Colds Prevention: Should I go for Ascorbic Acid or Sodium Ascorbate?

_FernC---Bad-ColdIf there is anything more valuable to any mom right now, I think it is TIME. We need time to accomplish things in our workplace. We need time to keep our house orderly and the meals yummy. We need time to spend with our kids because sniff, sniff, they grow up too fast. We need time to nurture relationships with other family members, friends and our husbands. And we need time for ourselves.

So when we are down with a cold and can't function well, it's like we are on a stop mode but everything around is moving fast. Even my kids, with the fast paced lessons of today, skipping a day or two in school affect their learning schedule and would need to play catch-up the rest of the week.

Colds is a great downer for my family. [Read more...]

#SmilePilipinas with Oral B


Did that make you smile? I love smiling. Sometimes, when I'm not in my sunny best, I try to fake my way to happy by smiling. A huge wide smile that sets crinkles up my eyes then catapults back to my heart and mind.   It's my instant upper!

Smiling is actually a trait inherent to us Filipinos. No wonder we were dubbed as the "Smiling Nation." We smile and laugh our hearts out like silly. And we smile despite difficulties. It is truly endearing how we show our resilience with the way we smile.

Smiling while covering mouth

Notice however that after a few minutes though from the initial call to smile, we also begin to get conscious and try to hide our smile by covering our mouth. You see it happening when reporters interview the regular Juan and Juana, flash a beaming wide smile, followed by a cover of the mouth.   Make a Manang in the market smile with a joke, flash smile, followed again by a hand covering the mouth.

It turns out, we Filipinos have underlying oral health issues. [Read more...]

Facebook Envy: Parenting in the Social Media Age

Don't let posts define your joyAs a mother in the digital age, parenting is much easier. Hundreds of websites are dedicated to helping parent children, with easy solutions on how to get kids to brush their teeth to help on how to deal with stubbornness. However, it has also reared the green-eyed monster in me and I guess in some parents as well.  It is sad but I do admit I feel a pang, ok a wave, of envy when I see Facebook posts of friend's whose life is filled with those to die for travel photos while I'm stuck at home. Or when I see posts of kids who excel in academics or sports while I struggle [Read more...]

Questions Kids Ask: Why do people make the sign of the cross when passing by a church?

Mary the Queen Parish Church Greenhills San JuanA church is sandwiched between the schools of my 2 kids.  Every single day that we pass through it we make the sign of the cross.  Every time we notice a church, we do the sign of the cross.

While going through the motion, my daughter asked, " Why do people make the sign of the cross when passing by a church?"  I was weighing whether to go the theological way and launch an explanation of the significance of the sign of the Cross in relation to the Blessed Sacrament present in the church or do it the simpler route.  I took the simpler route.

So I explained it to her in the simplest manner I could.

Imagine you see your friend on the road.  Would you just pass her by and not manage to say a quick nod or hello?  Jesus is the Church.  When you see a church you see Jesus.  Would you just pass by without saying a quick hello?  You say hello by doing the sign of the cross.

Of course as she grows older,  I would have to explain to her the deeper and wonderful meaning of the sign of the cross.  According to Bert Ghezzi, author of the book "Sign of the Cross: Recovering the Power of the Ancient Prayer," it means six things: a confession of faith; a renewal of baptism; a mark of discipleship; an acceptance of suffering; a defense against the devil; and a victory over self-indulgence.

For now,  the simple explanation will do.  Like all friendships,  friendship with God,  begins with those small gestures of hello.

This is a re-post.  First written and published by thegomom Jan 20, 2014.

With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting,

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Facts that will Alter the Way you Brush Teeth

kid brushing teeth

I know, I know. Of course, you know how to brush your teeth. I thought I knew it too. I brush. I floss. And, I use mouthwash. Pretty normal, right? Colgate, the world's most trusted brand in toothpaste, gave us mommy bloggers a “Colgate Healthy Smiles for Healthy Lives” quiz-off and checked how well we know how to properly brush our teeth and our little one's teeth, OMG! I was shocked to find out that after years and years, I am doing it the wrong way!

First off, what is your sequence in brushing teeth? Mine is rinse, floss, rinse, brush, rinse, mouthwash.   Engk. Wrong.

