Best MOMent: What is your best MOMent?

best moments with kidsAsking this question is like opening a bottomless box of joy because I cannot put a pin to what would be my best.  There are just too many!:-)  Holding my baby for the first time is so precious while watching them take their first step is a joy.  Hearing their animated stories is a delight while traveling with them is an adventure.  Playing with them is happiness while bedtime routines spells peace.

As a mom to 3 wonderful kids,  I try my best to make as much wonderful moments with my kids.  For me those moments can run from grand (like exploring a new country) to the ordinary (like brushing teeth) and yet each moment, precious just the same.

Last Sunday,  PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg, the trusted cough partner of moms, gave a salute to Moms and our best MOMents.

Solmux Best Moments

Almost 300 moms, dads and their children were treated to an afternoon of happiness and fun at none other than the Mind Musuem.   PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg's Best MOMents Event is the culmination activity of PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg's Facebook promo where mommies uploaded their best moments with their kids and how PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg helps them to have these best moments.  Winners of the promo received an invite to the event.

The whole Mind Museum Special Exhibition Hall was filled with happy faces of both moms and their children (and dads too), all eager to have an afternoon filled with learning and bonding MOMents.  It was such a joy to be part of the event and be one with all the moms in affirming our overwhelming love and commitment to our children.

My daughter and I were delighted to see our favorite Lady DJ Delamar host the event with little Cooper close by (We always listen to The Morning Rush on the way to school:-)). And my daughter's eyes twinkled when a staff from the Mind Museum did a few DIY science experiments.

Solumux Best Moments at Mind Museum

PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg also gave away awesome prizes, four of which were Samsung Tab 3 Lite!   Winner!

When it was time to go around the museum,  you can see everyone in a jolly rush to experience the Mind Museum.  You can see kids pulling their parents to look at this.  And you can see parents calling their kids to experience that.  Truly,  experiences such as these are best when shared:-)

We had super fun at the Shadow Box doing all sorts of shadows.  Here we spelled L-O-V-E!:-)

We had super fun at the Shadow Box doing all sorts of shadows. Here we spelled L-O-V-E!:-)

Static Ball at the Mind Museum

It was unfortunate that my 3 year old couldn't join us that afternoon.  He is nursing a bad cold and cough.  I was trying to hold off the meds but yesterday when I brought him to the pedia,  he was prescribed, tada, PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg.

When I visited the SOLMUX FB page, moms attested that to have the "walang patid na best MOMents" they give PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg at the onset of cough with phlegm.  I'll surely keep that in mind.

Despite the absence of our little darling, my daughter and I still had fun.  And it is heart warming to share with her that the event is in celebration of MOMents, best Mom moments!  She smiled when I told her that and gave me a hug.

Mind Museum Taguig




P.S.  Thanks PAMBATANG SOLMUX 200mg for inviting my daughter and I to an afternoon of MOMents at the Mind Museum.  Thanks also for sponsoring this post.


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