Halloween Pinoy Style


  I just got the 2010 Halloween catalog from Toy Kingdom.  My kids and I pored over every page excited to find the perfect, not too expensive costume.  The other pages are a bit too scary and gory I had to staple them so the kids won’t get nightmares. I thought of re-posting this blog […]

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Unscheduled Play Dates


My son begged me to play ball with him.   At my current java-the-hut frame that is unlikely to happen. And I begin to miss the days when we lived in a townhouse when the playmate is just   a shout away. Now that we live in a village, most play dates are scheduled first with […]

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My Foiled 3-in-1


My plan for a 3 in 1 operation when I give birth is foiled. Even before I conceived the 3.5 month old baby in my tummy I knew I would have a caesarian, should have a ligation and desperately wanted a tummy tuck. The husbandry even chided me that I was even more excited with […]

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Getting Comfortable with 8


My son brought home his quiz results quite satisfied with an 8/10.  I try to be happy about it but I’m not.  He sadly asked what’s wrong and I once again explained to a 9 year old the mechanics  to get an honor. See, to get an honor your quarterly grade per subject should be […]

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Coping with Pregnancy Blues: Hope in the Finite


I am 2.5 months pregnant at the tender young age of – I dare not reveal. Let’s just say not 40 but definitely over 30. And whew I’m having quite a difficult one. The gas, nauseas, vomiting and lethargy lasts through out the day. My back and butt are aching. And I don’t even sleep […]

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Plastic Cover Grades at National Bookstore


Did you know that the plastic cover rolled up in National Bookstore comes in different grades? I didn’t know that until 2 months after school opened and I have to change the plastic cover of my daughter’s notebook (she is the perfect quality test for any school supply). Apparently, you can request for a thicker […]

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Getting the Most of the PTC


Since I have made a career out of motherhood, PTC is one thing I have never missed (well, once). On my first few PTC’s I barely knew what to say – the objective was to let the teacher know that I’m the mother of my boy/girl and that I care. I think the teachers make […]

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Pag-asa Weather


“Sabi ng Pag-asa walang pasok kasi maaraw na eh.” That was the running joke when I was still in grade school and sad to say that is still the joke now that I have kids in grade school. Yesterday’s typhoon “Basyang” came in close to midnight of July 13 and only passed Metro Manila for […]

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Digi Pic Overload


Men oh men! I have accumulated thousands and thousands of pictures and for the past days I have been going through the task of sorting them out. And my, it is a full time job! I sort them according to occasion, child, child with dad, child with mom, child with family, family, in Manila trips, […]

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Mother and Son Day!


Mother and Son Day! My boy and I spent a whole Saturday morning in different sports activities organized by the school. I’m amazed how he has grown to be an assertive, confident boy. He has taken the lead in most of the activities and is not disappointed when he has to repeat a task. And […]

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Iron Kid


Today was a short but exhilerating run for my boy.  He ran a 1 km sprint in the Alaska Iron Kid race.  He did his personal best, PR in running lingo,  and I’m one proud mama:)

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all she needs is love


My daughter has been very difficult lately. And difficult is an understatement. She whines excessively and will not take no for an answer. Her wails can reach the depths of the earth and my patience. And she even blurted out the dreaded word — I hate you mommy! Now that’s it! I won’t take that […]

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Appreciating Singapore Math


Singapore Math.  To add 15 plus 8, first dissect 15 into 10 and 5 and then add the 8 to 5 and add the 10 back.  To multiply 5×8, first multiply 5 to 10 then minus 2 5’s. Complicated?   Not really.  It took awhile for me to appreciate Singapore math.  Simple addition and subtraction are […]

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Hit the Sack by 10


What is it with schedules that it is so very hard to keep them? Everyday I vow that I will sleep at 10pm so that I can wake up at 6am and so go to the gym early and can go about with the rest of the day. But no, no. After putting my boy […]

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