Budget Tipid Tip #1: Buy Fish

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My helpers are subtly complaining of pork and chicken overload so I trooped to Farmers in Cubao this morning.  Yup, you heard it right.  In their words, “Ate, panay karne na tayo.  Sawa na kami bili ka naman ng isda.”  “Opo,” I obediently answered.  Yes, in our world where helper loyalty is quite rare – we have to delicately tread their likes and dislikes as well.

The request turned out good for everyone including me.   I confirmed that fish remains to be the cheapest meat of all.  Chicken is at P 130/kilo, pork at P 180, beef at P 230/kilo.  Chicken, the cheapest of the 3 is more expensive because 1 kilo is good for one meal only – sometimes not even enough.

Compare to fish prices below that can feed 4 persons:

Tilapia Small                  – P 70/kilo   –  6-7 pieces/kilo (1 meal)

Hasa-hasa Medium     – P 120/kilo  – 10-12 pieces/kilo (2 meals – 1 piece/person)

Salay Ginto Small        – P 120/kilo  –  24 pcs/kilo (2 meals – 3 pieces/person)

Bangus Jumbo             – P 80/kilo    –  cut into 5 pieces (1 meal)

Tawilis Small               –  P 80/kilo    –  50 pieces ( 3 meals – 4 pieces/person)

Alakaak Small             – P 120/kilo    – 14-15 pieces (2 meals – 2 pcs/person)

Galunggong Big          – P 130/kilo    – 11-12 pieces (3 meals – 1 pc/person)

To avoid the helpers cooking the fish in one meal, I have them pack it according to the number of pieces I want them to have per meal.  If you don’t do that,  either they cook the whole pack – you don’t get to save anything.  Or the fish will get rotten from all the defrosting and refreezing.  Ciao!

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