Correct Sequence in Brushing Teeth: [Read more...]

#WikakoMahalko: Importansya ng Wikang Filipino sa Paghubog ng ating Kabataan

Andres Bonifacio Quote

My kids are Filipino yet they can barely speak and understand Filipino.   They cannot follow a conversation if it is in pure Filipino, can barely speak Filipino and Filipino is their hardest subject in school.   Admittedly, they are products of parents who regard Filipino as a secondary language as opposed to the more universal English language.  (See my blog post on Teaching Filipino to our English Speaking Filipino Kids)

On hindsight though, I realized how speaking your native tongue helps in building your character as a Filipino. If you speak Filipino, your jokes would bear the Filipino wit. If you speak Filipino, your demeanor would be humble and self-effacing ending with "po and opo" at the end of sentences. If you speak Filipino, you would speak to elders in a different, more respectful tone. If you speak Filipino, nanay, tatay, kuya, ate and the rest of the family will remain important till eternity.

I also realized how closely intertwined affinity and love for one's own country is rooted on its language.   What is the most basic and primary gift a country can offer its people? Language. When the baby opens its eyes and hears a mother's singsong voice, "anak si nanay ito." You are establishing who he is in this world, a Filipino.

If you speak Filipino, your sense of pride for the Philippines is greater because you are one nation, speaking one language. If you speak Filipino, your heart goes out to the country and its people when it is hurt, ridiculed or threatened. If you speak Filipino, you will have that heart of service to make the country grow proud and strong.

I have made mistakes in the past and it is painstakingly hard to correct it. My children are more American than Filipino. Not that I hate America, I like America. But it would be good to anchor their identity on truly what they are, a Filipino.

Sa araw ng mga Bayani ating isulong sa ating mga anak ang pagmamahal sa ating sariling bansa at ito ay nagsisimula sa pagtangkilik ng ating sariling wika. Wika ko, mahal ko.

Mabuhay ang bansang Filipino!

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Review: Ignite the Fire Neuro Linguistic Programming Camp for Kids

World Stage International

My daughter spent the entire week in camp a few months back in Tanay, Rizal and though it has been months after she is still gushing with stories of how those days were the most fun days of her entire 11 years on Earth.

Actually, I was apprehensive at first to let her join camp, with the primary reason of the seeming gargantuan goals set up for the camp. The camp is an empowerment coaching program using  Neuro-Linguistic techniques. It aims to fire up mindset, language and behavior of individuals immersed in it.  My husband argues that you can't change an individual in 5 days, and he is right.  But I was willing to give it a try because I want to help our daughter reach her maximum potential.  As I mentioned in my previous post, "Change from Within," I believe all our kids have that innate talent in them and all it takes is an initial spark to fan it.  So eyes closed,  I wrote a check for the 5-day camp.

Our initial goal for our daughter is something school related.  Well,  she didn't really achieve that but what she took out from the camp was so much more than that.  [Read more...]

Made in Candy: Customized Candies (Plus: Giveaway)

When I told my kids "Made in Candy" invited TheGoMom to their candy lab to make their own candy, they were giddy with excitement. Who wouldn't? Put together Candy and lab and any kid will drool with excitement!

made in candy philippines

I didn't realize how much attention to detail goes to each wonderfully designed candy. It was so interesting to see and experience making one especially with the kids around. Double the fun syempre when you see them all smiles.


Made in Candy, a franchise from Singapore, is Asia's first independent candy kitchen. Here in the Philippines, Made in Candy can be found in Rockwell Powerplant, SM Megamall, Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 4 and SM Mall of Asia.

Each candy variety is designed and handcrafted by Candy craftsmen, who delight customers flocking around the store watching them make the candies to the beat of modern, hip music. When you think about it, they are artists because it takes a lot of imagination and skill to mold a candy into a design you like.

Over the years, MADE IN CANDY has customized simple to elaborate candies that delights kids and kids at heart not only with the designs but with the yummy taste as well. My kids and I had fun trying out the different designs and guessing what flavor it is - kiwi, raspberry, lychee, orange etc.  They have 38 flavors and they currently have 40 standard designs and customized designs according to the holiday.  Trick or treat themed candies? Father's day inspired candies?  Christmas candies?

