My S&R 2014 Christmas Gift Guide

Tick, tock, tick, tock goes the clock.  Christmas is, gasp,  next week already and I'm still not done with my CHRISTmas gift list!   Are you?  I know right?  I think 90% of us moms are scrambling all over town looking for the perfect gift for our inaanaks, neighbors, friends, officemates and so goes the long list.  Usually reserving the last few days of precious holiday shopping time for the immediate family.

Last year was chaotic for me.  I was literally all over town going through malls looking for the perfect gift and didn't have any clue what I was looking for except a broad description of gender and age.  This year,  I told myself I won't beat myself up and worked on a theme for each group.  Friends all get a home accessory.  Kids, since most are tweeners, get their favorite sweets - sweets their mommies won't ordinarily indulge them with.  Girl clients get food and men clients get liquor.    Seems easy enough?  I had a caveat though, it should be extraordinary and unique.  Something they won't find in every corner of Manila.

S&R Membership Warehouse

With that in mind,  where else will I head to but S&R Membership Shopping Warehouses.  Know for their exclusive, wide variety and oooh so delightfully packaged treats.  I went last Sunday with the fam bam to finally finish off my CHRISTmas gift list. Here are some of my finds:

Everyone doesn't ever seem to have enough of CHRISTmas decors, so cute decors like these would surely be appreciated.

S&R Christmas Decors

Stuff toys to hang in your CHRISTmas tree.  Since I have children,  my CHRISTmas Tree has always been adorned with CHRISTmas stuff toys.  Price: 149.75

S&R Christmas Decors

Adorable and light CHRISTmas wreath.  My husband doesn't hang anything on the wall save for precious paintings.  With this light wreath,  I can just use my handy Blue Tack.

S&R Christmas Decors

Whimsy CHRISTmas decors perfect for homes with children like ours:-)

S&R Home Decors

These miniature topiaries are so beautiful that they would surely make any receiver smile in delight.  Price: 749.75

Hello Kitty Interchangeable Watch

This Hello Kitty Watch set is sooo cute!  It has interchangeable straps and rings.  Your nieces would be hugging you till next CHRISTmas.  Price: P1,429.95

Cute Trash Can

Functional but very cute trash bins would make kids happy and moms happier:-)  Price: P299.95

Dusty Rideable Toy Car

Your inaanak would have a blast riding Dusty, complete with rotating propeller and full sounding horn.  Price: P2,299.95

Cute Bins

Tweeners and parents will find this crate styled bin chic and handy.  Price: 399.95

Christmas Basket Ideas

Gift packs are meant to look like this.  Price: P 1,699.95. Check out their Christmas Catalog here.

Whenever I go to S&R I feel like I'm in the US.   Huge warehouse with tons of imported, hard-to-find items you would mostly find, well, in the US.  And the displays,  makes your heart and wallet beat a hundred paces faster.  Like,  vitamins don't usually excite me but with S&R's vitamin selection, I'm piling up the cart faster than you can say stop;-)

Jacobsen of Denmark Christmas Cookies

Mouthwatering Jacobsen's Cookies from Denmark.  They are nicely packaged in Christmas tins and they are a steal at P 99.95.  An excellent gift to bank tellers or your son's/daughter's favorite teacher.

Wrigley's in Tin Cans

I find these Heritage Tin Wrigley's gums irresistible.  Good gift to tweeners.  Price:  P249.95

Christmas Chocolates

You will drool in happiness with S&R's chocolate and sweets selection, all beautifully packed there is no need for the usual wrapping!

S&R Wine Selection

My husband's first stop --- the wine section.  I think S&R has the widest selection of wine at very, very good prices.   Classy gift for clients and for neighbors too.  Wine or champagne for New Year's eve.

S&R Wine Promos

Lindenman's Shiraz Cabernet at P 549.95 for 3, not bad, not bad at all.

I wanted to take a whole lot more of photos but it's better for you guys to go check it out by yourself.

The selection from food to home is extensive and are unusual, plus you get to enjoy S&R club pricing.    S&R Club Pricing means members get to enjoy a fine selection of hard-to-find products at a low, low price.  Membership is only at P700 a year and you get to enjoy access to sauces, meat cuts, unusual chocolates, Kirkland medicines, bath essentials pati tissue, aliw!    For me that's the beauty of an S&R membership, variety and access to otherwise not locally available goods at affordable prices.   Check out how to be a member and get updated on new S&R products (they always have new products)  here.  And I haven't touched on S&R's food service!

