DeLonghi Experience: A Gift Guide for the Special People in your List


It is seldom that we get to experience a product before a purchase, especially for kitchen appliances and coffee machines. We just buy it based on ads or the reviews we have read. De’Longhi Concept Specialist changed the retail experience of affordable luxury appliances when they opened the De’Longhi Concept Store at Ayala Vertis North […]

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Organizing our Kitchen Pantry


The pantry is an essential part of my kitchen.  In fact everything starts from what my pantry holds.  If I want to make chicken curry, my pantry should have coconut milk.  If I want to make pasta,  my pantry should have linguini and tomato sauce. That is why I have to make sure to stock […]

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Usapang Labada: Managing our Household Laundry


I have my favorite clothes. Clothes, that no matter how many other clothes are in the closet, I always end up wearing. So when it looks worn out in just a few washes or worst kapag natalsikan ng bleach, gusto ko umiyak. Plus, I’m not sure kung Amazona ang laundry woman namin because numinipis ang […]

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5 Simple Ways to Ensure Safety of your LPG with Petron Gasul


I’m a very practical mom. Whenever I am buying something for the house I always compare with other products in the market in terms of quality, quantity and price. That is probably the reason why I take 10 years to do my grocery shopping. But there are some things that are already a given. No […]

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Waiting Time in Doctor’s Offices Should Change


I brought my 3 year old who is running with a fever to the pedia this morning and I was told the wait was 3 hours at the least!?!  OMG!  Hindi kaya lalo magkasakit anak ko nyan? Can’t we come up with a better system for this?  True, it has been like this for decades […]

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Clean Home = Clear Mind = Full Pocket


I have a full closet, nag-uumpaw!  O di ba parang I have so many clothes but when it is time to dress up, haaay, wala akong masuot!  Half or maybe 1/4 of them kasi I don’t use anymore.  Some are faded already, others are when I was 20 pounds lighter (baka sakali pumayat eh), some […]

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My Great Food: Super Duper Helpful Meal Planning and Recipe Tool for Filipino Moms


One of my most dreaded tasks as a homemaker is meal planning.  I drag my lazy hands to put the pen to the paper and start planning the menu for the week.  I go crazy menu planning while considering the likes and dislikes of 5 people (including me) who are not very timid showing their […]

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Real Property Tax Deadline for QC is March 31, 2014


Hi!  Just reminding everyone in QC area to pay your real property tax before March 31, 2013 to avail of discount and to avoid penalties.  We just paid ours yesterday and it took less than 15 minutes!  Yes, world record for a government office!  But I went there 4:40pm in order to avoid the crowd.  […]

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Checklist for your Home and Kids while You’re on Travel


True to form,  I am stress organizing my a week away 10 day trek in Nepal. Apart from the checklist I have for my travel, checklist for the office and turning on my “I will be away” reply in my email,  I have a looong list for my kids and our household helpers who will […]

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Is it Time for a Gadget Upgrade?


I’m not really a gadgets fan.  I mean I don’t necessarily have to have the latest cell phone every month of the year.    As long as the gadget is serving my needs,  I just frugally wait for it to die out on me. For the longest time,  I was on Nokia N73 and only changed […]

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Real Property Tax Deadline for QC is March 31, 2013


Hi!  Just reminding everyone in QC area to pay your real property tax before March 31, 2013 to avail of discount and to avoid penalties.  We just paid ours this morning at 7am and the whole process just took 1.5 hours.  Discount on real property tax is applicable for annual payments only.  For Quezon City […]

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Practical Tips to Welcome the Year of the Water Snake 2013


First practical tip is to put a fountain on the northeast part of your house.  Kidding:-) February 10, 2013 is the day we welcome the Year of the Water Snake and like most Filipino-Chinese families our house is gearing up for practical ways to usher in good luck for the New Year.  Here are some […]

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Color of the Year 2013 is Emerald Green: What does it mean?


What is the color of the year?  I am always excited to know the color of the year.  And it is not because I am fashion conscious, I’m waaay too not that.  I would like to know because I would like to embrace it.  Each New Year and the color it carries, brings a new […]

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Do’s and Don’ts in Regifting


Regifting according to Wikipedia is the act of taking a gift that has been received and giving it to somebody else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift.    It is an act I think a huge percentage of the female population is guilty of.   And the word, popularized by Jerry Seinfeld, is already a […]

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