How to make your Husband get you Flowers


It has been 15 years since I last received flowers from my husband so I was overjoyed when he gave me flowers last Mother’s Day. Yep, after all these years! I finally got one. Actually, there was a time when he would give me flowers on special occasions, from courtship all the way to our […]

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Married Couples and Valentine’s Day: Should we even celebrate it?


Back in my single days, Valentine’s would have my stomach in knots in anticipation of what my then-boyfriend-now-husband has prepared for the day. Which restaurant would he take me to? Do I get tulips or roses? Now, married with 3 kids, Valentine’s is just another regular day save for the man on the street selling […]

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Mommy Friendships


I stumbled upon this quote and thought OMG this is what my mommy friendships are all about.  Sharing those, “what you too?” moments that makes us reach for the oxygen when our kids are not in their sunny best and those “awww” moments that makes up for it. Over the years since I have become […]

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Post-Valentine’s Date, anyone?


As part of my bring back romance drama,  I organized a post-Valentine date this Saturday with my husband and his barkada and their wives at Urbn and K-Pub, both at the same area at the Fort.  I thought I would share with you guys that the Side A and Freestyle Concert in K-Pub at the […]

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Reality of Romance in Marriage


Deadline here.  Tutoring kids there.  Work stress now.  Dealing with kids later.  The whole day does get crowded with a loooong list of things to do, who has time for romance? I don’t.  My husband doesn’t.  And I think 95% of people who are married couldn’t agree with me more. As much as I would […]

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