A Cause Worth Rooting For

A Cause Worth Rooting For
Have you ever been so mad that you swear to the world you would take it up as a cause and fight to the end? Well, I have recently. My kind nanny of 6 years is under the crazy spell of a multi-level marketing company who promises her that it is the solution to her poverty. She believes with all her sincere heart that an exorbitantly priced wonder juice is the cure to all diseases from the simple cold to cancer! So she pours in all her hard earned savings and even borrows money to finance the "business."

My stomach revolted when I heard the scheme. It is just downright stupid but smells rosy to the less educated. And so, I am trying to convince her to bolt out and for awhile thought I'll fight this non-sense. How could they do it to the ones who already doesn't have any? Anyway, like this post, which is full of anger, I realized it is an angry, bitter cause. And decided to let it go. I have said my piece to my nanny and it's up to her to process that.

I realized that fighting causes leave you drained and angry. Imagine devoting your years to fighting. It takes a tremendous toll on the well being of a person. Not that I think people should stop fighting causes. There are people cut out for it and thrive in it. In fact, they should be appreciated for it because they care. But it's just not for me.

I'm going to take up a cause, sure, but it's going to be a cause I will smile for not grit my teeth for. A cause that says "Go, go we can do it together," or something to that tune. Causes like Gawad Kalinga or World Vision, seeking to build instead of destroy. For me those are causes that are worth rooting for.

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