Del Monte Go Real, Go Large: Red Carpet Moment

Del Monte Go Real Go Large 3d wall mappingI don't usually attend events since I have 3 kids, a household to manage and another thing called work.  But last December 19,  I attended the launch of Del Monte Go Real, Go Large 3D wall mapping and it was kinda red carpet event moment for me!

I was giddy with excitement as truly, truly beautiful cutie pies, like Anton del Rosario, Fabio Ide, Victor Basa kept on pouring in.  There were girls too like Maxene Magallona, Divine Lee etc.  But my eyes were glued to the boys, hehe:-)

del monte go real go large 3d wall mapping

The entire garden at Fort Bonifacio (near High Street) was transformed into a chic place and I enjoyed some cocktails while chatting away with fashion bloggers, oh my gosh I forgot to ask their names but got their blogs, Fashion Eggplant and Yellow Yum.

del monte go real go large 3d wall mapping

It started to drizzle when Victor Basa, in his red pants, announced that the 3D video wall mapping is about to begin.  Everyone had their eyes on the Del Monte Building as it came alive in a spectacular hi-tech display.  Cameras clicked.  Ooohs and aaahs.  Happy smiles.

All these were to launch the newly packaged Del Monte Juice Drinks. Yay!!!   My kids and I regularly consume Del Monte Juice Drinks especially their Four Seasons and Pineapple Orange. It used to come in a can that you have to open with a can opener and transfer the content to another container, long process.  I'm sooo happy it now comes in a handier and resealable tetra pack!  It comes in 1L packaging and retails at P60.

Del Monte Go Real Go Large New Tetra packaging

Victor Basa asked the audience what their favorite Del Monte Fruit Juice is and I always thought it would be Four Seasons.  I was surprised to find out a lot of people like the Mango too.  I'm gonna buy me one to try:-)

How about you, what is your favorite Del Monte Fruit Juice flavor?

Disclosure:  Thanks to Del Monte Fruit Juice for sponsoring this post!

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