MADE IN CANDY can customize your own candy too!  Just remember to place your orders 2 weeks in advance.  These candies would surely delight birthday and wedding guests:-)You may get in touch with them through the MADE IN CANDY FB page.

made in candy philippines
As for our fun, fun candy making experience ...

made in candy philippines
First they boil the candy mixture and once it has reached the right temperature they pour it on their specially heated table for color mixing. Once color has been mixed, you mold the candies much like how you would in clay. After which you lay it on the heated table to ensure it doesn't dry up and harden.

MADE IN CANDY philippinesSince we were beginners, we made an easy rainbow designed candy. We layered our different colored candy which were still on the moldable form to make a rainbow. Once our rainbow is formed, we enveloped it in white candy and finished it off by enveloping it once again on the colorful striped candy which will ultimately form the outer layer of the candy.

MADE IN CANDY PHILIPPINESOur cool and friendly candy men, Aaron and Jim, then stretched our rainbow candy to the right thickness and cooled it on a separate, non-heated table where the candy will eventually harden and will soon be ready for chopping into those sweet, delicious candies we find in every MADE IN CANDY jar.  Tadah!  Our very own MADE IN CANDY!

Thanks MADE IN CANDY for our awesome candy making experience! My kids and I enjoyed every minute!


MADE IN CANDY and THEGOMOM are giving away 10 medium bottles of Jar of Everything (different flavors and designs) yumminess to 10 TheGoMom readers who will (1) follow TheGoMom (@thegomom) on Instagram (2) grab and post this photo on Instagram with the caption #madeincandyph Rocks! #thegomom.

Made in Candy GiveawayFirst 5 and last 5 followers to post the pic with caption will win a bottle! No double entries please.  Promo is from today till July 31, 2015.  I'll PM winners on July 31.    Prizes can be claimed from any of the 5 MADE IN CANDY stores from August 1-16, 2016.

Surprise your kids with the yumminess and cuteness of MADE IN CANDY.

P.S.   July 20 (Monday)  is MADE IN CANDY Lollipop Day Treat! Buy 1 Jolly Lolly (candy retail lollipop) and get 1 Jolly Lolly for free!  Promo is valid in all MADE IN CANDY branches.  Maximum of P1,400 worth of purchase per customer. 

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Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-asa with Maxi-Peel

It is wonderful how a lot of things are anchored on the people we love.

Journeys are best taken with them.  And surprises are more meaningful when given by them.

As a mom, we go through the entire journey of our kids - from diaper changes to pimple outbreaks.  And we know at the palm of our hands the joys and heartaches of our kids.  When Janet surprised Nicolle with her testimonial where she explained how sad she felt when Nicolle lost her confidence ,  Nicolle can't help but be emotional because she didn't realize how affected her mom was in those years.

I think it's great that Maxi-Peeluses testimonials of everyday people to show how Maxi-Peelchanged the lives of "real people" and their loved ones.   It shows "real people" issues and concerns.  Issues we as parents and they as children face in everyday life.

As we face those issues, it is good to know that Maxi-Peelis there to address it.  Maxi-Peelmakes use of exfoliation to help prevent breakouts.  Exfoliation remains to be an unparalleled technology in removing dead skin cells and delivering blemish-free, smoother skin!

Maxi-Peel possesses an even more POTENT formulation to rid nuances in the skin, such as acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and dark skin.

Parents can be rest assured that Maxi-Peel (for women 18 and above) is safe as it is specially formulated by experts and is adherent to FDA.  In order to use Maxi-Peel safely and to ensure best results, a regimen must be religiously followed along with the instructions written on the box, re application, length of use etc..  Like most exfoliating treatments, Maxi-Peel advises all users to apply sunblock after exfoliation.

Once Nicolle was able to control her pimples, she got her cheery disposition back.  I can empathize with the joy Janet felt when she saw her jolly, old Nicolle back.

With the help of Maxi-Peel, the fears and insecurities of our kids will hopefully be put to rest and they can rest in the knowledge that they are indeed beautiful, inside and out.

To see more testimonials and production information on Maxi-Peel, visit their Facebook page here.

Disclosure:  Thanks to Maxi-Peel for sponsoring this post. Although this post is sponsored, opinions expressed on the testimonial video remains to be my own.

