with the property is endless.  Here are some samples of how you can finish your home:

Micara Land Affordable Housing in Cavite

30 Sqm Tricia House - Zen Inspired

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in cavite30 Sqm Tricia House - Modern Minimalist Inspired

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in caviteTricia Expanded - Nature Inspired. Expanded versions serve as inspiration for expansion and are currently not for sale.

Micara Land affordable house and lot in cavite40 Sqm Portia House Condo Inspired

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in cavite40 Sqm Portia House - Cabin Inspired.  Portia house comes with a ground floor bedroom.

Micara Land affordable house and lot in caviteCynthia.  Classic inspired Cynthia is an expanded version of the 40 sqm Portia. Cynthia serves as inspiration for expansion and is currently not for sale.

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in caviteAnother Cynthia, this time resort inspired.

Super nice right!  It is amazing how much you can do with a 40 or even 30 square meter floor area!  I'm positive kids who come home to such a well-kept house will have a good future on their shoulders.  My husband and I are always in agreement that a well kept house reflect on the well being of the children and of course us parents, too:-)

Micara Land (reach them on Facebook/Micara Land or through the Micara Land Website) further assures Micara Land homeowners of a "Maalagang" community as it will take administrative care of the services in the estate.  The rules and regulations of the estate will be enforced such as no converting of house to a sari-sari store etc. in order to maintain an orderly community.

Ang ayos hindi ba?  The possibilities Micara Land offers every Juan is uplifting.  In the end,  I think Micara Land's affordable house and lot in Cavite is more than just the brick and mortar house they sell,  it is the opportunity given to every Filipino family to get out of the poverty mindset resting in the knowledge that their dream house can now be a reality.

Pamilyang Pilipino, Micarapatan ka!

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Disclosure:  Thank you Micara Land for providing affordable house and lot in Cavite to Filipino families. And thank you for the fun trip to Micara Estates-Tanza and for sponsoring this post.

PLDT Treat: Regine Series Mall Tour Launches Newest Regine Telephone Sets

To the delight of thousands of Regine Velasquez-Alcasid fans,  PLDT captures Asia's songbird, and brings her to 5 malls across Manila to captivate the audience with her timeless voice.

I was able to catch her at the Robinson's Manila Mall last June 20. It is the second of a series of 5 FREE and open to the public Mall Tour of Regine.   Fans wasted no time filling up Robinson's Manila's atrium to hear the songbird.  It was packed!

It was so refreshing to hear her melodic yet powerful voice once again.  It was refreshing and yet nostalgic to hear her sing popular Filipino ballads like Ikaw, Araw-Gabi , Falllin', and made me marvel once again how beautiful Filipino music is.

It was a full concert as she serenaded the audience for a solid 1.5 hours.  It was thrilling and F-U-N! She also sang current songs like the fun "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit and powerful "Titanium" and "Chandelier" by Sia Furler.  As always, when the songs are at its hardest fans cannot contain the power and screams for more!

Regine Mall Tour 2015

The first part of the concert had Regine impersonators - Regina, Ate Reg and Anton Diva -  belting out Regine songs.  They were soooo good also!  And pretty, too!  I was surprised to find out that they were gay.  Gay talent is really amazing!  Michael Pangilinan, singer of Bridges of Loved, did a duet with Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and made throngs of female audiences "kilig."

You can still catch the PLDT Regine Series Mall Tour on July 4 at Market!Market!, July 11 at Glorietta and July 18 at Trinoma.  For PLDT subscribers who sign up for the Regine Series landline units, special seating will be provided.   You can check how to score full details on how to score tickets at  For those who can't be accommodated inside the area,  you can still hang around and enjoy the music of Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

The latest Regine Series of PLDT Home offers new telephone pads and service bundles.

Limited Edition - Classic Red.  It comes with a built-in caller ID display. Last number redial function. And, mute, flash, pause functions.

PLDT Regine Classic Telephone

Limited Edition - Cordless Phone.  It comes with a built-in caller ID display. Answering Machine. And Phonebook.

PLDT Limited Edition Regin Telephone Set

Limited Edition Corded Phones.  Both Red and White comes with built-in caller ID display and last number redial function. Speed dial and call log for the white version.

