Road Map to Perfect Moments


With all those perfect feeds coming my way I sometimes lose it and start looking for perfection from myself and from my kids. And the more I seek perfection, the farther away it gets. So, when I do remember how heavy the road to perfection is, I just breathe and let moments unfold. And truly […]

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TheGoMom Favorite Quote #4


Exactly a year ago, I took a break from motherhood and took an amazing 6-day, 13,000 feet, 48 km trek up the beautiful mountains of Lantang, Nepal (read about my adventure here) The breather enriched me. Cheers to moments we create!    

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TheGoMom Original Quote #1


I have one million and one things to do today!  Ding, ang bato!  I need to use my Darna powers.  Paghati-hatiaan natin ang mahiwagang bato, mga busy mothers!

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TheGoMom Favorite Quote #3


Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so near to Monday? Huwhaaat? #Monday na???  #Weekend went so fast.  Let’s make this week fast and packed we’ll be hugging #Friday in a bit.  Have a great week everyone!  

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TheGoMom Favorite Quote #2!


Shine and radiate lovely!  Happy Monday everyone!  Bring sunshine to the rest of week with your positive vibes!    

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The Week that Was: Nutrition Week of My Pre-Schooler


It has been a busy week for my pre-schooler.  Monday was their fruit costume parade.  Grover!  Na-challenge ang aking creative skills because we needed to make costumes for them out of cartolina etc.  My first question was,  how in the world, does he wear a cartolina?  Of course the internet is not lacking in resources. […]

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Quote of the Day: There is only one beautiful child in the world, and every mother has it.


I love reading quotes – funny ones and simple ones.  Simple ones that are so simple,  they strike right to the heart. When I read this quote, I smiled to myself as I nodded my head in agreement of every word. I have three beautiful children. Share and comment how many beautiful children you have:-)

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