But that's another blog all together, for now shopping comes first:-)




P.S. Thanks to S&R for inviting me to S&R and for sponsoring this post.

Best MOMent: What is your best MOMent?

best moments with kidsAsking this question is like opening a bottomless box of joy because I cannot put a pin to what would be my best.  There are just too many!:-)  Holding my baby for the first time is so precious while watching them take their first step is a joy.  Hearing their animated stories is a delight while traveling with them is an adventure.  Playing with them is happiness while bedtime routines spells peace.

As a mom to 3 wonderful kids,  I try my best to make as much wonderful moments with my kids.  For me those moments can run from grand (like exploring a new country) to the ordinary (like brushing teeth) and yet each moment, precious just the same.

Last Sunday,  PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg, the trusted cough partner of moms, gave a salute to Moms and our best MOMents.

Solmux Best Moments

Almost 300 moms, dads and their children were treated to an afternoon of happiness and fun at none other than the Mind Musuem.   PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg's Best MOMents Event is the culmination activity of PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg's Facebook promo where mommies uploaded their best moments with their kids and how PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg helps them to have these best moments.  Winners of the promo received an invite to the event.

The whole Mind Museum Special Exhibition Hall was filled with happy faces of both moms and their children (and dads too), all eager to have an afternoon filled with learning and bonding MOMents.  It was such a joy to be part of the event and be one with all the moms in affirming our overwhelming love and commitment to our children.

My daughter and I were delighted to see our favorite Lady DJ Delamar host the event with little Cooper close by (We always listen to The Morning Rush on the way to school:-)). And my daughter's eyes twinkled when a staff from the Mind Museum did a few DIY science experiments.

Solumux Best Moments at Mind Museum

PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg also gave away awesome prizes, four of which were Samsung Tab 3 Lite!   Winner!

When it was time to go around the museum,  you can see everyone in a jolly rush to experience the Mind Museum.  You can see kids pulling their parents to look at this.  And you can see parents calling their kids to experience that.  Truly,  experiences such as these are best when shared:-)

We had super fun at the Shadow Box doing all sorts of shadows.  Here we spelled L-O-V-E!:-)

We had super fun at the Shadow Box doing all sorts of shadows. Here we spelled L-O-V-E!:-)

Static Ball at the Mind Museum

It was unfortunate that my 3 year old couldn't join us that afternoon.  He is nursing a bad cold and cough.  I was trying to hold off the meds but yesterday when I brought him to the pedia,  he was prescribed, tada, PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg.

When I visited the SOLMUX FB page, moms attested that to have the "walang patid na best MOMents" they give PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg at the onset of cough with phlegm.  I'll surely keep that in mind.

Despite the absence of our little darling, my daughter and I still had fun.  And it is heart warming to share with her that the event is in celebration of MOMents, best Mom moments!  She smiled when I told her that and gave me a hug.

Mind Museum Taguig




P.S.  Thanks PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg for inviting my daughter and I to an afternoon of MOMents at the Mind Museum.  Thanks also for sponsoring this post.


Sari-Saring Happiness Day with COCA-COLA®

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"  My family's most awaited season is just around the corner.  I can already feel the crisp, cool air. And, the excitement of good things CHRISTmas brings puts everyone in a happy mood.

One of our family's tradition is putting up our CHRISTmas tree as a family.  It's a big occasion for all of us.  A date is set, usually right after Halloween, and the menu for the night, extra special.  Carefully selected CHRISTmas songs are blaring and everyone in the family is just gathered around our living room helping out decorate the tree - kids and I set up the tree, husband installs the lights and everybody puts all the joyful trimmings.  In some sort of revelry, my kids and I would occasionally burst dancing to the merry CHRISTmas tunes.  Happiness!

Coca-Cola ups the CHRISTmas festivity by introducing an ingenious DIY bonding activity - the Coca-Cola Parol!  The Coca-Cola Parol is part of COCA-COLA® Sari-Saring Happiness campaign.


Aliw super!  I'm excited because I know the kids will love it!  It's an easy and fun DIY plus it makes use of recycled material.  I plan to give each child a star of his own so they can decorate their own stars together.

