Guide to a Day Trip at Yilan with Kids (Part 2)

Just 1.5-2 hours away Taipei City,  Yilan has a lot to offer.  We were able to go to 7 places in one day but there are still a lot of places to discover.  For the meantime,  here are the places we were able to visit in a day and that includes travel time from Taipei already! Click here for part 1.

4.   Agrioz Museum Cafe

I accidentally deleted my other photos and was left with this.  Check out Agrioz Candied Fruit Museum and you will see photos from the web.  The cafe has very nice interior with fun additions like this giant table and chair.  If you are a group of 15,  you can schedule a candied fruit making experience.

5.   CP Cheese Factory

Not exactly a factory but they do have delightful interiors and their Japanese cheesecakes are very good.  A cheesecake ranges from NT80-NT150.

6.   Jimmy Parks Plaza 

The park, just outside Yilan Train Station, is a park that brings to life the storybook characters of Taiwanese illustrator, Jimmy Liao.  He is a famous illustrator of books that have been adapted into films, like “Turn Left Turn Right”, “Starry Starry Night”, and “Sound of Colors.” According to RTaiwanR,  the area used to be  "abandoned living quarters and empty spaces, which, with the cooperation of Jimmy, have been transformed into a place where the young and young at heart love to play and take photographs

The park was undergoing renovation when we were there, so we were able to see it only from outside.

7.   Luodong Night Market

To cap off our day, we visited one Luodong Night Market.  It is packed and I wouldn't really recommend it for young kids.  There's just too much people and you have to hold your kids very tight.  The food offerings are pretty similar with other night markets. Like other night markets we got the usual fare of scallion pancakes, Taiwan sausages, pork buns, oyster omelette, "Hot Star" style fried chicken and of course, milk tea!

And that concludes our day in Yilan!  To get to Yilan, you can take a train to Yilan train station.  And I suggest book a cab for an entire day.  Make sure you know the places you plan to visit and discuss it with your local driver. Another option is hire a private car from Taipei to take you around.  Drop me a comment so I can PM you a private car with English speaking driver.

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