PLDT Launches new telephone pads Regine series

As for the Call Plans they include:

One Philippines (Unlimited PLDT-to-PLDT NDD calls and P10/ call to SMART and Talk’N Text for just P75/month)

One World IDD Call Plan with 15 free IDD minutes/month to select international destinations and P2.00 per minute in excess, for just P50/month.

To know more about the Regine Series Mall Tour,the Regine Series Landline units and Call Plans, log on to



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Disclosure:  Thanks to PLDT for the invite and for sponsoring this post.

PSBank ATM Lock: Client Enabled Security Lock Feature

ATMI'm happy when service providers finds ways to make life easier and secure for their clients.  Right now, with all the news you hear about fraud and crime happening around ATM's I get extra paranoid with the security of my ATM.  Like when someone in line stays too close by and you can imagine the heart attack it gives when I can't find it in my wallet!

Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank), the thrift bank arm of Metrobank Group, addresses this client security concern with the new ATM LOCK feature.   The ATM Lock is a mobile based service that  allows clients to lock and unlock their ATM cards.

PSBank-ATM-LockWith this feature, ATM cardholders can make use of an additional layer of security to protect their hard earned money from ATM loss, theft, skimming (copying of cardholder information), and other card-initiated electronic fraud.  Like if you can't locate your ATM card, suspect something irregular in your bank balance, you can immediately enable the ATM Lock service anywhere, anytime and unlock it once the issue is settled.

To get you started with PSBank"s ATM Lock Service:

Step 1:  Download PSBank Mobile App through Apple Store or Google Play.

Step 2:  Lock or Unlock by logging in and lock/unlock by following app in 2 easy steps.

A transaction confirmation will be received immediately through the app and further notification will be sent on the client's registered email address.

“Our clients’ security and convenience are important to us. With the PSBank ATM Lock feature, which they can perform anytime, we are able to provide our clients a simple and reliable tool that would protect their hard-earned savings from ATM card-related fraud incidents,” said PSBank Senior Vice President / Marketing and Customer Experience Group Head Emmanuel Tuazon.

The lock and unlock feature applies only to the ATM cards of clients with either single or multiple cards linked to an account.  Account holders with locked ATM cards will not be able to use them for ATM or point-of-sale (POS) transactions nor make online purchases that require clients to provide the ATM card number. On the other hand, cardholders can still pay bills and transfer funds through PSBank’s internet banking facility, PSBank Mobile or over-the-counter.

The PSBank ATM Lock service is exclusively for PSBank Mobile App users and for clients who have accounts linked to a PSBank Regular ATM card, PSBank Debit MasterCard or PSBank Prepaid MasterCard. It is also available to PSBank Online users by simply activating their mobile access.  Soon, the service will also be available via SMS for all networks.

For assistance and inquiries, call PSBank’s 24-hour Customer Experience hotline at (02) 845-8888, chat with us at PSBank LiveChat via, or visit any PSBank branch.

With PSBank's ATM Lock, securing our ATM's just got more convenient.

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Disclosure: Thank you to PSBank for coming up with this ATM lock feature and for sponsoring this post.

Vista Residences: The Rise of Student Condos

Vista Residences Model Unit

When I was in College,  I stayed one semester in a dorm in UP Los Banos and consequently transferred to a house my friends and I rented.  Those days were fun and carefree beyond compare and I think it has shaped me to be a more independent person.  True to what parents think,  it was party time!  But parents, give the kids some credit, whatever values you have ingrained in the kids all these years cannot be thrown away over a semester or a year.  Yes, it did test my values as some friends dabbled in drugs but I knew drugs is a non-negotiable and I didn't take a single shot all through my 2 years in a UPLB (moved to UP Diliman after 2 ears).   I partied hard but I knew my parents value education and though I was sometimes a living zombie, I can't remember missing a class.

That said,  we parents can put some of our fears to rest, and entertain the idea of housing our kids in condominiums.

With the traffic unbearable and the curriculum more challenging,  considering the option of housing our kids in a condominium close to their school, becomes more and more practical.  This way, more time is spent in things that matter most - studying, honing extra curricular talents and nurturing physical and not virtual friendships.