Check out this fun video for COCA-COLA® Parol idea inspirations and a quick how to:

Use this for an easy guide to make your COCA-COLA® Parol:

How to make Coca-cola Parol

COCA-COLA® Sari-Saring Happiness is lighting different areas in the country.  There are lighting hubs around the country, specifically in Manila, Tacloban, Pampanga, Batangas, Bacolod, and Davao. Make sure to take a photo or a video of it and/or your parol and share it on your social media accounts to spread the joy of #SariSaringHappiness Day.

After all, what is CHRISTmas but the biggest and grandest time of the year to share joy and love.  As they say, sharing doubles the joy!

Share your #SariSaringHappiness Day moments!





Disclosure:  Thanks to COCA-COLA® Sari-Saring Happiness for sponsoring this post and for creating this wonderful and ingenious campaign!


Iconic 2014 Coke Glasses Now Available at McDonald’s

Coke Glass at  McDonald's 2014

Coke lovers will be all smiles with the release of the 2014 Coca-Cola Modern Glass collection.  And smiles will be even wider because it is only at P25 a piece (a real steal!) with a purchase of McDonald's Extra Value Meal!   The 6 piece glass collection, which arrived at my doorstep one happy morning,  fuses contemporary design with the traditional well-loved logo of Coca-Cola.

This is the 7th year McDonald's Philippines brings to us Pinoys,  Coke's iconic and much-collected Coca-Cola Glass collection.  Through the years,  Coke consumers from all over the Asia Pacific have collected close to 200 million Coke Glasses with various memorable designs, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 FIFA World Cup among others.

I was thrilled when I received the elegantly packaged Coca-Cola Modern Glass collection!   Packaging pa lang gift na:-)

Coca Cola Glass Collection 2014 with Mcdonald's Philippines

It is my first CHRISTmas gift for 2014!

Coke Glass Collection 2014,

Thanks McDonald's for fast-forwarding my Coke collection!

You can grab these beautiful Coke glass memorabilia exclusively at McDonald's stores nationwide via Dine-in, Take-out, Drive-Thru, McDelivery (86-2-36 and and the McDo PH App, all day, including breakfast hours.

Start your collection guys,  you know Pinoys penchant for collecting anything from Mcdo and Coke;-)



Waiting Time in Doctor’s Offices Should Change

I brought my 3 year old who is running with a fever to the pedia this morning and I was told the wait was 3 hours at the least!?!  OMG!  Hindi kaya lalo magkasakit anak ko nyan?

Can't we come up with a better system for this?  True, it has been like this for decades but we can change.  In the US,  doctor's consultation is by appointment.  Maybe we can run on a similar system?

Time is very much of essence for everyone, patients included.  Plus, waiting in the hospital for hours is not healthy for someone sick or otherwise because exposure to germs and virus run higher.

Doctors would probably argue that Filipinos are known to not keep appointments well, myself included, but maybe if we exact a higher bar for ourselves we can probably make it.  If you have an appointment and you are not there on time,  you get booted out to the end of the list.  You just have to wait.  Patients can be asked to come at least 30 minutes in advance so doctor will always have patients in the clinic because of the 30 minutes overlap.   In cases where the doctor has a medical emergency, the secretary can give the patient a text of the change in schedule.

Hopefully, the secretaries of the doctors would be able to manage that.  Through this simple change,  doctors would be doing their patients better service.

How about you?  What is your waiting time at the doctor's office?  Do you think change is necessary?

Change is Good!


Clean Home = Clear Mind = Full Pocket

IMG_1346I have a full closet, nag-uumpaw!  O di ba parang I have so many clothes but when it is time to dress up, haaay, wala akong masuot!  Half or maybe 1/4 of them kasi I don't use anymore.  Some are faded already, others are when I was 20 pounds lighter (baka sakali pumayat eh), some naman I bought but it's not so nice on me pala.

Moving on to my toddler's stuff, we have the crib, high chair, clothes, infant toys at kung ano-ano pa that he doesn't need anymore!   Hayayay! Tambak republic!

unused pile of stuff

Ang gulo, right?  Each unused item adding to the house clutter.   As they say, "Clean home = clear mind."  OLX goes all out in promoting clutter free homes by selling unused items through OLX.  O di ba!  Not only did you de-clutter,  you earned money pa!

