Affordable Home for Every Filipino Family: Micarapatan Ka Na

Micarapatan Ka Na.  Uplifting the socio-economic status of each and every Filipino is an issue very close to my heart.  I believe every Filipino has a right to have a home he can call his own, complete with title and all the decency he deserves.  After all, second to the children we raise,  we parents consider our home to be our next greatest achievement.

Last week, I was privileged to be part of a group that MICARA LAND invited to take a sneak peek of the affordable housing community they are developing. MICARA LAND is a subsidiary of Pro-friends (Property Company of Friends, Inc.).

Micara Land Affordable Housing

MICARA ESTATES-TANZA, situated in the progressive town of Tanza, Cavite is a mere 30 minute ride from Coastal Metro Bus Station and is accessible through Cavitex.   The community they are developing will come complete with all the amenities households would need - grocery, church, public transport terminals, security, parks and swimming pools. Numerous schools are along Tanza.  Tanza General Hospital and public market is also nearby.  Parents can relax in their work and know that everything their children need is just a stone's throw away from their home.

Micara Estates Affordable Housing in Cavite

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard how affordable the house and lot in Cavite is.  Their Tricia House has a 40sqm lot area / 30sqm floor area and is only approximately P 695,000.00 for cash purchases and if amortized through Pag-ibig, only P 4,605/month over 30 years.  It's just like renting a house!  Households with a combined income of as low as P 25,000/month can afford to have a house!

They also have other affordable house and lot size combinations but the ones available for the current Phases 1 and 2  are the Tricia House and the Portia House.  The Portia House has a lot area of 45 sqm and floor area of 40 sqm and is priced at approximately P896,000 for cash purchases or amortized over 30 years with Pag-ibig at P 6,024/month.

All houses currently being built will come with a one car garage and is in ready for move in condition.  The floors will be in plain cement finish, painted plain cement finish for walls, ceramic floor tiles for the bathroom with water closet and lavatory, kitchen will come with a sink and of course doors and windows.  Here is a photo of the deliverable condition of the house:

Affordable housing

But the interior renovations you can do with the property is endless.  Here are some samples of how you can finish your home:

Micara Land Affordable Housing in Cavite

30 Sqm Tricia House - Zen Inspired

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in cavite30 Sqm Tricia House - Modern Minimalist Inspired

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in caviteTricia Expanded - Nature Inspired. Expanded versions serve as inspiration for expansion and are currently not for sale.

Micara Land affordable house and lot in cavite40 Sqm Portia House Condo Inspired

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in cavite40 Sqm Portia House - Cabin Inspired.  Portia house comes with a ground floor bedroom.

Micara Land affordable house and lot in caviteCynthia.  Classic inspired Cynthia is an expanded version of the 40 sqm Portia. Cynthia serves as inspiration for expansion and is currently not for sale.

Micara Land Affordable house and lot in caviteAnother Cynthia, this time resort inspired.

Super nice right!  It is amazing how much you can do with a 40 or even 30 square meter floor area!  I'm positive kids who come home to such a well-kept house will have a good future on their shoulders.  My husband and I are always in agreement that a well kept house reflect on the well being of the children and of course us parents, too:-)

Micara Land (reach them on Facebook/Micara Land or through the Micara Land Website) further assures Micara Land homeowners of a "Maalagang" community as it will take administrative care of the services in the estate.  The rules and regulations of the estate will be enforced such as no converting of house to a sari-sari store etc. in order to maintain an orderly community.

Ang ayos hindi ba?  The possibilities Micara Land offers every Juan is uplifting.  In the end,  I think Micara Land's affordable house and lot in Cavite is more than just the brick and mortar house they sell,  it is the opportunity given to every Filipino family to get out of the poverty mindset resting in the knowledge that their dream house can now be a reality.

Pamilyang Pilipino, Micarapatan ka!

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Disclosure:  Thank you Micara Land for providing affordable house and lot in Cavite to Filipino families. And thank you for the fun trip to Micara Estates-Tanza and for sponsoring this post.

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