Make Rainy Days Perfect with this Rainy Day Activity


My kids and I love the rain.  We welcome the coolness it brings after the long hot days.  We love the sound it makes as it makes drum beats on our rooftop.  And we love the after smell of the rain on the crisp grass.  Somehow, rain brings warmth despite the physical coolness. To introduce […]

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Homemade “Frozen” Inspired Lampshade


My daughter made this #frozen inspired lamp shade. She even made a shadow light that would cast a snowflake on the ceiling! I think she’s brilliant:-) hehe syempre #loveyourown! These are the materials my daughter used to make it: blue cartolina printed photo of Elsa and Anna glue gun to stick everything together foam board […]

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Sige Sabado: Creating Lasting Bonds (Slime Activity at the End)


My daughter loves to keep her hands full.  She can occupy herself in creating art projects, making science experiments, and baking. On her baking days, she has created red velvet cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and lots and lots of cookies. On her arts and craft days, she paints and makes all sorts of creations. On […]

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DIY Monster Truck with MineCraft Hero


What do you do when you have a new gadget in the house?  You tinker with it and explore its many features! When we got our HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 5525 All-in-One printer,  I had to try the high-techness of printing from my Iphone to my printer and icha-success!   I also had to try the […]

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Prettify your Ice Cream Cone (HP Printer Giveaway Soon!)


Tinkering with my new HP printer,  my daughter and I thought we could serve beat-the-heat ice cream in pretty cones. Want to do the activity at home too?:-)  Just click on HP’s Facebook page and hover on one of the things you find there in the classroom – arts and crafts to science:-)  My kids […]

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