Disclaimer:  I have not used Maxi-Peel for myself because I'm thankfully past my breakout stage.    I have heard of good reviews though and won't hesitate to use it when needed.  But as with any facial treatments, caution and strict adherence to proper use is necessary for safety and best results.

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Our First Week of Back to School 2015

What is a home without children? Quiet

Hello!  Yipee!  It's finally back to school.  I'm not sure if I'm the only one but save for the morning battle I welcome the structure school day brings to our house.  We have dinner early, the kids sleep early, they wake up early and best of all they are out of the house the whole day;-)

As a work-at-home-mom, I find it very stressful to work and have the kids in the house at the same time.  My mind is always in a constant state of guilt.  If I'm busy working, I wince and my heart is pierced when I know that they are all wasting away with their gadgets.  If I'm busy taking care of them, I worry that my to-do is piling up by the second.  I haven't even written anything on the blog for practically the whole summer save for a few posts.

And now,  the glorious hours of quiet presents itself like a clear, green meadow before me.  I can actually hear the birds chirping!

Kidding aside,  I'm sure I will miss the kids when the days go by but for now I'm relishing the quiet.

I feel it's going to be a good year for the kids.

My 4 year old son transfers to a new school and shifts to Montessori style of learning.  I love the materials and environment of his school!   Lots of open space and greens and everything retrofit for the kids' size.  The materials are carefully selected to ensure maximized learning.  They operate on the premise that "Children teach themselves" and they have built on that with wonderful materials present for the kids to explore and discover.  Lastly, they have the magic touch to let 2-4 year olds, all 25 of them remain quiet and calm with their individual activities. It is amazing to see kids in those ages, so peaceful, I never thought it to be possible.

My 11 year old daughter is now on her first year as a junior high school student (grade 7).  Sporting a new uniform and a sprightly attitude thanks to her 5 day out of town NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Program) Summer Camp at WorldStage.  She has committed to try tackling her Mandarin subject on her own this year without the help of a tutor.  And has even expressed interest in joining a club that focuses in helping the less fortunate.

As for my 13 year old son who is in grade 9,  it is his first year to use an Ipad in school.  And my goodness,  he is on it his every waking moment,  it is scary.  But that would be another topic.  Save for the gadget attachment,  he is happy to share that he has very good teachers.  His school always does, that is why I love his school.  And since my boy loves to eat,  he excitedly narrates all the new food concessionaires in his school - specialty burgers to Pepper Lunch taste-a-like.  I think schools have to also make an extra effort, like my son's school does, in providing good food choices to kids.  Mundane as it may sound,  good food in the school canteen does add to the overall positive environment of the school.  Take it from Google, right?

As for me,  I was able to accomplish a month's task in a week on the kid's first week back-to-school.  I hope to be with you guys more, sharing thoughts and information we parents need and value.

Cheers to a Good School Year 2015-2016!

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Painting a Positive Philippines to our Kids

I have stopped watching and reading the news for quite sometime.  What is there to see?  As a joke goes,

And it is true, isn't it?  Corruption, crime, complaints and a host of other negative zingers enough to keep you deflated for a decade.  So I shielded myself and my kids from it.  We live in our little bubble and it was alright.

Last week,  I had the honor of being invited to an intimate blogger's meet-up with Senator Bam Aquino.  And it somehow stirred the dormant Pinoy pride in me.


In his talk, Senator Bam shared the current status of the Philippines in terms of economic growth. It is surprising to know that our country is Asia's second-fastest growing economy next only to China.  World Bank 2014 statistics classified us as an emerging market and the 39th (out of 193) largest economy in the world.  Goldman Sachs estimates that by the year 2050, the Philippines will be the 14th largest economy in the world.  While HSBC, has a more conservative prediction placing us 16th*, in the world yan!

Ok those statistics, made my hair stand a bit and mutter "Wow! We could be there?!?"

Senator Bam notes that despite all these statistics,  Filipinos sometimes remain negative in our outlook of our country.  True enough when I shared the news with my little Filipinos back home,  they didn't embrace the news with enthusiasm but with a half hearted "that's great." Prodded why they don't show much enthusiasm for the country they should proud of,  they said, "Well, as you said mom the Philippines is so corrupt..."

