Ignite the Fire in You: Empowerment Coaching Summer Camp


Last March I have written and taken great interest in the IGNITE THE FIRE IN YOU Summer Camp 2015 by World Stage Superstar.  As I mentioned in my post, I believe that all of our kids have that fire in them.  They have that innate talent to shine and become the best that they can […]

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Change from Within: Youth Empowerment Camp for Kids


There is a buzz among parents about “Ignite the Fire.”  It is a Youth Empowerment Program that is geared towards igniting the fire in our kids. I believe that all of our kids have that fire in them.  They have that innate talent to shine and become the best that they can be.  However,  sometimes […]

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Mathemagis: Math made Easy + Giveaway Results!!!


Yipee!  The winners for the MatheMagis giveaway has been randomly picked by Rafflecopter (Rafflecopter, you make life so easy!).  Winners have been notified thru email.  Please see widget below to see the winning names.  Last names withheld for privacy.  Congratulations!  Thanks everyone for joining the giveaway!  Till the next one! Exam week na!  How are […]

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Magis in Math: Workshop for Educators/Parents in Singapore Math


One of the doors that has opened up for me when I started blogging is getting to know wonderful people.  I have met fellow mother bloggers.  I have conversed with Overseas Filipino workers parenting outside the comforts of their home country.  And I met educators, passionate in teaching our youth and empowering them through learning. […]

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Learning Library Winners!


Congratulations to the moms and their kids!  You are embarking on a truly wonderful adventure.  The adventure of reading with Learning Library!  As an avid reader,  books have taken me to places farther than I could ever be.  I have met amazing people bigger than life.  Experienced tremendous joy and sorrow in the darkest recesses […]

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Growing Life Long Readers: Learning Library Giveaway!


Not all kids are born with the love for reading.  Though I nurtured my kids in the world of reading and I boast of a well stocked library of wonderful kids books,  one of my kids sadly doesn’t have the aching desire to read.   Preferring to play than read, reading to him is a chore […]

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Giveaway Alert for March 24, 2014: One Month Free Summer Activity for your Kids


The mega-master list of Summer Activities for Kids in Manila 2014 compiled by TheGoMom is already posted.  In case you missed it,  you can click the following links —  Academic Summer Activities List for 2014,    Sports Summer Activities for Kids in Manila for 2014 ,   Music Summer Activities for Kids in Manila 2014    Dance […]

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