Bakasyon na 2014: Happy Summer

stiltsWoohoo!  Bakasyon na!!!  6am battles will be replaced with lazy mornings.  Evening homework rush will be replaced with long leisurely dinners.  The kids will be home.  Oh my gosh, the kids will be home!!!

Funny but moms are so busy finding summer activities to keep the kids from home.

In this age of technology when kids are strapped at home playing electronics instead of playing outdoors, moms are forced to find more worthwhile activities to keep the kids' bones and brains moving.  Next week I will be posting a list of centers ranging from sports, academics, music, cooking and a few extraordinary ones.  The list is pretty extensive and categorized in the most simplified way.  Hope you can check out TheGoMom next week for this list:-)

Like the past summer,  I intend to keep my electronic free mornings rule (my post about it here).  No TV, computer, Ipad, Xbox, Wii, DS before 12.  Last year that rule was met with an ear piercing "noooooo!!!" but this summer they just shrugged their shoulders, resigned to the fact that mom won't budge on this.  So like good soldiers, they wake up, eat their breakfast, take a bath and play with their small brother in what they term painfully slow mornings.

And of course what is summer without out-of-town trips.  This summer,  my older kids will be going back to Hongkong after almost 5 years!  This time with their little brother.  Everyone in the family is excited for little brother to meet Buzz Lightyear in Disneyland and see the amazing vertical aquarium of Ocean Park.

We are also looking forward to a trip to Plantation Bay in Cebu.  In our last visit to Cebu we checked out Plantation and the kids are aching to try it.  Hopefully we can manage to squeeze in a few short Luzon trips as well.

Basta, wherever it is we will go, expect a post about it.  I hope you can keep TheGoMom company this Happy Summer of 2014.

With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting!

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