I realized I painted an ugly Philippines to them with my long list of complaints.  Every time I vent out anger on the "s---d" driver, whine about the unbearable heat,  grumble about public and even private service,  criticize character traits,  tell them a story of corrupt politicians and do side comments like "Philippine government, we find ways to make harder."  That paints a pretty ugly picture of the Philippines, doesn't it?

Quote about raising positive kids

Imagine the power we wield in the lives of our kids?  We help define what the world is, what our country is.  If we say it is an ugly one, then ugly it is.  If we say it is beautiful,  then beautiful it is.  I know we should show them the real picture but it's similar to looking at the half filled glass and saying it is half full or half empty.

Philippines, half full.

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*Above figures stated by Senator Bam Aquino.  Figures can also be seen at

8 Things Kids can Learn from the Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight

Initially when I thought about what insight I can give my kids about the recently concluded fight,  I was tempted to say that hugging is always better than fighting because huggers win in the end.  Or maybe when they are in a fight and outweighed, the best game plan is to run.  But really there is much for the kids and everyone for that matter to learn from the Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight of the Century. Note:  I am not a boxing analyst,  this is purely from a layman's, Proud to be Pinoy, Pacquiao fan point of view;-)

1. Fight with all your heart so even when you lose you still win.

Manny fought with all his heart and you can see the passion and determination in his moves as he ran after the much taller and longer in reach, Mayweather. Mayweather may have won* but you can see that everyone even Mayweather's fellow Americans expressed confusion and disbelief in the decision.  When I ran through the net, the general sentiment is how can someone who is always on the run win?  Manny Pacquiao fought with his heart and even when he lost, everyone thinks he is still the winner.

*In my layman's mind, I still don't understand the Unanimous decision.  I may have to visit my optha because I didn't see Mayweather delivering those blows.

2.   Winning is not everything.

Similar in context to #1, Mayweather may have won but he is not loved.  Did you notice the look in his face when he was announced the winner and people started booing?  There was no euphoria when the winner was announced, not even from his camp.  And dare, I say, even from him.  The joy wasn't there.  The universal mood was only sullen disbelief. That is truly one sad, meaningless, win.

As one commenter, Ian Harrison, succinctly said up "Just because you avoid losing doesn't mean you win."

Mayweather did win.  But winning is not everything.

3.   Fight for a great cause.

I'm not sure what Floyd "Money" Mayweather was fighting for but I was sure Manny had a great cause.  He is fighting for the glory of God and for the glory of his, as the announcer called us, "impoverished nation."  He knew the hope and the joy he gives to the Filipino people and he bore great responsibility in delivering that.  When you are fighting for a great cause the passion for the cause will move you to give a relentless fight.

4. Find people who will root for you.

Everybody needs a lift and if you want to succeed in life you need people who believes in you and supports you.  Manny had that. He had the support of the entire Filipino nation.  And if I read the internet stats right,  he had the support of the majority of the world as well.

5.  Be humble.

Manny is dearly loved because he remains to be humble. My hats off to Manny, when he humbly answered the rude and utterly disrespectful questioning of Max Kellerman*   I wanted to punch the s---- HBO Interviewer! Normally an interviewer would comment a fighter for putting up a good fight, he instead put lots and lots of salt on the wound when he drilled Pacman.  "You thought you won the fight? Why?"  and you should hear him say it.  Grrrr!

(See interview and general comments on Max Kellerman here).

Out of the boxing ring,  Manny has time and time again showed his humility with the way he handles himself - in his interviews, the way he mingles with the crowd.  When you see Manny, he is the neighbor who always seems to be willing to lend a hand and flash a smile.

6.   Be a good sport.

"I did my best, but my best wasn't good enough." He uttered and flashed his what-is-not-to-love-about-Manny smile in the post-fight interview.  Pacquiao was gracious in defeat.

7.  Believe in yourself.

Manny believed he had the skill and the passion to win and he fought valiantly despite the height and reach disadvantage.  Manny didn't lose his belief in himself and fought a good fight, running after Mayweather all over the ring.  He believed in himself and he worked hard to make himself better in all those training sessions.

