The Old Grove Farmstead: Day Trip to Holland in Batangas

A quick day trip is our family's way of chillaxing without the pressure of too much preparation.

The Old Grove Farmstead with its iconic red barn and Dutch windmill transported us to Holland in just 1.5 hours! Located just right near the exit of Lipa, Batangas, the farm offered the family a delightful experience.

The real treat for my kids is the feeding encounter with the sheep. They had so much fun hand feeding them as the sheep ate right out of their bare hands. The sheep are enclosed in a fence but they can stick their head out for the feeding encounter. Note: Sheep and duck feeds are sold at the windmill which serves as the entrance to the farm. We found that the ducks liked the sheep food as well so you can skip getting duck food.

Here are a few more snaps for you to get a better feel of the farm ...

Explore beyond the hanging bridge to discover a dainty rabbit coop, an enclosed aviary, a crocodile and you can even climb up the water tank to get a good view of the whole farm.

Dainty farm style restaurant. 

People can also book overnight to enjoy the pool. Due to COVID restrictions, the whole place is only available for booking for a single party. Not bad ang rates considering inclusive.

To book just visit Old Grove's Facebook page. It was easy to get in touch with them. We went there on a rainy day but it was still beautiful. My kids prefer cool albeit raining vs hot and they prefer a place without much people. So win, because people don't usually like the rain. We had the farm all to ourselves that day.


GENERAL REVIEW: The whole place is beautiful and is well kept, from the lush garden to the farm animals. It provides enough activities for a half day of relaxed fun. The sheep feeding encounter is the best so be sure not to skip this activity.  Explore the whole space.  Every nook and cranny is lovely.

ACTIVITIES:  Explore the place, feed the sheep and ducks, go boating on the man-made lake, cross the hanging bridge, check out the bunnies, birds, crocodile, dine in their farm style restaurant.

FOOD: The food is included in the entrance fee and they have a generous serving of appetizer, soup, main, dessert and an iced tea.  Not gourmet but it wasn't bad either. 

BATHROOM: Bathrooms are clean.

WHAT TO BRING: Insect repellant, hat, sun block.   Watch out for red ants on some of the wooden poles in the sheep area.

EXPECTED TIME TO SPEND: 3-5 hours (excluding travel time)

WHERE: Purok 5, U. Mojares St., Brgy Lodlod, Lipa 4217 Batangas (they are on waze and google maps)

BOOKING REQUIREMENTS: Book before you travel. They require 50% downpayment to book your visit.



Breakfast - P600/head
Lunch/Dinner - P800/head

Breakfast - P400/head
Lunch/Dinner - P600/head


Adult - P350/head
Kids - P250/head
Pet - P100/head


Mobile: 09178952829 | 09391272347

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