Activity Packed SM Kids’ City 2018


SM Megamall was packed with kids and parents last September 8, 2018 as the final leg of the annual SM Kids’ City came to a finale. The hall was filled with booths sampling and selling mostly food items that kids love and parents would appreciate because they are all easy to prepare. Perfect for baon!

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SM Supermarket Kids’ City: Party na! Shopping pa!


  Party na! Shopping pa! Last September 16, 2017 was the final leg of Kids’ City Kiddie Party by SM Supermarket and Save More Market. And syempre kapag sinabi party you expect lots of entertainment, lots of food and tons of fun! And, it was a full day of fun for everyone who dropped by […]

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Let your ”Little Stars” Shine Now!


What do these kids have in common? All of them are now making their own names whether on print, TV, or other performing arts. They all also have supportive parents who believe in their talent and decided to bring them into auditioning for SM Little Stars few years back. The good news is: auditions for […]

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Are your Kids Ready for Mars? (Talk Points with Kids on this Epic Mission)


The start of the interviews for applicants, for the one-way journey to Mars, has my 13 year old daughter all excited.  “Imagine!  A life in space.  What can be more awesome than that? ” The thought of humans establishing a permanent colony in Mars is just as my daughter said, mind-blowing! Since I was a […]

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5 Things to Consider in making a DIY Costume for your Child


Today is Word-Robe day in my son’s school. Kids come in DIY costumes of their assigned word. My son’s assigned word is easy, starfish.  Others were assigned to be a bison or a mollusk so a starfish is a no brainer, or so I thought. I just used a good quality cartolina to make his […]

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Monde Summer Mamon-it-Yourself: Delightful Activity to do with the Kids


I always thought that decorating cupcakes is a wonderful activity for kids.  It rolls two interests in one – baking and arts.  It was a delight to know that Monde came up with Mamon-it-Yourself mamons.  It’s a brilliant idea to let the kids saunter into the world of baking less the intimidation of a full […]

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TrainStation Hypermart, Pasig: Where Kids Train while you Shop


I am pleased when I am able to do 2 things at a time.  And for people in the neighborhood of Tiendesitas, Pasig they can do exactly just that.  They can do their groceries in the humongous SM Hypermart while their little ones are doing their extra-curricular activities at Trainstation. Trainstation Studio is a training […]

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Iron Kid


Today was a short but exhilerating run for my boy.  He ran a 1 km sprint in the Alaska Iron Kid race.  He did his personal best, PR in running lingo,  and I’m one proud mama:)

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