8.  Be strong in faith. 

Last, and the most important of all, have faith in the Higher Power.  Manny has been very vocal about his Christian faith since his conversion.  Faith and hard work goes hand in hand.  You cannot just have faith and not work hard.  Alternately, you cannot just work hard and not have faith.  Both work together.

The Pacquiao-Mayweather fight will be written in history books and Wikipedia and the entries will be in numbers.  May we take more from it than that.

Salamat Manny. 

#Proudtobe Pinoy

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Mommy Event Alert: Project Mom Finds and Giveaway

Project Mom 2015

Project Mom, the baby of 2 fabulous Mommas, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde and Amanda Griffin-Jacob, cooked up several events for us moms starting tomorrow! April 17 with a mega event culminating on May 10, our day, Mother's Day!

The event will come in 2 legs:

Project Mom Favorite Finds Fair at Glorietta 1 and 4   

April 17-19 I   April 24-26  I  May 1-3  I  May 8-10
The fair will feature and sell personal handpicks of Amanda and Bianca for moms and their little ones.  For those who can't make it on weekends,  the booths will be on display from April 17-May 10 but selling will be for the above mentioned weekends only.

Project Mom Mother's Day Celebration at the Glorietta 5 Activity Center

May 10

The Fair and Exhibit will culminate with 100 lucky moms being part of Project Mom Mother’s Day Event. Inspired by Oprah’s My Favorite Things, these moms will have the opportunity to take home some of Amanda and Bianca’s favorite product picks.

Last April 11, mommy bloggers got a sneak peak of their great finds, met up with the beautifully tanned, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, and found out about the exciting giveaway Project Mom has in store for May 10.

live the linen dreamLovely pillow cases by @livethelinendream of The Olive Tree would brighten any room!

little luli children's clothes

Adorable clothes from  @LittleLuli.

Melissa Pedro Lourenco

Check out what Project Mom gave me!!!!:-)   Loooove my 2-toned Melissa Pedro Lourenco heels.   It has a stylish single strap across the toes, a glossier statement strap above the ankle and a flocked, cupped high heel!

Project Mom 2015

Thanks Project Mom and Game Changer for inviting TheGoMom to the event.  My son and I had a wonderful afternoon.

Do drop by anytime at Project Mom between April 17-May 10,  Amanda and Bianca's taste are superb!  You will surely have a good find!

To find out more about the Project Mom event, check out Project Mom Book on Facebook

Advanced Happy Mother's Day!

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Ignite the Fire in You: Empowerment Coaching Summer Camp

Ignite the Fire 2015 by WorldStage Superstar

Last March I have written and taken great interest in the IGNITE THE FIRE IN YOU Summer Camp 2015 by World Stage Superstar.  As I mentioned in my post, I believe that all of our kids have that fire in them.  They have that innate talent to shine and become the best that they can be.  However,  sometimes they just don’t feel the need to shine.  Or they feel it’s too much work.  Or they lose focus.  As parents,  we provide constant reminders to them and even provide them with all the external help we can from tutors, enrichment programs to grand rewards.  But we cannot always be there to provide extrinsic motivation for them.  In the end,  the good change they want must be stemming from their desire to be the best that they can be.  No amount of external motivation can outweigh the fuel from within.

Since it is a 5-day camp from April 21-25, 2015, and the fees are out of my budget,  I took time out to throw Lead Coach of World Stage Superstar, Cherry Pua-Africa, some questions to understand how IGNITE can fan the fire in my kids.  Sharing with you her answers ...


1.  What is Ignite and what will the students take out from an Ignite Camp experience?

Ignite the Fire in You is an empowerment coaching program for the youth with an end in mind of firing up their mindset, language and behavior so that they can be a force for awesome.

This shift can help them focus on their school goals (local) and on their bigger goals in life (global) and understand their strongest passions at this stage of their lives.

2.  Is there a specific objective Ignite can do for the kids?

We first focus on the MINDSET.  To build more resourceful behaviors, we need to make sure that the students are telling themselves the right story.  They want to ace their school grades, they need to make sure that their belief systems are enabling them to keep moving forward until they reach their highest. They want to be more confident, then let’s work on empowering their internal dialogues so that they are hungry enough to step out of their comfort zones.