Vista Residences,  is committed to providing students living spaces, close to their school.  Since 2005, Vista Residences has built and sold out 4 condominiums that are within walking distance or just across key Universities.  Today,  Vista Residences, owing to the success of the 4 initial condominiums, will be launching 5 more condominiums namely:   Vista GL Taft, Vista Heights in Legarda, Vista Brenthill in Baguio, Vista Katipunan in Quezon City the second project in the area and Vista Recto in Manila.  Apart from proximity to the school,  Vista Residences also addresses other equally important concerns like safety, food, laundry etc. in all of their properties.

Vista Residences university properties will come with an E-Library

Vista Residences university properties will come with an E-Library

Check out their university series properties at

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Disclosure:  Thanks to Vista Residences for sponsoring this post.


DIY Travel Pin Board with the Selphy CP910

Travel Pin Board ProjectLife is an Adventure and adventures are best spent with the people we love, our family!

My family loves to travel.  It is the "ultimate" (as my son says) form of our many bonding moments.  We discover a place,  enjoy the views, culture and food together.

Our best keepsake for travel - photos!  Tons of photos!  My toddler picking a shell.  My son figuring out the train system. My daughter screaming in glee on a ride.  I have over 20,000 photos in my hard drive.  Some I have labored over into a wonderful coffee table book.  But that's an epic task.  So nowadays,  our new photos just get stuck in the hard drive.

And that is how I thought of doing a simple, print and tack-as-you-arrive-from-travel board.  As it turns out,  hehe, even going to the printing shop takes ages and effort.

When Canon had me test drive their portable, Canon SELPHY CP910 ,  this jump started my Travel Pin Board.   Canon SELPHY CP910 is an ultra-portable photo printer that's perfect for printing anywhere using a smartphone, camera, USB or computer.

Canon Selphy Product Shot

To start,  I selected one hero shot from every special place we visited.  I added text of where the shot was taken and the year on each photo.  I used the PhotoGrid App for my photos in my Iphone and used Preview-Annotate for my Mac Book (Android users also have it as easy as Apple users in terms of installation and use). Oh yeah, please don't put your text too close to the bleed line of the photo to avoid text from getting cut while printing.

Apart from the photos, here are my other materials:

DIY Travel Pin Board

Once photos were labeled,  I started printing away.

For photos on my phone, I uploaded Easy Photo Print app.  Once installed,  I temporarily changed my Wi-fi to the SELPHY CP910  that appeared on screen.  An even easier alternative I discovered,  is to go to the photo, click print, choose Canon printer among the selection, and print.  No need to install anything.


For photos on my computer,  since I was missing the CD-ROM to install the printer on my computer,  I used the USB instead.  I just inserted the USB on the Canon SELPHY CP910,  scrolled to the photo and clicked print.  Easy-peasy!

Canon SELPHY CP910 prints out by layering.  And is done in less than a minute per print.

Canon Selphy Layering

When I was done printing all my photos,  I just tacked it on the cork board.  I chose a corkboard that wasn't too heavy so I can just blue-tack it to the wall.  I placed the corkboard in the hallway to our room so everyone will be reminded of the happy memories family and travel brings, as we wait for our next travel adventure.

DIY Travel Pin Board using Corkboard

Hoping to get my own Canon SELPHY CP910 , cough, cough to husbandry.  So that when we get back from our travel I'll just print and tack!

Why do I sooo want a Canon SELPHY CP910 ?

-  So easy to use.  I have tech-lag already and this is really a no-brainer for non-techies like me.

-  The Canon SELPHY CP910 is portable, small and lightweight.  Easy to bring out and keep after use.

-  The prints are good quality and I heard the cost per print is only at P 13/print.  Cartridge with paper package is at P1,498.  It comes with 108 pieces of paper and ink to last 108 prints:-)

-  You can print anywhere there is WI-FI.

-  It connects easily to any device.

-  It's only P8,998.00 and comes in classic white or black.

-   No more hassle of going to the photo shop, as I can just print from home.

-  Tons of ways to use it.

I can think of a lot of ways to use it. Print invites for my kids' party. Print - Christmas cards, Thank you cards. Print Instant ID pictures and a whole lot more.  For my toddler's upcoming party,  I can even use it as an instant photo booth for our home party!:-)  Can't wait!


Print away!

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Disclosure:  Thanks to Canon SELPHY CP910 for letting me test drive the so easy to use photo printer and for sponsoring this post.

S&R Imus, Cavite: Now Open

You know the feeling when your favorite chain opens a branch in your city, happiness, right?  That is exactly what Caviteno's felt when the popular and well loved S&R Membership Warehouse finally opened its doors in Imus, Cavite last December 19, 2014.

