Maid from a Quentin Tarantino Movie

I have had my share of maid’s tales - hilarious, sad to super irritating. But none tops this maid I am currently, very carefully ejecting. She’s the best maid I had in my 10 years of managing my own household. She’s an effective and efficient worker and does not have to be told 100 times of how and when I want things done. But she's a character straight out of Tarantino's movie.

She had a mild brush off with my yaya of 4 years. And she threatened her that she’s just a nudge down to the 3/f. In Filipino she threatened, “isang tulak ka lang sa 3/f.” This maid is 5’7 feet and on the big bone side and my yaya is 4’9 and weighs probably 80 pounds! Not content, she even told her that if my yaya does not leave before the end of the month, she will pull off all her teeth. As in! Hindi man lang, sasabunatan kita or sasampalin kita ala tele novela. It screamed of Hostel (it’s this movie of Quentin that is down right sadistic)!!!

Of course, I had to take immediate action. I don’t want our house to turn into CSI. My husband was out of the country so I had to be very cautious. I asked my yaya to lock herself and asked kids to lock the room. I asked other maid to stay with me. And I made sure I do it in the living room, far from kitchen knives. Baka maging liempo pa ako! Well, she didn’t run amuck and was apologetic but said she couldn’t leave just yet because she doesn’t have a place to stay in here in Manila.

Btw, this maid, 2 months into her stay with us (she reached a year), casually told me that she had to pick up her father. I said sure, where? And she said, from prison!!!!!!! Nyikes! I almost fell off my chair. And that’s not it. He’s in there for murder. But she said her father was just covering up for her brother who actually committed the crime. From before that I don’t lock rooms, I locked rooms. But my husband said, it’s wrong to judge a person by the actions of her family and besides she’s really good in household work.

This happened last Saturday, I asked her to take a day off since the tension was just too much. She’s coming back this afternoon …

Plastic Cover Grades at National Bookstore

Did you know that the plastic cover rolled up in National Bookstore comes in different grades? I didn't know that until 2 months after school opened and I have to change the plastic cover of my daughter's notebook (she is the perfect quality test for any school supply). Apparently, you can request for a thicker grade which are sold by meters in National. The grades range from 3 to 8. The lower the grade the cheaper and thinner the plastic. Like a #3 costs P19/meter, #5 P31.75/meter and #8 is P 50.75. I wanted #8 but went for #5 and got a nice thick plastic cover which should last the whole school year. The #8, I was told, is used by jeepney drivers already to cover the jeepney seats:)

Loving the Citibank Promo

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“Let's watch a movie!" Naks! You would barely, actually, you would not hear this from me before the Citibank promo. I’m a little bit stingy when it comes to movies. I find it hard to part with P800 (P200 x 4) for a movie when I know I could catch it at home (dbd, dbd) or watch the Friday Popcorn Night Movie of Cartoon Network. But now, thanks to Citibank’s promo, ha, my family gets to watch at least 1 movie a month. Last Friday, we watched The Last Airbender and we enjoyed the adventures of Aang. Not funny as the TV cartoon but entertaining.

So now, when I do my groceries I laboriously yet happily go through the process of splitting my credit card purchase to 1,500 each which is equivalent to a P100 movie ticket. Nice! But I only do this with due consideration of the line. Once I went to Unimart and there was a loooong line. And this girl, with a bill of maybe 10k asked the cashier to split it into P 1,500 each – imagine the wait! I wanted to strangle her and the cashier for allowing it. And I was just right before her grrrr!

Anyway, that was just one episode. In the end, airline mileage promos included, this is one promo I definitely so love!

A Cause Worth Rooting For

A Cause Worth Rooting For
Have you ever been so mad that you swear to the world you would take it up as a cause and fight to the end? Well, I have recently. My kind nanny of 6 years is under the crazy spell of a multi-level marketing company who promises her that it is the solution to her poverty. She believes with all her sincere heart that an exorbitantly priced wonder juice is the cure to all diseases from the simple cold to cancer! So she pours in all her hard earned savings and even borrows money to finance the "business."

My stomach revolted when I heard the scheme. It is just downright stupid but smells rosy to the less educated. And so, I am trying to convince her to bolt out and for awhile thought I'll fight this non-sense. How could they do it to the ones who already doesn't have any? Anyway, like this post, which is full of anger, I realized it is an angry, bitter cause. And decided to let it go. I have said my piece to my nanny and it's up to her to process that.

I realized that fighting causes leave you drained and angry. Imagine devoting your years to fighting. It takes a tremendous toll on the well being of a person. Not that I think people should stop fighting causes. There are people cut out for it and thrive in it. In fact, they should be appreciated for it because they care. But it's just not for me.

I'm going to take up a cause, sure, but it's going to be a cause I will smile for not grit my teeth for. A cause that says "Go, go we can do it together," or something to that tune. Causes like Gawad Kalinga or World Vision, seeking to build instead of destroy. For me those are causes that are worth rooting for.

Splash Island: Cool off at Splash Island

It's 34 degrees outside and it's time to head out once again to Splash Island. It has been 3 summers now and Splash Island has almost become a ritual for me and the kids. Big wide open space + water = FUN, FUN! Now it is very critical that you go at the right time unless you want to swim with the entire Philippine population.

We always go on a weekday and usually just right after school ends. It is our right of passage to summer v-v-vacation!

The kids try all the water rides the height requirement permits (hehe takes after me). My boy welcomes wave after big wave at the wave pool. I never ever let him out of my sight at this point.  Horror stories of wave pools are for real - drowning and hitting head on the pool wall. So take caution.

Then the favorite raft ride.  It permits a group of 4 to ride a big rubber raft which will be dropped from a high winding slide -- Wohoo!   Age catches up on me as my heart thumps like a voodoo drum beat. I heard that they will even add heart stopping rides just for this summer.

So far, the times we have been there has been pretty slow, that is, I see water and not heads. We have had that in Malaysia, but that's another story. First I make sure we go on a weekday. Do take that leave - it's a must for your enjoyment. Secondly, I call to find out if there are truck loads of people coming in. Sometimes, there is a big corporate event - red light, stop, postpone.

To my dismay, they have relaxed their swimwear rules, accepting shorts and shirts on the pool.  But then at least, you don't have to buy Yaya a swimsuit. Do follow the safety rules to avoid injury and keep your eye on the kids - always. Kids and water are not exactly soul mates though kids would like to think so.

So there, go, frolick in the sun and soak in the cool, cool water ...

Operating Hours: Friday - Sunday 8am - 8pm P 500 adult / P 400 child
Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm P 400 adult / P 350 child
*Summer Schedule only.
Address: Splash Island Spa & Resort
Southwoods Ecocentrum Binan, Laguna Philippines
Contact Numbers: 0918-912-9177 / 986-5058