Then, there is STATE.  We are all defined by the energy we put out in school, in our own worlds.  Lethargy will not bring our youth anywhere far.  There is the force of least resistance that will keep them on the same plane, operating only on activities they are comfortable doing.  If we want our youth to be a force for awesome, we want them to take action. Ignite the Fire in You will set them on the right frame of energy.

Finally, STRATEGY.  As we move into the school year, we will look at their goals and where they are in achieving them.  We will celebrate small steps because that means they are in the right direction.  We will build a community of people who lift each other up.  Resourceful peer pressure.  They will learn priority management and other “executive” skills like public speaking, project management as the next part of the program after the camp.

3.  How will this objective be met by the camp?

We use a program called NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP).  There are set techniques that we will be using to enable change to happen right before their eyes.  It’s an exciting program, one that has changed me and one that I am confident will be instrumental in waking up that part of our youth that is sleeping for quite sometime—their unconscious minds.  The moment they tap into the powers of the unconscious minds, bigger things happen for them.  And this part of their brain has always been there with them, they just don't know how to enable it.

4.  I understand the target number of people for the program is 200. How can the specific needs of each individual be met?

NLP thrives on energy.  And energy is set off stronger when there are more voices.

We have divided our camps into two parts—local and international schools.  212 is the total number of students we aim to reach this year and that includes both camps and the 3-week May camps we are running.    Last year, we had 250 and it’s an exciting season for us, because there is so much energy we just keep building on from.

The first run this April will be for around 30 kids. That’s a good number to begin our journey.   We always watch our ratio.  We will have enough to mentor them on an individual basis.

5.  What is the profile of students attending Ignite camps?

They are coming from different schools (local and international). It’s just exciting to see so many kids from different schools mingle with each other and bring their own stories, cultures and fascinating advantages to the group.  The kind of dynamic electrifies our coaches who become more fired up to share because the kids are just so open.

6.   Would you have data how the program helped past participants?

There is a study that showed that when you are more confident, your results double.  I’ve seen the results of some of our participants grow even more than this.  We’re fired up by the stories shared to us in the different aspects of their lives— academics, leadership posts, extra curricular activities, contests they have joined in, colleges they were accepted into, etc.

7.  I understand drawing energy is one of the methods employed by ignite, what if the child is indifferent and unresponsive? How will his needs be met?

It takes a longer time to prime these kids but the community they will build will be helping them.  Some will take days, some even more than the 5 days, but shift happens.

Our coaches are there, watching everyone, making sure there is breakthrough happening.  We deploy different techniques to intervene, and one will catch fire eventually.

8.  What is the difference between ignite camp and Other camps?

Ignite the Fire in You (IFY) uses NLP as a reinvention tool.  It’s an incredible tool that is being used to coach celebrities and successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, JK Rowling, Andrei Agassi and so many more.  I am a Master Practitioner of NLP and I will not hold back until I see breakthrough happen to individuals who pass our way.  But let me just emphasize that no matter how we work hard, we cannot empower people unless they want to be.  We open up spaces of possibilities for them but only an individual can empower his own.

I am very proud in the way our activities have evolved into something so dynamic and understandable to the young ones. NLP used to be a system accessible only to professionals and adults.   Now, the opportunity is being presented to the youth.

I’m sure the other camps in the market have their own unique advantages.  It depends on which matches the needs of the parents/students are.

9.  How can the energy be sustained after the 5 day camp?

That’s when our coaching comes in. We invite the kids to join us 6x in the year for half day coaching sessions when we discuss their goals, state, beliefs and experiences after the camp.  It only requires strong facilitation to ignite again and I make sure our youth coaches are trained in this area.

We also meet again during the sem break to work on our public speaking and project management skills.  They will be working to promote their own cause, raise funds to fuel its birth and become a force for awesome in their communities.

We aim to build a planet of game changers.

10.  How do you ensure safety of the children while in the camp? How do parents communicate with the kids while in the camp?

SAFETY FIRST is our slogan.  As part of our safety procedure, we look at the 3 Es: Environment, Element and Equipment.  We make sure everything is within standards before we begin any activity.

Students can bring their phones with them but they will only be given specified time to use the phones.  We don’t want anything to distract them from their goals in the camp.

