4DX at BHS: Revolutionizing our Cinema Experience

4DX Cinema at Bonifacio High Street4DX™ at BGC, the first 4dx technology in the Philippines, is a supreme movie experience that immerses all senses!

My kids and I were grinning from ear-to-ear from start to finish as we watched "Amazing Spiderman 2."

It is incredible to be able to move with Spiderman! When he crawled up the wall, the chairs tilted back add up high-res 3d visuals, and it as if you are scaling the wall as well. When Spiderman took a dive from a building you can actually feel the wind blasting in your face.  When Electro unleashes his powers, bolts of lighting flashes through the ceiling.  When Electro is hearing voices from his head,  you hear it all over the cinema, you actually feel his torment. It is, for lack of a better word, amazing!

4DX Cinema at Bonifacio High Street

4DX™ is located at the recently opened Bonifacio High Street Cinema at the Central Square Building, 30th cor 5th Street (if you are familiar with Serendra it's at the opposite end of the strip).

Tickets can be bought at the cinema but better to get it at Sureseats.com so you don't have to queue up plus the cinemas are always, always full.  Sureseats, however charges a P20 web fee per ticket bought.  Also,  you still have to queue up and present your e-ticket in the ticket counter for them to issue you the actual ticket.  We didn't read that fine print and almost missed the start of the movie.

If you wonder if front row seats will be a horrible dizzying experience,  fret not.  We got front-3rd row seats and it was fine.  I feel there is not much difference between the first rows from 3rd row. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, there are only 7 rows.  But of course if you can get farther from the screen seats, better.

Bonifacio High Street Cinema has 4 state-of-the-art movie theaters employing different advanced technologies for your ultimate movie experience.

  • 4DX™ (P450) (Cinema 4)
  • Dolby Atmos™/3D (P400) -(Cinema 2)
  • Dolby Atmos™ (P330) (Cinema 1)
  • Regular Cinema (P250) (Cinema 3)
This cinema has motorized recliner chairs (ala la-Z boy). I'm guessing it would be Cinema 2 - Dolby Atmos™/3D.

This cinema has motorized recliner chairs (ala la-Z boy). I'm guessing it would be Cinema 2 - Dolby Atmos™/3D.

Dolby Atmos™  is a surround sound system by Dolby Laboratories.  The speakers are front and ceiling mounted to give you real than life sound feel.

The 4DX™ technology incorporates chair movement (up/down, forward/back, right/left), mist, fog, light flashes, wind and even scents that gives the audience a feel of physical participation within the movie. We didn't detect any scent though.  They could have made the cinema smell like burnt wire or decaying body but I guess that would be very unpleasant.  The experience is amped-up by full surround-sound environments through front and ceiling mounted speakers – the aural enhancements from the latest from Dolby Laboratories – the perfected audio environment of Dolby Atmos™.

Bonifacio High Street regular cinema

Regular cinema seats.

With regard to movie snacks,  Family Mart (yay Green Tea Ice Cream), Potato Corner, Candy Corner and a nacho store I forgot to get the name of (but there was a long line there) are there to fill you up.   Also, for those with young kids,  you would be happy to know that the 4DX™  has its own bathroom.

Bonifacio High Street cinema lobby

Revolutionize your Cinema experience and be prepared to be entertained with Bonifacio High Street Cinemas!

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  We paid for our tickets.

Have fun with the Fam!

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  1. i loved the 4d experience. my 450 was worth it!

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