School Suspensions, Pag-asa and the Local Government


Yesterdays’ class suspension has seen temperatures rising despite the weather cooling.  Why? Because of the chaos school suspension brings. In the city where my kids’ schools are located, the Mayor announced suspension at 11am yesterday.  Neighboring cities declared earlier in the day, with 2 cities declaring class suspension a day early. It’s like the mayor […]

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Kids Funny Quotes #1


I laughed so hard when my 3 year old said this!  I can imagine him convincing his yaya he is earnestly trying to sleep:-)  So adorable!

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Waiting Time in Doctor’s Offices Should Change


I brought my 3 year old who is running with a fever to the pedia this morning and I was told the wait was 3 hours at the least!?!  OMG!  Hindi kaya lalo magkasakit anak ko nyan? Can’t we come up with a better system for this?  True, it has been like this for decades […]

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