Like millions of Filipinos,  OLX (previously Sulit) is my go-to online selling site for 2nd hand and even brand new items.   Pinoys turn to it when they want to sell something and Pinoys turn to it when they are trying to find pre-used and bargain stuff.  Perfect match!  All of the stuff I posted thru OLX gets inquiries and eventual buys.  Selling is as easy as 1-2-3.  1 - take photo 2 - upload 3 - wait for buyer and transact.  Easy, breezy!

OLX came up with a catchy and humorous video of people getting lost amidst all the mess in the house.  Can relate much?  Here is the video:

at para tama ang lyrics ng LSS (last-song-syndrome) natin,  here is the lyrics of the jingle.

I'm putting up a few items from my toddlers pile for sale at OLX.  Here is the first batch ...

Pre-loved for sale

Pre-loved Lamaze Plush Toy with wrinkly plastic sound babies love; Pre-loved Original Converse Shoe for 2-3 year olds; Kept and Never Worn Gold Bug Suede Shoe; Kept and Never Worn Tip Toey Joey for 1-2.5 year olds.

I'm on!  How about you?  Let's get rid of all the stuff we don't need and create clean homes, clear minds and fatter wallets!:-)  OLX here we go!  




Disclosure:  Thanks to OLX for sponsoring this post and giving Filipino homes an online venue to sell pre-loved stuff!


Halina at tayo'y magbenta,

Sa OLX ka pumunta,

Ang hindi na ginagamit,

Cellphone, TV o damit,

Ibenta na sa OLX.

Ipahayag mo sa mundo, 

ang gamit na ibebenta mo.

Magbawas ng kalat sa bahay,

I feel good at gumaan ang buhay.

Come and join me, it’s for everybody.

Just Post- Usap- Deal, believe me it’s that easy,

Simple lang at mabilis gamitin,

Thank you po, next time, sa uulitin!

Halina at tayo'y magbenta,

Sa OLX ka pumunta,

Ang hindi na ginagamit,

Cellphone, TV o damit,

Ibenta na sa OLX.

Are you a Party Stage Mom?


Are you a Party Stage Mom?

Take this quiz and find out.


a.   Stay at your seat and wait for your child to come over and ask for the bring me item.

b.   Stay at your seat and open your bag and hold on to your wallet.

c.   Sit on the kiddie chair beside your child, heart palpitating and with bag, wallet and make-up kit open.  Heck, you even brought the invite!  They always ask for it:-)


a.   Let your child and "ate" (nanny) pick any prize.

b.   Make a quick peek from afar of what is in the table and tell your child to get an airplane.  If he comes back with the simplest of toy cars, it's alright, that's what he likes.

c.   Go with your child to the prize table and tell him [Read more...]

See you soon, Kapatid: Western Union Reunions

"Parting is such sweet sorrow"… naks!   Malungkot ano?  Tatlo lang tayong magkakapatid mag-kakaiba pa tayong sulok ng daigdig napunta.  Pero di bale we share a lifetime of memories."

That was the beginning of my letter to my youngest brother when he moved to Canada 3 years ago to be with his Filipino-Canadian wife. Three years since, my brother who was based in Singapore for 10 years is back in Manila and my youngest brother in Canada became a daddy to my first ever "pamangkin" (on my side).

I miss my youngest brother.  With an 8 year age gap, he was the darling of our family.  I still remember the day he was brought home from the hospital and my other brother and I screamed in delight when he arrived.  We doted on him, teased him, and yes, asked him to do chores for us.

His wit is canny and his jokes have impeccable timing.  As in one liners na swak sa katatawanan.  And most of all, he has a good and kind heart.  Siya ang pinaka-mabait at walang topak sa aming magkakapatid:-) That's my brother, Seggy.

He is crazy about my kids and my 2 kids adore him. I feel a bit sad for my third and youngest child because he will not get to know his "masayahing" Ninong Seggy too much.  He left for Canada a few months after the baptism of my youngest.

piggy back on water

fun photo shots

Syempre bumaha ng luha sa EDSA that fateful day of August 2011 when we said our farewells.

"Malungkot sa umpisa kasi ma-miss mo ang Pinas at lahat kami dito pero ganyan talaga in the end we all carve out a new space for our new family." My letter went.

Now, we communicate through Facetime or Skype every so often.  We still manage light banter and update each other on anything under the sun.  Actually, mostly on our kids.  He is doing such a wonderful job as a new dad to my super-duper cute nephew, Ben (as in ala Benigno Aquino).

