Yummy Promo Alert: S&R Holiday Feast


One of the things my family and I look forward to when we go to S&R is the must do side trip to the S&R fast food service.  I think everyone who goes to S&R orders a pizza because the warm and oh so yummy smell of pizza wafts through your nose upon entry and […]

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My S&R 2014 Christmas Gift Guide


Tick, tock, tick, tock goes the clock.  Christmas is, gasp,  next week already and I’m still not done with my CHRISTmas gift list!   Are you?  I know right?  I think 90% of us moms are scrambling all over town looking for the perfect gift for our inaanaks, neighbors, friends, officemates and so goes the long […]

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Best MOMent: What is your best MOMent?


Asking this question is like opening a bottomless box of joy because I cannot put a pin to what would be my best.  There are just too many!:-)  Holding my baby for the first time is so precious while watching them take their first step is a joy.  Hearing their animated stories is a delight […]

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Sari-Saring Happiness Day with COCA-COLA®


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”  My family’s most awaited season is just around the corner.  I can already feel the crisp, cool air. And, the excitement of good things CHRISTmas brings puts everyone in a happy mood. One of our family’s tradition is putting up our CHRISTmas tree as a family.  It’s […]

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Iconic 2014 Coke Glasses Now Available at McDonald’s


Coke lovers will be all smiles with the release of the 2014 Coca-Cola Modern Glass collection.  And smiles will be even wider because it is only at P25 a piece (a real steal!) with a purchase of McDonald’s Extra Value Meal!   The 6 piece glass collection, which arrived at my doorstep one happy morning,  […]

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See you soon, Kapatid: Western Union Reunions


“Parting is such sweet sorrow”… naks!   Malungkot ano?  Tatlo lang tayong magkakapatid mag-kakaiba pa tayong sulok ng daigdig napunta.  Pero di bale we share a lifetime of memories.” That was the beginning of my letter to my youngest brother when he moved to Canada 3 years ago to be with his Filipino-Canadian wife. Three years […]

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How to Secure your Credit Card or Bank Accounts Online


Are you guys comfortable doing transactions online? Call me old school but to this day, I am still not comfy making payments over the internet.  Somehow, I feel every time I make a purchase, I make my card details susceptible to online theft.  Like my whole being is so vulnerable.  Ok that was a bit […]

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Russell Hobbs, UK’s Lifestyle Kitchen Brand , Now in Manila


I like pretty and practical.  And I like products that combines those 2 P’s to make home living beautiful and simple.   I’m the type who saunters into the home section of department stores or home concept stores and linger there happy to surround myself with beautiful glassware, luxurious sheets, sleek and handy kitchen gadgets to […]

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Yummy, Healthy Addition to the Baon List: Power Pops Crispy and Chewy Rice Cereal Bar


My kids and I enjoy eating crisp and chewy cereal bars.  It’s yummy, satisfying and very handy.  We usually buy the imported brands for lack of local brands.  Needless to say,  the cost is a little bit on the high side. I am so happy to discover Power Pops!  It is made by trusted local […]

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Beware of Upgrading to PLDT DSL Plans


Today I called PLDT’s service office for the nth time to follow-up on the downgrade of my DSL service from plan 999 (3 mbps internet only) to my original bundle plan 1299 (1.5 mbps internet plan with landline).  And what the $%&@!!! they said there was no job order done yet for my request.  “When […]

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Del Monte Go Real, Go Large: Red Carpet Moment


I don’t usually attend events since I have 3 kids, a household to manage and another thing called work.  But last December 19,  I attended the launch of Del Monte Go Real, Go Large 3D wall mapping and it was kinda red carpet event moment for me! I was giddy with excitement as truly, truly […]

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Red Ribbon Birthday Budget Planner (With Giveaway)


Congratulations, Grace Tan of Malabon!  She won the random pick of rafflecopter. Enjoy the yummy goodness of Red Ribbon! The nearest birthday in our family is still 2 months away but I am already trying to make a short list of the suppliers for my daughter’s birthday thanks to Red Ribbon’s Birthday Budget Planner online […]

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Turn an Ordinary Dinner into a Party with a Red Ribbon Dedication Cake


There is something about cakes and candles that can turn an ordinary Sunday dinner into a celebration.  And there is something about getting your kids together for a pose that will turn so kay gulo and fun!  First step,  gather all the kids together.  This can range from a few seconds and stretch to 30 […]

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Sandwich Mmm-ments (Up for Grabs is a Package for 4 to HK Disneyland)


Say “baon” and most likely the first word that will pop-up will be sandwich.  It is yummy, filling, nutritious, easy to prepare and is still good, aesthetically and taste wise, even after hours of storage.  Lady’s Choice, mom’s trusted brand of mayonnaise, encourages moms to share and relive their best sandwich Mmm-ments with their kids.  […]

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Project Shoebox


Hi Parents!  Eastwood Mall has a very good project to provide kids in need with school shoes.  As we are busy welcoming the new school year with our kids with their latest school bag and coolest pencil case some children do grapple with even the basic needs.  On our way to Pico de Loro just […]

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