Plastic Ban in the Philippines: Goodbye Plastic!

Goodbye plastic, hello paper!  I was doing my once a month grocery of dry goods and I was pleasantly surprised to find out Quezon City has already implemented the Plastic Ban September 1, 2012.

The bill banning use of plastic and styrofoam products has been implemented in 27 cities with Muntinlupa leading the way.  Some cities opted for a total ban of plastic and styrofoam products for dry goods by imposing a fine on business establishments plus a temporary cancellation lang naman of their license to operate.  In Quezon City,  plastics are still allowed but shoppers have to pay P2 for every plastic they use, regardless of size.  And syempre Pinoy pa,  no one wants to pay so hello reusable bags! [Read more...]

Tips to a Fun Family Movie Night

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Carefully chosen DVD in.  Freshly popped Butterlicious popcorn.  Ice cold lemon tea.  DVD night na!

Kids and even my husband and I look forward to movie night.  It's a great way to bond and I think will form part of a family tradition everyone will look forward to for years to come.

Here are a few tips to make sure family movie night will be F-U-N!

  • Choose a movie everybody likes.  My kids are aged 8 and 10 and they can already handle blockbuster movies like Spiderman or Pirates of the Caribbean.  We usually choose an adventure or action movie that is light and exciting.  My husband falls asleep in cartoon movies (unless it's Ice Age) so as much as the kids like it we skip that on a Friday night.  We want everybody to have fun and that includes dad:-)
  • Go get that movie.  I know it's pretty obvious but still has to be said.  Do get that movie in advance. Re-runs of movies the family has already watched isn't as thrilling as a new movie for everyone.  Kids look forward to movie splurges [Read more...]

Tips in Applying for a Philippine Passport for a Minor

Last week I applied for a passport for my 16 month old and to renew my passport together with my 10 year old son.  It was relatively easy and we spent around 2 hours max in DFA along Roxas Boulevard.  Sharing with you some things I learned like Courtesy Lane for Minors etc.  Plus the procedures and estimated waiting times.  I believe that when you know what you are up against - it lessens the stress!  Hope you find it useful! [Read more...]

Junk? Not!

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Every end of the school year my kids end up with notebooks with only a few pages used up.  Pencil cases that are a tad dirty for the next school year.  And crayons that has some paper chipped off it doesn't look neat anymore. Junk?  Not!

TheGoMom in cooperation with A-HA Learning Center launches " Junk? Not! " It is a program that aims to gather old / used up but still usable notebooks (just tear used up pages), pencil cases, pencils, crayons, pad papers, folders and envelopes for distribution to the underprivileged school kids of Makati.

" Junk? Not! " will run from May 14 - June 14.  Drop off centers are at any Piandre Salon near you.  Please leave a comment on this page or in TheGoMom's FB page so we could coordinate and acknowledge drop offs.

A-HA Learning Center is a free tutorial center for street children who belong to communities living in the South Cemetery and Catholic Cemetery along Kalayaan and Reposo Streets in Makati. The center started in May 2009, and currently services 75 school children from grade 1 to 3rd year high school, offering English, Math, Science and computer classes.

A-HA Learning Center also takes care of the yearly school supplies, tuition, and shoes of the children, along with educational fieldtrips.   A-HA Learning Center is  run by Linda Z. Francisco, Aina Zulueta-Valencia and Jaton Zulueta.

School supplies in excess of what is needed by A-HA will be distributed to select public schools within Metro Manila.

For what is already considered Junk on our side is already treasure to them.  Hope their "back to school" treasure will be full! Thanks!

Hope you can post the link in your FB page so can gather more "back to school" treasures for our public school kids.