Skechers GOwalk: Comfort of a Rubber Shoe with Casual Style for Errand Days and Travel Marathons


Make me choose between comfort or style and I would pick comfort in a beat.  I’m a mom with three kids and I can’t have achy feet.  Hehe I have enough trouble in my hands and I can’t worry about my feet:-)  That said,  in all my travels with the family (mostly theme parks),  I […]

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TheGoMom Favorite Quote #5


Life changing quote.  I encountered it on the bulletin board in my daughter’s school.  It struck me when I first read it, like love at first sight.  It lingered in my mind. I entertained it. I pondered on it. And finally, I accepted its grace. It is so true and it is so powerful. It […]

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TheGoMom Original Quote #3


Before soap and shampoo lang ok na,  now, shampoo and then may conditioner pa.  Not to mention the weekly hair power dose.  Before, one soap  for all body parts, now there is a special soap for face, special soap for down there, next time we know there will be a special soap for the feet […]

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TheGoMom Original Quote #2


Don’t you just grit your teeth when you need to use your cellphone and can’t use it because your kids are still using it? Hehe breathe in, breathe out tayo mothers! All my kids (aged 13, 10 and 3) don’t have cellphones so the only time they can use one is when I’m there.  I’m […]

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Rita of The Pumpkin Store: Sewing your Fantasies to Reality


“Everything just fell into place!”  That is what Rita has to say of her newly created costume store, The Pumpkin Store.  The Pumpkin Store is barely a year old but its creation has managed to land the front cover of Smart Parenting’s October 2014 issue! Rita and I date way back!  She is my schoolmate […]

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TheGoMom Favorite Quote #4


Exactly a year ago, I took a break from motherhood and took an amazing 6-day, 13,000 feet, 48 km trek up the beautiful mountains of Lantang, Nepal (read about my adventure here) The breather enriched me. Cheers to moments we create!    

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#HealthisHappening Challenge Days 2 and 3: Zumba and Yoga


For my Day 2 Challenge, I had one hour of highly energized and ultra-fun Zumba class October 21 #FitnessFirstPH. For my Day 3 Challenge,  I had a 30 minute run, followed by a relaxing Body Balance Class today October 22.  I always feel good in a Yoga class because I listen to my body and […]

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#HealthisHappening Challenge Day 1: Breaking the Eternally on a Diet Mode


Yung tuwing Monday na lang is Day 1 of your eternal diet!  That is the story of my life. I start the week right and end up losing it towards the end of the week.  With a height just barely 5 feet,  I’m at my heaviest in my current weight of 127 pounds on the […]

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TheGoMom Original Quote #1


I have one million and one things to do today!  Ding, ang bato!  I need to use my Darna powers.  Paghati-hatiaan natin ang mahiwagang bato, mga busy mothers!

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TheGoMom Favorite Quote #3


Why is Monday so far from Friday, and Friday so near to Monday? Huwhaaat? #Monday na???  #Weekend went so fast.  Let’s make this week fast and packed we’ll be hugging #Friday in a bit.  Have a great week everyone!  

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TheGoMom Favorite Quote #2!


Shine and radiate lovely!  Happy Monday everyone!  Bring sunshine to the rest of week with your positive vibes!    

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Sundays with Lolo and Lola


My parents were thrilled when we were served with a can of Coke with Lolo written on it!  We immediately asked the waiter to look for a Lola!  #Simple joy! Sundays are best spent with Lolo and Lola:-)  Have a great and blessed Sunday everyone!      

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Thunders and Strikes


Early dawn,  the long series of lightning and thunder woke me and my husband up.  I thought of the kids and a few seconds later they called for me.   It’s good to know we are in each other’s thought in times of fear.   To assuage their fears,  I told them the story my mom […]

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Monday Positive Vibes 1!


There may be a typhoon in #manila today but you can brighten the day with your #goodvibes! Happy #monday everyone! Embrace the week ahead!  

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