Alpabeto – Ayusin ang Pagkasunod-sunod ng Titik

Alpabeto – Ayusin ang Pagkasunod-sunod – 1st Titik ng Salita

Alpabeto – Ayusing ang Pagkasunod-sunod – 2nd Titik ng Salita

Alpabeto – Ayusin ang Pagkasunod-sunod – 3rd Titik ng Salita

Pantig – Pagpapantig

Patining at Katinig – Grade 1

Patinig-Katinig – Isulat ang Nawawalang Letra – Mga Hayop

Salitang Ugat – Salitang Maylapi – Grade 3

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  1. hi, the Filipino also is it only for grade 3 or grade 1 or can be for both depends on the topic?

    • Hi! tina!

      I categorized it per topic for the meantime. So each topic would have several worksheets inside it with gradating levels of difficulty. Just click on the the worksheet and you would know which one is more applicable for grade 3:) Im still studying whether to categorize it per subject then per grade then per topic. Sometimes kasi ex. pronouns in ICA grade 1 is the same as pronouns grade 2 of Xavier or vice versa:) good luck!

  2. Hi Lilian,
    Thanks for these worksheets such great help esp for the non pro moms like me!
    question, are all the worksheets on this entry for grade 3 xavier?
    thanks again and keep it coming :)
    you’re in my favorites/bookmarks now!!

    • Hi cath!

      thanks so much for putting me in your favorites super! i’m a non-pro mom as well. as in!!!! re worksheets, currently the worksheets are organized per topic and inside each topic are worksheets of gradating levels. I’m still firguring out whether to further categorize it per grade level. Sometimes kasi, the grade 2 worksheet can still work for grade 3 or vice versa. Hmmm…. thinking… thinking…:) btw, added some more worksheets … more to come. Good luck to our boys!

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