Cut the To-Do List and Reduce Mommy Stress


As I mentioned in my Hello post last week,  I am changing course mid-year, downscaling grand goals for little pockets of peace in my everyday life. I realize that at this point, nothing brings me more joy than finding peace, in one’s home, in one’s relationships, in one’s life and in one’s self. Which brings […]

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Happy International Women’s Day 2016!


A salute to the strong women out there who may be hovering in different worlds from parenting to wife, from worker to great friend and yet maintain a world of her own! Let us celebrate our womanhood! We deserve it mothers! Happy International Women’s Day!

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Finding Balance: Can we Moms Achieve it?


Hi guys!  I feel so bad I haven’t written anything for quite awhile.  It’s been super duper busy and crazy for me for quite sometime. Did I tell you I’m working already?  After 12 years of being a full time mom with just some minor rackets on the side,  I am now back to work.  […]

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Monday Positive Vibes 1!


There may be a typhoon in #manila today but you can brighten the day with your #goodvibes! Happy #monday everyone! Embrace the week ahead!  

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Satisfaction in a Task that’s Done!


I totally relate to this!  I know it is weird because it takes up more time.  I mean why write down a task after it’s done, right?  It’s simply my tiny pat in the back.  It’s alright Lilian, you can’t do everything but you did something:-) Write and Tick,  

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Trying to Get my Groove Back


Hi guys!  I have not had my rhythm in writing lately.  Parang I always want to write and I have a whole list of experiences to share with you but someone is stealing the time, all the time! Actually it is not just in writing.  I feel I’m stuck in a rut in most things […]

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Mommy Resolution: #1 Disconnect to Connect


January, a clean slate, a fresh beginning.   It’s going to be a great year for me and for everyone.  Everybody now – IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR! And while we are still at the fresh and hopeful January,  I invite you to check out the Mommy Resolution list of Green Cross’ Mommy Pros. […]

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Happy New Year 2014!


Happy New Year everyone! How has your holidays been?  Mine was super-duper-busy and fun.  Like everyone,  I embrace and welcome 2014 with love and hope. It was year 2013 when I have, after a long time, resumed making a New Year’s resolution (more on why I resumed – here). To welcome 2014,  I got up […]

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Stay Safe, Me


I have just undergone a 2-D echo and a stress test.  No,  I’m not going to go through an angioplasty. God help me, no. I’m just going on a 10 day trek in Nepal and I want to make sure I’m as fit as racer on a Tour de France. Back in my single days,  […]

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10 Energy Suckers


If there is an energy shortage club,  I think I would be the first to enlist.  With the endless list of things to do, there is no room for sluggishness or fatigue. There are kids to take care of. A household to run.  A blog to update.  A business to manage.  And a jabba-the-hut body […]

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Para Kanino ka Bumabangon?


Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned above 30, again:-)  And as I was closing the day I thanked the Lord for the past years He showered me with happiness and abundant blessings. He has been very, very generous to me and my family. Ironic,  that as I was about to sleep the thought “Para Kanino […]

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Energize Me: 5 Ways to Energize your Day


I am not sure if it is the age, lack of sleep, or the endless pile of things to do that keeps me constantly tired these days.   And I am not used to this.  I am TheGoMom, hehe,  I should always be on the go!  But no!  I have tons of things to do.  I […]

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