Ace Water Spa, Pasig

I finally convinced my semi-OC husband to try the Ace Water Spa.  It took years I tell you.  He has this notion it is not hygienic and is packed with the whole Metro Manila population!

We went to the newly opened Ace Water Spa right beside the Pioneer Center  and he had to admit he had fun!  He enjoyed the 25 types of water massages and the kids had sooo much fun trying out the hydro massage themselves.

It was a good bonding experience as the kids swam from one hydro massage area to another (water is barely 3 feet deep).  And we made it a point to try the massages as a family – each of us occupying a spot of our own.  Positioned in the hydro buoyancy area, we laughed as the bubbles propelled us up.  Occupied and lay down on 4 beds as we let the strong “rain” massage our whole body.  Pretended we were scuba divers in the bubble pool.  Went under the powerful waterfall.  Relaxed on the lazy river.  And played on the water floor fountain. Ang saya! Saya! (translation:  happiness!)

Hydro Massage Pool

25 Hydro therapy pools. The one pictured here is in Banawe. The rest are Pasig.

The place is indoors and the pools are heated so all elements were basically controlled.  The pool and restrooms were clean (they just opened) and the attendants were courteous even as they politely told me to put my camera away.  If you are looking for posh exclusivity though you might not find it here.  As for my family, we had fun!


*For those wondering how different is the Pasig branch from Banawe – 1. Pasig is new so cleaner and brighter  2.  The lap pool in Pasig is bigger while its hydro massage is smaller.   3.  The hot herbal pool in Pasig is communal.  In Banawe there are separate pools for men and women.  4.  Lastly,  there are more families instead of elders in Pasig.


Fees:  Adults:  P 550

Children:  P 250

Hours:   6am-11pm

Address:  United St. cor Brixton St. (near Pioneer Center), Pasig

Contact Number:  451-1111


Others:  Proper swimsuit required.  For boys/men board shorts not allowed.  Swim suits and trunks are available for rent (prices reasonable ex. P200 for trunks).  Bring your own towel.



  1. Read your post before going there and here is our experience

  2. Hi! is the P550 fee good for whole day or just 4hours only? Thanks!

    • Hi joyce! Sorry for late reply. Was out of town. The P550 is good for 4 hours. But that would be more than enough time. After 4 hours suko ka na rin sa water massage haha:-)

  3. Ana Eslava says

    hi thanks for this blog. yung 550 pesos po ba magagamit mo lahat ng amenities? thanksss 🙂 how about the food, may bilihan ba dun?

    • Hi ana! Yes the P550 fee covers all amenities including the required shower cap but excluding personal effects like towel. But please don’t forget to bring bathing suit for girls and trunks for boys. Board shorts are not allowed. Re food, there is a restaurant there but there is also a Jollibee very near it (Jollibee Pioneer Center) in case you want to eat before or after the spa:-)

  4. Alejandro says

    Very useful blog 😀 will try in Pasig

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