Tasty, Creamy Recipes to Try this MerryCremas 2015


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! And like all Christmases, it is the time when “walang patid na chika” and overflowing food becomes inseparable. Truly, it can’t be merry without the otherJ Last November 29, Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream treated food loving Pinoys to the Alaska Merry Cremas Festival in Trinoma. As always, […]

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Potluck Food Suggestion (with Recipe)


Potluck.  Now more than any time of the year, I and I’m pretty sure you guys too, will be attending party after party.  And because CHRISTmas is a family affair and we have to bring the whole fam bam it’s usually done at a friend’s house, Lola’s house, uncle’s house and even at our very […]

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Beef Salpicao Recipe: Bring out the Rice!


My way to cooking a good salpicao has been long and chewy.  I always end up with a tough salpicao, that I can chew from dinner till midnight snack.   But with the magic words of my friend Hazel, “You can’t go wrong with Santi’s,” steak and salpicao has become a favorite in our household since.  […]

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Vongole (Clam Pasta on Angel Hair): Cyma Inspired


One of our comfort restaurants is Cyma. We love their food and the ambiance is light and familiar.  Apart from the much raved about Roka Salata salad,  we almost always order their Vongole. It is delicious yet light to the tummy. I tried my hand at it by tweaking Gourmet Magazine’s recipe.  And I would […]

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Blow Torched Ham: Frabelle Foods Premium Honey Glazed Ham


I love tastes that compete in my mouth.  The type “na nag-aagaw ang alat at tamis” is pure yumminess for me.  I’m not much of a fan of ham but when Frabelle hams gifted me with this succulent ham,  I had to say it was delectable. I like it that the ham doesn’t separate or […]

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Trying Hard Cook


  I don’t really cook.  I don’t even know how to do a sunny side up egg.  But once in awhile, that would be maximum of 4 times a month,  I would dabble into the kitchen (and that is only after 9 years of being married).   When I cook,  I follow recipes to the dot.  […]

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Estrel’s Caramel Cake – Pretty and so Yummy!


It was love at first bite for me and Estrel’s cake. I crave for the light and spongy chiffon cake that is baked on the day of pick-up  (all cakes should be pre-ordered, no cake for walk-ins). The custard/caramel icing that covers the cake and its middle plus the soft creamy butter icing that has […]

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