SNR Imus Cavite Grand Opening

Prior to the opening,  the FB account of S&R Philippines has been flooded with giddy anticipation from the Caviteno's.  Everyone is excited to have their hands on those well selected, discounted imported and local goodies.

SNR Sale

True to S&R fashion,  the warehouse was packed prior to opening.  S&R has been so famous for their rock bottom discounts,  nagkakagulo ang madlang people whenever there is a sale.  And that is how it was during the opening.  It was a happy, frenetic kind of chaos with very, very eager shoppers.

The opening ceremony was short and sweet because everyone is already eager to shop, shop, shop!   Starting off with a Thanksgiving mass at 8am and ending at 10:45am with the Dragon Dance and Marching Band.

SNR Imux Cavite Grand Opening

Gracing the occasion were S&R Philippines President, Anthony Sy, Imus City Mayor Manny Maliksi and Vice Chairperson for Puregold Price Club, Ms. Susan Co.

Like with other cities,  the Buy One, Take One offers went out fast.

Buy One, Take One

And because we Pinoys are bin addicts,  this was well received as well.

SNR Keter Bins

Chocolates filled the carts.


Lifetime tables went out fast.  S&R, I think is responsible for introducing Filipinos to this sturdy yet nice and clean table.

Lifetime Tables at S&R

When the shopping frenzy has died down,  people will go back to the basics.  Meat.  Laundry. Toiletries. Medicines.  With the widest range of products at discounted prices, from hard to find imported goods to local goods, Caviteno's will find shopping in S&R a real pleasure.

Shopping at S&R

Lastly, the Caviteno's surely can't pass up the famous S&R food service.

SNR Food Service

New York Pizza, anyone?:-)

SNR New York Pizza

To know more about membership shopping at S&R and be updated with their promos, please head on over to the S&R Facebook page or you can also head on over to the S&R Website.   Happy Shopping!



Advanced Noche Buena!

Say Noche Buena and family, food and CHRISTmas immediately comes to mind.  You can't have one without the other two nor two without one.  Through God's grace, I have always been blessed to have those three.  My family is here to celebrate it with me.  We have ample food to feast on.  And the meaning of CHRISTmas is present as we celebrate the Holy Mass before the main meal.

Not all families though enjoy the grace of CHRISTmas togetherness.  As a nation rich in manpower resources, we have our modern day heroes who are spread out all over the world working for their families back home. We have people working in BPOs and in hospitals working on night shifts.  These people won't be spending CHRISTmas with their family and their family would have an empty spot on the dinner table for them.

Lady's Choice, the brand that is a CHRISTmas staple in the holiday spread of Filipino homes and a mayonnaise of choice in making staple Noche Buena dish like Macaroni Salad, prepared a special surprise for some of these families by arranging an Advanced Noche Buena. Watch with me and feel the magic an Advanced Noche Buena brings, simply because CHRISTmas is "Mas Masarap Talaga 'Pag Magkakasama!"

Did you well up? I definitely did. I welled up because I'm happy for the families. After a long time, they finally get to spend their Noche Buena together albeit in advance. As a mom, I know how important the presence of each family member is and it is our joy to see the family complete, especially in this season of CHRISTmas. And dads, tough as they are, we see how they value and treasure the warmth family brings.
Lady's Choice surely warmed up hearts in advance and filled up tummies with the ever-present Macaroni Salad.
In this season of CHRISTmas may we all be enriched with the grace of family because "Mas Masarap Talaga 'Pag Magkakasama!" Spread the gift of togetherness by sharing this heart -warming video with your loved ones.
And to make that scrumptious Noche Buena spread, head on over to Lady's Choice FB page to score the perfect recipe for Macaroni Salad, Creamy Beef Stroganoff, Baked Salmon, and so much more.

Lady's Choice Advanced Noche Buena Pack

An Advance Noche Buena to everyone!


P.S. Thank you very much to Lady's Choice for making CHRISTmas extra special for these families. And thank you for my Advance Noche Buena kit.

