Bali: Getting Acquainted with Bali

Potato Head, Seminyak

I was astounded to know that Bali stretches a good 140km from East to West (like Manila to Tarlac).  I was kinda picturing the likes of Boracay from station 1 to 3.  But I was wrong.   It's a region!  Therefore,  choosing the place you will choose to settle in depends on what you are looking for.

We stayed in the hip area of Seminyak.   It is the high end spa and chic boutique shopping capital of Bali.  Most of the top  restaurants in Bali are here.  My friends and I were kidding each other that we have leveled up already.  Of course,  we do this once in a blue moon and paying Dutch played a huge factor why we chose Seminyak.  We don't have to  multiply for a family of 4!

We stayed in Amadea Resort.  There was no beach instead there was an infinity style mini pool.  The service was pretty good and the breakfast food was simple yet satisfying.

If you are into arts and culture choose to stay in Ubud.  I was able to buy several good quality paintings at Dewa Putu Toris. It is a 2 level art gallery filled with various kinds of paintings from Balinese to modern art.  Ubud has an area for wood art, glass art and silvers. Sukuwati Market in Ubud is like Greenhills where you can get sarongs, native crafts, slippers etc.  But if are looking for some serious art don't go there.

Bali Painting for Sale! "Market" by Ajie Hendrawan. Size 28" x 20". Anyone interested?

If you are into surfing you go to Padang-padang or Uluwatu.  Uluwatu is also where most of the high end cliff villas are.

If you are a beach bum and loves the throb of night life choose the area of Kuta.

For families,  the calmer waves of Nusa Dua area is better.  I wouldn't let my kids swim in the beaches of Kuta, the waves are just too strong.  If I return to Bali with my family,  I will settle in Nusa and bring them to Waterbom (world class water park), Bali Safari and Marine Park and do some white river rafting.


Outside of the boutiques of Seminyak,  everything can be haggled.  From paintings to native bags and sarongs.  When you start the art of haggle be prepared to buy.  In short, if you are not buying don't haggle or else they will get annoyed.  Who wouldn't?  Start from 1/4 of the price they quoted and they will give you a counter offer.  Walk away if you don't like the price they give and most likely they will settle call after you with an amount you will surely like.


Like in the Philippines,  tipping is not mandatory but much, much appreciated.


Be an instant millionaire in Indonesia!  My US$500 fetched me Rupiah 9 million!  For easy computation just divide anything by 200 to get Peso equivalent.  So if menu says 100,000 that is a P500 meal.

I will have a separate post on the restaurants since what we did in Bali was eat, eat and eat some more.

Bali Painting for Sale! "Fishes" by Lentong Toya. Size 78" x 40"



  1. Hi! Sounded like you had a fun vaca. I’ve been looking at recent trips to Bali because I’m planning to go there by Feb 2013. How are the immigration issues after last year’s incident that has been picked up by blogs and PH local media? Should I be concerned? Should it deter me from going? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Pam! Thanks, I did have a fun vaca. Re, immigration issues sorry I’m not aware of any. I didn’t have a single problem and aside from the usual long line in the immigration counter everything was a breeze. There are a lot of Filipino Expatriates working in high positions in Jakarta so we are well respected there. If I may ask, what are the issues? Thanks!

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