Ben is just so adorable we are all dying to meet him.  As my daughter exclaimed,  "My first cousin ever (My side. The youngest cousin they have in my husband's side is 15 years older than them)!!!"  I'm also eager for my youngest (now 3) to finally really interact with the Tito Seggy his siblings speak so fondly of.  A reunion is very much in order.

I can already imagine all the fun we will have when we finally meet again and have that much needed reunion.  Ang saya!!!!  Balik sa maliligayang araw nung bata pa kami na asaran to the max at ngayon may new additions pa sa gulo with our families.  My parents, who are not getting any younger, will be delighted to see us siblings with our families and hopefully exclaim to themselves,  "All went well:-)"

I was delighted when Western Union, the trusted money transfer service all over the world, announced that they will be having a promotion to make reunions possible by bringing hundreds of Filipinos home.  Woohooooo!!!!!  Kami na yan, kami na sana yan!

Western Union Reunions, will give Filipinos abroad a chance to be reunited with their loved ones back in our beloved Philippines.  Western Union Reunions in partnership with flag carrier, Philippine Airlines, will be giving away 30 roundtrip airline tickets to participating countries! Participating countries are yes! Canada, UK, Australia, Norway, Italy, etc.  (T&Cs are specific to participating countries.  For those in Canada, please visit page for complete promo details).

Sooo looking forward to our Reunion! To my dear brother, Seggy, ang Pilipinas mong mahal at kaming iyong mga kaanak are just a breath away.  See you soon, kapatid!

signature lil



Disclosure:  Thanks to Western Union for sponsoring this heartwarming post.


Petty Theft Proof your Home from the Household Help

Theft when it happens inside our very own homes can be very unnerving.  Your sanctuary is violated and trust with the "kasambahays" (helpers) we treat as family is broken.

The past 13 years has been petty theft free in our house.  My husband and I used to employ strong safeguards to avoid petty theft but we may have slipped and relaxed over the years (See my blog on Petty Robbery at our Home). Petty theft unless it is committed by a pro is sometimes our own doing.   As my mom constantly reminds me,  "It is your responsibility as employers to not tempt the helpers to do something evil.  It's like leaving a plate full of steaming hot, delicious adobo in front of someone who is hungry and telling them not to take a single bite out of it,  mean yon di ba?"

So here is a list of the things to do to avoid petty theft inside our own homes:

Don't let the helpers see you counting money. I have been negligent in this.  Sometimes,  I absent mindedly bring out  cash in my wallet and count it in front of them.

Don't talk about money in front of the helpers ex. savings, big purchases, business profits etc. [Read more...]

Petty Robbery at Our Home

For the first time in 13 years of managing our household, my husband and I experienced petty theft in our own home.  We don't suspect outside burglary instead it was done by one of our very own:(  We lost some cash and my husband's watch.

The first time I discovered the loss, parang mix of emotions.  May lungkot (sadness),  that was hard-earned money and my husband intended to give the watch to my son.  May galit (anger), how can that person do this to us! Feeling ko naman super bait kami.  May takot (fear), scary, we are actually living with a "magnanakaw!" (robber)!  May worry,  ano pa kaya nakuha nya?  Maybe she has been stealing from us for months or years?  May suspicion, who among them could have done it.  Surely, not Ate A, maybe Ate B or can it also be Ate C?  Add to that the feeling of uneasiness of losing our sense of security in our very own household.  It was a horrible, horrible unnerving experience.

We were on a transition that time so I had 4 helpers in the house.  My husband and I were thinking it could be the helper who stayed and decided to leave after just barely a week because of some emergency that didn't sound like an emergency.  I swear kapag nakita mo ang face,  hindi makabasag plato!  She was highly referred by the longtime helper of a neighbor so there is still possibility it may not be her.  My dear yaya of 3 years is leaving the week I discovered the loss.  It could be her, but why would she do it now when she is about to leave that wouldn't be too smart, right?  It could be my 2 year helper who has decided to go on part time with us?  And it can't be our trusted cook because her territory is the ground floor and not the rooms.  Hayayay!

We didn't do a thorough check of everyone's stuff anymore because everyone of them (except our trusted cook) has gone out to get something in the convenience store near our house.  My brother said we should hire a police do the investigation but we don't want that mess.  So we just swore we would be more careful with our belongings from now on.