Nesfruta #RealnaReal: Make your Kid’s Drawing Come Alive

Nesfruta #RealnaReal

What can be a more joyfully heart-warming gift than telling your kid that you can make their drawing come alive!   Wow!  I can already see their eyes glowing with happiness and their heart's swelling with pride as they gently handle their "live" drawing, unbelieving at first and then with giddy excitement make it soar through the skies or dive in the deepest ocean.

Nesfruta, Nestlé's powdered fruit juice line, is going to make your kid's drawing come to life with Nesfruta's #RealnaReal contest.   Here's a look at what Nesfruta can do for your child.

Super aliw, right?!:-) All you have to do is let your kid draw, take a photo of it and then upload it at the Facebook page of   10 winners will be drawn through an electronic raffle and hopefully,  it will be our kids:-)  To get more details about the promo,  please click Nesfruta link.

Through Nesfruta's #RealnaReal contest we can make their drawings come alive.  We can also assist them, guide them or provide different mediums for them to create their very own.   My daughter's favorite character is the one and only Ice Queen, Elsa.  Her slippers are Elsa.  Her clips are Elsa. Her pillow is Elsa.  And of course she makes Elsa!

Over the months of Elsa stardom,  she has created an Elsa lamp, an Elsa Mine Craft figure, made Olaf melt, Elsa clay, snowflakes and sung "Let it Go" for the nth time.

The possibilities are endless as we let our kids stretch their imagination and let them create with their hands.  By using their imagination,  we help build our kids' creative problem solving abilities and let them explore beyond the box.

This CHRISTmas season, I think the greatest gift we can give our children is to make their imagination come to life and give them time as we soar with them in their great world of imagination.

Join the Nesfruta #RealnaReal contest,  post away and make all this come true.  One character per entry,  enter as many as your child wants:-)

Good luck and Merry CHRISTmas!




P.S.  Thanks to Nesfruta for this wonderful campaign.


Yummy Promo Alert: S&R Holiday Feast

One of the things my family and I look forward to when we go to S&R is the must do side trip to the S&R fast food service.  I think everyone who goes to S&R orders a pizza because the warm and oh so yummy smell of pizza wafts through your nose upon entry and the memories of New York style pizza makes your heart flutter.

SNR pizza

S&R always, always delivers the taste of a good old New York pizza.   Starting off with the humongous 18" size New York Pizza is known for. The cuts are huge, your eyes grow big in excitement and then you grab and fold it a bit because you want every piece of the cheesy-gooey goodness!  The crust is puffy and bread-like from the end and tapers down to a thinner middle.  The overload of mozzarella cheese together with all the perfect spices, sauces and toppings are screaming eat me.  OMG!  I'm getting hungry!

This whole month of December, S&R is giving S&R members a Holiday Feast by throwing in one whole New York Pizza, 6 huge slices of their Southern Style Fried Chicken and three 22 oz bottomless soda for unbelievably, P 999!!!

SNR Holiday Feast 2014

My family and I tried the S&R Holiday Feast and we were so stuffed and happy.

Dining at SNR

The pizza of course was delicious, ever.  The bottomless soda is always a treat.  My kids always find the idea of bottomless soda very fascinating.  They are excited to be the one to choose and get their drink, fill it half way, finish it and try the another soda for later.

SNR pizza and chicken

SNR Southern Fried Chicken

For the Southern Style Fried Chicken, it is our first time to order it.  And it was gooood!!!!   You guys have to try it.  First let's start with size, haha, matakaw kasi that's why I want it big:-)  S&R's Southern Style Fried Chicken is big  and won't leave you "bitin."  The chicken is tender and juicy and has the right spice combination.  And the chicken skin, is not heavy on breading, is fried to the right crispness and has that perfect golden color.  My daughter who loves pizza was getting confused whether to wolf down the whole pizza slice or eat another chicken!

SNR-Fast Food - Food-Service

S&R Fast Food Service is available in all S&R Membership Shopping Warehouses and is available  to S&R members only.  I think, just to have access to the food at the S&R Fast Food Service sulit na yung P700 annual membership.  It's like getting a pizza card for a fee but this time you throw in access to exclusive and unique grocery products from all over the world at warehouse prices.  Check out how to be a member and get updated on new S&R Fast Food Service promos and new S&R products (they always have new products)  here.

Dining at SNR

Tara, kain na!




P.S. Thanks to S&R Membership Shopping Warehouses for treating us to the super yummy, full to the max S&R Holiday Feast!:-)