Psychpros Manila Review


I don’t want to write bad reviews but I feel this can help save and correct lives. A friend of mine has a child battling an eating disorder. When she asked around, a friend of hers said she got pretty good results with Psychpros in Greenhills. Eager to address the eating disorder before it gets […]

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Probiotic: Buzzword in my Mommy Circles


Probiotic is the buzzword nowadays in mommy circles when it comes to tummy care for our little ones.  I have mommy groups and when we compare notes, some are into it already, some are getting into it and others are reading up already about it. When my teen son went on a 6 week trip […]

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Different Parenting Styles, One Goal


We hear everyone dropping the word every time. Progressive school, progressive style, progressive parenting. I tried checking the internet and everyone has their own take on what it is. In a nutshell, among the articles I have read, it is parenting through modelling instead of exacting discipline measures on children. I would not exactly say […]

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Safeguard Moisture Shield: Keeping the Colds Away


The Exploreum in Mall of Asia was in a flurry of activity a few weeks back as Safeguard launched the Safeguard Body Wash. Celebrities, from Aubrey Miles to social media icons like Christine Dychiao were there with their kiddos. Unfortunately, my 5 year old couldn’t make it that day because he was nursing a cold. […]

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Should we Send our Kids to School if they Have Colds?


Everyone I meet nowadays has a cold, just got out of a cold or is about to have one. The colds and cough virus is so bad, the school of one of my kids even released a reminder to keep kids at home when they are sick. My rule of thumb for my kids’ absence […]

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Smiling your Way to Good Oral Health Care with The Right Tool


When I was a child I wasn’t too keen on brushing teeth (aren’t all kids) as a consequence plaque slowly built up and by the time I hit my late teens I lost 2 of my side teeth (one on the left and one on the right). It wasn’t a nice childhood memory plus not […]

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5 Tips to Make Toothbrush Time More Fun for Kids and Less Stressful for Moms


My kids are not fans of tooth brushing.  My 3 year old, always asks me “Do I have to now? I just brushed my teeth last night?”  Everyday I answer their question patiently complete with actions of “Eww, do you want that?”  On my running low on patience day,  I just simply grunt and say […]

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Celebrating the Amoy Araw of Yesterday and Today!


Stated as one of a child’s rights is the right to play. And so we let them.  But the dynamics of play in this wired world of ours gives us parents the responsibility to have a more active role in creating an environment for play.  Dati, kapag sinabing summer, ahhh,  patintero na yan, agawan base, […]

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Desitin Diaper Rash Cream: Happy to Find Desitin Back in Manila


Once in a while we all have Happy Finds.  It may be products, food, restaurants, books that we have just discovered or re-discovered.  This section of TheGoMom is dedicated to those Happy Finds I have.  This post is not sponsored. I was truly, truly happy when I found that S&R now carries Desitin!   My first […]

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