Taipei Zoo Family Guide

My kids and I fell in love with Taipei Zoo the first time we went there.   The place is huge!  165 hectares with 90 hectares open to the public, it is the biggest zoo in Asia.  The landscape is rich in foliage, so if you are not looking at the glorious animals you are looking at rich vegetation.

The animal enclosures don't seem like an enclosure at all because it is big and designed to re-create the animal's habitat.  That said the animals look healthy and well-taken cared.  They have everything!  From pandas, to African elephants, dessert camels, koalas, a gigantic aviary of birds, huge reptile collection, even penguins!  In the 6 times that I have been there, all weekdays, the place wasn't packed.

I appreciate the signs on the animal exhibits that give the kids general information on the habitat, food and trait of each animal.Apart from the diversity of the animals and the beautiful lay-out of the entire zoo,  the entrance would make you fall off your chair!  Only NT$60.

It is comparable to Singapore Zoo, if not much better because of the cool weather.  There are a lot of food kiosks and vending machines so you don't need to prepare any food or drink because everything inside is cheap.  Drinks range NT$10-20 while hot food ranges from NT@100-200.  There is even a McDonald's inside plus a few convenience stores like 7-11.  If your kids like Yakult,  they have a Yakult slushie by the food stalls near the African Animals area.

The walk around is very pleasant and strollers would be easy to push around .  And there are enough clean bathrooms dotted around the zoo.  

Try looking for the rafflesia (lower right) in the zoo.TheGoMom Travel Tips:  

  1. To enjoy the zoo leisurely,  allot a whole day if you want to see all the animals.  The zoo is huge!
  2. To make the walking easier,  start by taking the Maokong Gondola near the train station and alight at the South Zoo entrance  this way you explore the zoo from the end and finish up at the main entrance.  Doing this will not only save you time but will also make the walking friendlier because you walk downhill not uphill.  Should you wish to start from the main entrance, a shuttle to and from Main and South Zoo entrance is available for a small fee.
  3. There are a lot of places to get food but the best place for me is at the African Exhibit area.  There are more hot food choices like TKK fried chicken (try their chicken stuffed with rice for variety)and they also have Japanese Ramen etc.
  4. If you can schedule your visit,  do visit when the weather is cool (but try to avoid really cold winters because the animals would be asleep or hiding)  and try to avoid weekends.
  5. Some exhibits have their off days so do check the schedule at the Taipei Zoo website.  Example Panda exhibit area is closed every first Monday of the month.
  6. Prepare some money for some reasonably priced souvenirs.  There are I think 3-4 souvenir shops around the zoo and their stuff are adorable.
  7. There will be lots and lots of walking so make sure everyone is wearing comfy shoes.
  8. No need to hire a cab to Taipei Zoo.  It is easily accessible by train, see brown line.

Another treat is the Maokong Gondola, just right next to Taipei Zoo Train Station. As mentioned earlier,  you can ride the gondola prior to entry at the zoo and instead enter the zoo thru the South Zoo entrance. There is a zoo ticket counter there too.The ride is enjoyable and the kids got a kick when we chose the Crystal Cabin (glass bottom).  You have to wait a bit because there are more regular bottom cabins, but it is worth the wait.

Taipei Zoo

Address: No. 30, Section 2, Xinguang Road, Taipei

Website: Taipei Zoo

Do include Taipei Zoo on your visit to Taipei.   It is definitely worth it!

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