Tomorrow,  I will share with you the list of things we vowed to do, or begin doing again, to avoid petty theft in our household.

Depressed and Sad,

TheGoMom signature



How to Secure your Credit Card or Bank Accounts Online

online shopping with credit cardAre you guys comfortable doing transactions online?

Call me old school but to this day, I am still not comfy making payments over the internet.  Somehow, I feel every time I make a purchase, I make my card details susceptible to online theft.  Like my whole being is so vulnerable.  Ok that was a bit exag but there really is that slight cloud of apprehension, with a short "bahala na si Batman" nudge to hit the enter button, hoping, in the end,  my account will be safe.

I was surprised to find out that there exists a MasterCard Virtual Card.



MasterCard, a leader in the payment gateway industry, made online shopping simpler and much safer with MasterCard Virtual Card.

It basically works like an extension of your credit or debit card for the sole purpose of internet transactions.  In essence, you're assigned a different card number and you can request a smaller spend limit.  This way you are not compromising your whole credit card line or bank account in the internet. Plus, since the card is just a bunch of numbers, your real account is protected from identity thieves.

For me, it can also serve as a way to control my credit card spending over the net:-)  In that one weak moment of abandon, I don't want to blow thousands over vouchers and cute little purchases and regret it for the next few months.

Just a word of caution, for purchase of online airline tickets, it is better to use the traditional credit card since some airlines require a presentation of a physical card as proof of purchase.

To apply for a MasterCard Virtual Card, just visit the website of your existing MasterCard issuing bank, and fill up the form online.  The local banks that carry the MasterCard Virtual Card are: BDO, BPI, EastWest Bank, Metrobank, RCBC Bankard and Security Bank.

Shop away in freedom in the Virtual World with MasterCard Virtual Card!

Disclosure:  Thanks to MasterCard for sponsoring this post:-)

Shop Safe,

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Russell Hobbs, UK’s Lifestyle Kitchen Brand , Now in Manila

russell hobbs pepper grinder

I like pretty and practical.  And I like products that combines those 2 P's to make home living beautiful and simple.   I'm the type who saunters into the home section of department stores or home concept stores and linger there happy to surround myself with beautiful glassware, luxurious sheets, sleek and handy kitchen gadgets to quirky and functional furniture.

russell hobbs small kitchen appliance

Russell Hobbs, UK's leading brand of sleek and efficient small kitchen appliance, is now available in the Philippines.   With the coming of Russell Hobbs,  Filipinos can now get their hands onto stylish kitchen pieces that will fit the upwardly mobile homes.

In their recent launch at the Makati Shangri-la,  I ogled at the fashionable and innovative small kitchen appliances that made me say "I want!"

russell hobbs kettle

Russell Hobbs, a household name in the UK for more than 60 years,  is the one responsible for revolutionizing the kettle market with the introduction of the automatic electric kettle.

Russell Hobbs, distributed by Tocoms Philippines, offers a range of easy-to-use small kitchen appliance lines to address each household needs.

russell hobbs kitchen collection

Kitchen Collection offers high-quality everyday appliance at affordable prices.

russell hobbs desire collection

Desire Collection offers the same high-quality functionality but with a more striking appeal.

russell hobbs allure collection

Allure collection says sleek with its brushed chrome finish.

russell hobbs illumina collection

And their top-of-the-line Illumina Collection boasts of a unique color control light ring which changes color to represent speed with clear guidance on which setting is best for different food types.

True to the brand,  Tocoms Philippines, launched Russell Hobbs in fashion and style at the Rizal Ballroom of the Makati Shangri-la.  Guests, like myself, were served French cuisine and was awed by the modern songs being played in the violin.  Everyone was delighted when they introduced Russell Hobbes through a musical patterned after "Fiddler on the Roof."  It was very interesting and entertaining.

Russell Hobbs’ exquisite line of small kitchen appliances is now available at all leading appliance and department stores nationwide. For more details and updates, follow Russell Hobbs Philippines at

Disclosure:  Thanks to Russell Hobbs for sponsoring this post and inviting TheGoMom to the launch.

