No Two Women are Alike: Understanding the Difference in Lactacyd’s 5 Variants


No two women are alike, so goes the new tagline of Lactacyd Feminine care line.  I was invited to the glamorous launch of Lactacyd last week at the Crowne Plaza and I was thrilled to see their Brand Ambassador, Anne Curtis, live! I always thought Anne Curtis is pretty but when I saw her at […]

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Satisfaction in a Task that’s Done!


I totally relate to this!  I know it is weird because it takes up more time.  I mean why write down a task after it’s done, right?  It’s simply my tiny pat in the back.  It’s alright Lilian, you can’t do everything but you did something:-) Write and Tick,  

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The Week that Was: Nutrition Week of My Pre-Schooler


It has been a busy week for my pre-schooler.  Monday was their fruit costume parade.  Grover!  Na-challenge ang aking creative skills because we needed to make costumes for them out of cartolina etc.  My first question was,  how in the world, does he wear a cartolina?  Of course the internet is not lacking in resources. […]

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Trying to Get my Groove Back


Hi guys!  I have not had my rhythm in writing lately.  Parang I always want to write and I have a whole list of experiences to share with you but someone is stealing the time, all the time! Actually it is not just in writing.  I feel I’m stuck in a rut in most things […]

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The Power of Glenda


My 2 elder kids and I woke up early July 16 to the howling winds of #Glenda.  The three of us watched the power of nature as it hurled strong winds, one after another.  We stood silent, humbled by the strength of the typhoon as it blew tree branches and whistled its power through.  There […]

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Glaiza of Moomy Musings: Military’s Wife


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a military’s wife? We fret about our husbands coming in late from their overtime while they worry if their husband is even coming back alive and well.   Through my blogging I met Glaiza, the blogger behind Moomy Musings, a mother and a military wife. […]

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Active Play Heals Tacloban Children


As a parent, nothing touches our heart more than when we witness a child’s pure, simple joy. It is both an honorable and humbling experience altogether. Last June 6,  I am grateful to feel and see this remarkable human spirit when Johnson and Johnson Philippines’s Di Lang Laro ang Laro invited me to witness the […]

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TheGoMom’s Quote Pick of the Week


Do not educate your child to be rich. Educate him to be happy. So when he grows up, he’ll know the value of things, not the price. – Anonymous

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Ferdinand Cacnio: Pursuing your Passion


We have all heard that pursuing your passion brings you the greatest joy and your biggest success.  And it’s always inspiring to hear this old adage take fold in real life. I’m very honored to meet and get to know visual artist, Ferdinand Cacnio, who pursued his passion despite the odds.  He is best known […]

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Throwback Thursday: Sweets ng ating Kabataan! (Sweets of our Childhood)


We were once children too!  Here is a photo collection of the sweet things we used to munch on, back in our days … Remember this pink gum with ridges on it?  It was hard to chew but who cares,  we wanted the comic strip inside:-) Everyone had their taste of first communion with these […]

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Close Encounter with Manny Pacquiao


  Woohooo!  Mabuhay ka, Manny!  Unanimous Decision. Score: 116-112 (x2), 118-110. Since we are on the Manny streak,  I had a close encounter with Manny a month back. I was in the UNTV studio for TheGoMom’s first TV appearance.  On my way up to the studio, I was speechless when I saw Manny Pacquiao!!! I […]

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Sosy Taxi Driver


I took the cab the other day because the non-color coding car is with my son. Driver:  Where to Ma’m? Thought Bubble:  Aba, inglesero si Manong. After putting down the phone following a conversation with a friend on my recent trip to Hongkong. Driver:  Did you go up Victoria Peak Ma’m?  I have been to […]

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TheGoMom’s First TV Appearance


I’m happy to share with you that TheGoMom had its first ever TV appearance this morning at the Rise and Shine morning show at UNTV with Louella de Cordova and Jenny Fajardo.  They interviewed me on the pros and cons of tutoring your own kids at home.  I also shared some tips on making tutoring […]

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K-Pub Side A/Freestyle Concert: Worth it!


Hi!  How was your weekend?  Mine was fun!  I had couples night dinner last Saturday at Urbn with my husband and his friends and their wives.  We had fun catching up with each other and a little side chisms on the man with an H in his name Vhong Navarro who brought “foods” to Deniece. […]

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