Parents have access to our staff at anytime.

We will also be posting messages & pictures in our viber group.

On the last day of the camp, parents are invited to a sharing session.


I'm letting my kids take the plunge and am enrolling my 11 year old and 13 year old in the 5 day camp this April 21-25.   As Cherry mentioned, the camp can be a game changer for them.  I can't wait to receive them back in our home ablaze and fueled for life! Sooo, excited for my kids!  It will be a great experience!

Click this to know more about World Stage Superstar and their lead Coach Cherry Pua-Africa.

Let's Fan the Flame in Our Kids,

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Disclosure:  TheGoMom's kids are paying full fees to join the program.

The Archery Academy Manila: Bring out the Katniss in You

It was year 2012 when girl heroes came to life on screen sporting bows and arrows.  There was the determined Katniss of Hunger Games and the amusing Merida of Brave.  Both gave young girls a new hero to look up to apart from the usual Disney Princesses;-)  For boys,  there is Hawk Eye of Avengers,  whose form needs much coaching from Katniss;-)

Yesterday my kids and I together with some of their friends got a taste of how it is to have the amazing form and accuracy of Katniss.   The owners of THE ARCHERY ACADEMY MANILA invited us over for a one hour long session and we felt strong and accomplished after the session.

The Archery Academy Manila

Coach Gio, one of the owners, coached the kids on the proper stance, proper manner to hold the bow and arrow and of course safety tips.  The 11 year old girls initially had some difficulty pulling the bow but got the hang of it after a few tries.  On my turn,  I was surprised to find that pulling the bow needs much strength and I'm so proud the girls did it, again and again.  The boys, moved with natural ease and was instantly competing among themselves.

The Archery Manila

Archery, a solo precision sport, builds upper body strength, improves focus and balance among its practitioners.  I also think it can greatly improve one's posture (tight core, straight back) and will help reduce stress because it is a natural mind timer.  You just think of the bow, arrow and your target.   Moreover,  it will help in building perseverance, because you just have to persevere and hit that target.  Traits we want to build in our kids and ourselves:-)

As with any training program,  the success largely rests on a good coach.  Main coach and part-owner,  Gio Endaya, has been shooting since he was 8 years old and has competed locally and abroad.  He is very passionate about the sport and he relates to kids very well.  I like it that he explains with ease  and makes the sport natural and yet provides enough challenge to those who wants to take it further.

Apart from a good coach,  we parents also want to check the training area.  THE ARCHERY ACADEMY MANILA, located at the 5/F of the Intrawest Building in Annapolis Greenhills, boasts of a long indoor range (25 meters) and ultra high ceiling.  They have designed the walls with splashes of archery art which makes the area fun.

the archery academy manila

This summer,  THE ARCHERY ACADEMY MANILA is offering Summer Classes.

the archery academy manila

The P2,000 difference in the New Student and Returning Students fees is for the incidental expenses for new students.  New students will be provided their own string, arm guard, finger tab and shirt, which they will use for their Archery classes.

Please note that the area can only accommodate a maximum of 8 persons per session, so slots will be filling out fast.

Do check out their year round weekend program and per session rate in their THE ARCHERY ACADEMY MANILA FB page or call 0917-8037422.

THE ARCHERY ACADEMY also has a year-round  Program (P5,600/new student and P3,600/returning student) which includes 4 sessions of 2 hours each, every Saturdays and Sundays from 9-11am.   A per session rate is also available for only P550/head an hour.

The Archery Academy

5th Floor, Intrawest Center,

#33 Annapolis St., Brgy. Greenhills,

San Juan, Philippines


Contact: 0917-8037422

I think it's a good sport to introduce to the kids given its many benefits plus it's unique and super cool;-)  I let my kids try different sports until they find the one their heart beats for.  Ask your kids if they want to try archery this summer and chances are they wouldn't miss up the chance.

Archery classes are available to kids aged 9 up but Coach Gio willingly indulged my 4 year old to hold a bow.

Archery classes are available to kids aged 9 up but Coach Gio willingly indulged my 4 year old to hold a bow.

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Disclosure:  Thanks Rica and Coach Gio for inviting my kids and their friends over to try THE ARCHERY MANILA:-)