“Our” Baby turned 1!


“Our” little baby turned 1!  Nope I didn’t give birth. Although my tummy looks like I just did. 1 year ago, our helper gave birth in our house! in the bathroom! We decided to let mother and daughter stay in the house for a little while, and that while turned to a year. My helper asked me […]

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Kasambahay Pay Slip Form


Ok, so my notebook where I ask my helpers to sign when they receive their salary is already full. With the kasambahays and a driver sharing in one notebook, you can imagine how used and abused the notebook is. I thought it is time to put more order in organizing my kasambahays pay slips so […]

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Stress Busting Tip for Pinoy Moms #1: Open a Cash Card for your Driver and Kasambahay


To say that traffic in Manila is horrendous is an understatement. And one of my stresses is when I remember I need to buy something, an ingredient or an office supply, but the driver is out on an errand already. What pababalikin ko pa ba? Or when I send money and then something came up […]

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Petty Theft Proof your Home from the Household Help


Theft when it happens inside our very own homes can be very unnerving.  Your sanctuary is violated and trust with the “kasambahays” (helpers) we treat as family is broken. The past 13 years has been petty theft free in our house.  My husband and I used to employ strong safeguards to avoid petty theft but […]

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Petty Robbery at Our Home


For the first time in 13 years of managing our household, my husband and I experienced petty theft in our own home.  We don’t suspect outside burglary instead it was done by one of our very own:(  We lost some cash and my husband’s watch. The first time I discovered the loss, parang mix of […]

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PhilHealth for Kasambahay


The Kasambahay Law makes PhilHealth contributions mandatory for our household helpers.  PhilHealth offers health cash benefits that can be used by our helpers in the event they get hospitalized.  It is their health insurance, something they would very well need especially in their senior years. For helpers with salaries below P5,000,  employers will shoulder the […]

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Pag-ibig for Kasambahay


The Kasambahay Law makes Pag-Ibig contributions mandatory for our household helpers. I think Pag-IBIG offers redundant benefits to that of SSS and Phil-Health but since it is mandatory we, employers, still have the responsibility to file it.  For helpers with salaries below P5,000,  employers will shoulder the whole cost of the contribution.  For helpers with […]

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SSS for the Kasambahay


SSS for the Kasambahay The Kasambahay Law makes SSS contributions mandatory for our household helpers.  True there are costs that come with it not to mention the hassle, but I am happy that our trusty helpers who makes life much easier for us,  will get the benefits any employee, white collar or blue collar, justly […]

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Kasambahay Law Employers Guide: In a Nutshell ( Part 1)


The law that has taken all household employers aback, has been signed into law by Pres. Aquino last January 18, 2013, and is enforceable last June 4, 2013. Thankfully our village conducted a short seminar plus a one-stop registration shop for SSS, Phil-health and Pag-ibig. Just to give you an idea of cost involved, I […]

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How to Have your Helper Prepare Diet Food for You


Yesterday was my first day to have diet food delivered to my house.  Yep,  I am a little bit desperate to jump start my weight loss after an almost gym-less summer, laden with lots and lots of food. On day 2,  I would say the food is pretty good.  Lunch and dinner basically consists of […]

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13th Month Pay of Household Helpers: Is it Required by Law?


The budget during the holidays balloons to gigantic proportions with all the gifts and food, not to mention the 13th month pay of helpers. When I asked around, I am surprised that there are still a handful of households who don’t give 13th month pay to their helpers.  Confusion further lies when I talk to […]

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Celebrating our Helper’s Birthday


Yesterday was the birthday of our Yaya of 2 years.  As customary during birthdays of our helpers and even the driver,  the cook prepares “pansit” (dry noodle) and fried chicken.  It is a simple meal to celebrate her birthday and to tell her she is appreciated by our family.  It also tells our children that […]

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Helpers as Family


Our driver of 7 years bade us adieu.  He is going back to his hometown to care for his baby as a single parent.  It is funny how teary eyed I get every time a helper who has stayed long leaves.  It is like a relative you are close to tells you he is moving […]

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Lifetime Problem vs Eternal Damnation


  My dependable helper of 3 years came up to me crying.  She just found out that she is pregnant.  Well, it should be ok except that she already has 4 kids whom she can barely feed as a widow.  The life story of Philippine poverty. She goes on to tell me that she has decided […]

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Budget Meals for our Household Help


Yahoo! I finally got myself a nanny after 1 month!  And I got 2 in a day!  What can I say,  when it rains, it pours.  I think nowadays a reserve helper is necessary considering how fickle minded they are. Now I have 3 helpers and 1 driver.  For lunch,  it’s only me left at […]

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