Change from Within: Youth Empowerment Camp for Kids


There is a buzz among parents about “Ignite the Fire.”  It is a Youth Empowerment Program that is geared towards igniting the fire in our kids. I believe that all of our kids have that fire in them.  They have that innate talent to shine and become the best that they can be.  However,  sometimes […]

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Grand Baby Fair Year 5: What to Expect


The biggest event for expecting moms and moms with babies is ON!   Grand Baby Fair Year 5 is happening this today till Sunday at the SM Megamall Trade Hall. I had a preview of the sale yesterday and it was huge as always:-) 30-50-70% off items were all over, it would make any mom […]

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Give Gadgets a Break and Get Crafty


My kids play gadgets and as much as I would want for them to just play in the great outdoors, socialize, read or maybe play a banjo, they are kids born to this world where tech is the air they breathe. So I succumb, cringe and allow them some limited gadget time during weekends.  During […]

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5 Tips to Make Toothbrush Time More Fun for Kids and Less Stressful for Moms


My kids are not fans of tooth brushing.  My 3 year old, always asks me “Do I have to now? I just brushed my teeth last night?”  Everyday I answer their question patiently complete with actions of “Eww, do you want that?”  On my running low on patience day,  I just simply grunt and say […]

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Learning from Pope Francis: For Parents and Kids


The entire country was in Pope mania these past 5 days and for most the experience was surreal.  Whether you braved it out in Luneta, waited for the Pope mobile or just watched the entire proceedings in TV, it was an extra-ordinary experience. Pope Francis had the whole country on a 5-day retreat.  Everyone seemed […]

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How to Make the Pope’s Visit More Meaningful for the Kids


Pope Francis will be here in Manila in 2 days and my family and I haven’t decided if we are going to brave the crowds to see him.  Of course my husband said we get the best vantage point from the TV but somehow I feel something is remiss with this kind of involvement.  As […]

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Making New Year’s Resolutions with the Kids


I thought I would make next year a bit different and more purposeful for my kids by drawing up a New Year’s resolution list.  New Year’s resolutions will provide a review of the past and a hopeful look at the future. Young as they are,  I think, kids have desires not limited to toys or […]

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Tahanan Books: A Celebration of Filipino Language, Culture and Arts


My kids and I like reading children’s books.  And we like hovering in the book section of National Bookstore or Fully Booked looking for the perfect book that we could add to our growing collection. We would read the whole book together and from there I can gauge their interest.   Most of the time we […]

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Light and Fun: Juicy for Kids and on The Go Mom’s


Ok, you might find this a bit weird, but as I age (ouch, nails screeching on blackboard),  I find myself searching through cologne aisles instead of perfume sections.  As an on the go mom, sorry didn’t mean to sell myself, I want a fragrance that is light and fresh. Nothing overly fragrant, I want it […]

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P.S. from Aéropostale PH: Fun and Comfy Clothing Line for Kids


Moms’ hearts will skip a beat when they see Aeropostale PH new children’s line, P.S. from Aéropostale.  The fresh selection is trendy and yet exudes a relaxed, cool look with a lot of mix and match we parents appreciate. You know us parents, we want our kids to look good and yet love those mix […]

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Spending the Savings: Money and Kids


My daughter excitedly opened her piggy bank and counted all the coins and bills she saved for the past year.  She saved up quite a sum and hurriedly asked me for a trip to her favorite knick-knacks store.  In the past years,  I wouldn’t have allowed such frivolous spending.  I would show my children their […]

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Shell Lego Collection is Back:-)


Yahoo!  The Shell Lego Collection is back!  And the kids are excited to complete the collection once again. There are 4 Lego Ferrari cars that comes with a pull-back mechanism.  Plus 2 playsets with a mini-figure:-)  We are eying the Shell Station that recreates the fuel station at Ferarri’s Fiorano racetrack complete with the Shell […]

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Armor your Belly with Belly Armor (with Giveaway)


Note: Re-posting this giveaway.  Original post date October 9, 2014.  Hope you guys can join the giveaway:-)  Announcement of winner on November 17, 2014. The day has finally come when our tummies look extra round and there is something amazing inside it.  Yay, not food:-)  Growing inside our tummy is the loveliest creature we will […]

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Rita of The Pumpkin Store: Sewing your Fantasies to Reality


“Everything just fell into place!”  That is what Rita has to say of her newly created costume store, The Pumpkin Store.  The Pumpkin Store is barely a year old but its creation has managed to land the front cover of Smart Parenting’s October 2014 issue! Rita and I date way back!  She is my schoolmate […]

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Take the #HealthierPH Challenge


We all want to make a difference in this world.  But while we want to do that, deadlines come into play, household duties call, the children need our attention and a host of other things to do, we have to set aside making a difference for later. Unilab Foundation redefines volunteerism by launching a volunteer […]

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