Kohkufuji in Nara

Nara is Japan’s first permanent capital and houses Japan’s largest and oldest Buddhist temples. It is also famous for the deer park where deer freely roam and mingle with locals and tourists.

To get to Nara from Osaka we used the Kintetsu Railway at Namba.
(Note: From Shinsaibashi, take Midsouji line to Namba, transfer to Kintetsu Railway to Nara). It takes about 45 minutes and costs 740 yen. It brought us down at the Kintetsu Nara Station which is just a 5 minute walk to the KohfukujiTemple.

Upon our entrance to the Kohfukuji Temple Complex we were already greeted by lots of deer. They are big and seem gentle. Some people even fed them rice cakes sold at stands.

Kohfukuji Temple Complex houses the 5 storey pagoda (first pic) which is the 2nd tallest temple in Japan (2nd to Toji Temple at Kyoto) and the 3 storey pagoda (picture below). Nothing too great for me just your typical pagoda. I'm not that cultured sorry.

Say your prayers here.

And here.

Part of the huge Kohkufuji Temple Complex.

We were treated to this beautiful cherry blossom shower on our walk to Todaiji Temple from Kohkufuji.

If in Nara already, go and visit Kohkufuji as it is World Heritage Shrine. With regard to the museums, we entered 2, but sorry we are not really into history or Buddhist roots. We were almost kicked out of the temple when the only comment I said after seeing one Buddha after another was "Ang cute ng buhok ni Buddha, parang pine cone!" Needless to say, we didn't go into another museum after.

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