Surround your kitchen with the practical and the pretty with Russell Hobbs,

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My Great Food: Super Duper Helpful Meal Planning and Recipe Tool for Filipino Moms

My Great Food by Pure Foods

One of my most dreaded tasks as a homemaker is meal planning.  I drag my lazy hands to put the pen to the paper and start planning the menu for the week.  I go crazy menu planning while considering the likes and dislikes of 5 people (including me) who are not very timid showing their disappointment if the food prepared is not to their liking.   Their faces fall, and depending on my mood, my heart is crushed or I want to crush theirs:-) [Read more...]

Yummy, Healthy Addition to the Baon List: Power Pops Crispy and Chewy Rice Cereal Bar

power pops cereal snack by lemon square

My kids and I enjoy eating crisp and chewy cereal bars.  It's yummy, satisfying and very handy.  We usually buy the imported brands for lack of local brands.  Needless to say,  the cost is a little bit on the high side.

I am so happy to discover Power Pops!  It is made by trusted local snack brand provider Lemon Square.  Think home-brand Lemon Square cheesecake, that's the same maker of Power Pops:-)

I was invited to a mom bloggers briefing a few days ago and I got to sample the crisp, chewy goodness of Power Pops.  It comes in 3 flavors:  Milky Caramel with Cookie Bits, Champorado and Peanut Caramel with Bottom Chocolate Coating.  My personal fave is the Milky Caramel.  It has the right mix of crispness and chewiness with a milky caramel taste with on the spot sweetness level.  It is my kids' fave too.  My toddler, prefers the Champorado:-)

power pops cereal snack by lemon square

And like all rice cereal bars,  each bar contains Vitamins A, C, B2 and B9 that can help boost our kids' energy.  Yay!  handy, yummy and laden with vitamins,  that's the kind of snack I'm looking for!

Sometimes,  I'm guilty stocking up on those chocolate bars and my kids devour it.  I'm happy Power Pops will fill in their sweet tooth craving and provide them with vitamins.

My kids can also take along this yummy Power Pops bar anywhere - be it on their way to guitar class, ice skating or math and reading enrichment classes this summer.  With their schedule, I can just slip the Power Pops bar in their bag or place it in front of their computer (uh, oh) and they can just grab and munch.

Lemon Square Power Pops comes in just the right serving size for the little people in our lives:-)  That means, no left overs.  And with a very affordable price of SRP of Php 6.00 per bar,  this is surely a very much welcome addition to our kids snack time.

Go grab some and let your kids try it.  I'm 99% sure this Power Pops bar would be your kids' snack time buddy and you will soon be adding it to the weekly grocery list!  As it is now in mine:-)

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Stations of the Cross for Children

stations of the crossWhat are you guys doing this Holy Week?

When I was younger,  my parents together with my 2 brothers would do the Visita Iglesia (visiting 7 churches) and do the Stations of the Cross.  It was a good Lenten experience and a good bonding experience for the whole brood.  My brothers and I of course looked forward to the lunch and snacks along the way.  It was sort of a spiritual field trip that I have so much fond memories of.

Sometimes, we would head to the province of either my mom in Pampanga or my dad in Laguna and have a grand reunion "espesyal" with the entire clan in the ancestral house.  We would play, exchange stories, scarily watch the penitents flagellate themselves and look forward to my lola's (grandma's) menudo for lunch and sopas for merienda.

Lull times would be spent watching the TV showing the Passion and Death of Christ.

Today with a family of my own,  I don't do the 7 churches anymore.  My husband, kids and I just visit one church and do one round of the Stations of the Cross.  We read through the Stations of the Cross leaflet, pray silently on the pews for a short while and then leave.

I'm not sure if that is enough observance of the Lenten season but for now it would do.

Last year, while doing the Stations of the Cross with the family, I told myself I'm going to write a Stations of the Cross for children.  I would make it more real to them, more personal.  As I was trying to write it,  I got stuck in the middle because I realized what I was writing is another prayer again of myself/kids in relation to the sufferings of Jesus.  And I told myself,  "Why does it have to be about me/kids again?"

I came across this wonderful Stations of the Cross leaflet published by the Missionary of St. Paul in 1936 and newly designed in 1988 by Jennifer Gregory Miller from her website

The material paints the image of Jesus' sufferings in words that are easy to understand for kids.  The personal prayer is short and sweet and is focused on Jesus.  Click this to download Jennifer's printable version - Stations of the Cross for Children.

Have a Blessed Holy Week!

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