DIY Travel Pin Board with the Selphy CP910

Travel Pin Board ProjectLife is an Adventure and adventures are best spent with the people we love, our family!

My family loves to travel.  It is the "ultimate" (as my son says) form of our many bonding moments.  We discover a place,  enjoy the views, culture and food together.

Our best keepsake for travel - photos!  Tons of photos!  My toddler picking a shell.  My son figuring out the train system. My daughter screaming in glee on a ride.  I have over 20,000 photos in my hard drive.  Some I have labored over into a wonderful coffee table book.  But that's an epic task.  So nowadays,  our new photos just get stuck in the hard drive.

And that is how I thought of doing a simple, print and tack-as-you-arrive-from-travel board.  As it turns out,  hehe, even going to the printing shop takes ages and effort.

When Canon had me test drive their portable, Canon SELPHY CP910 ,  this jump started my Travel Pin Board.   Canon SELPHY CP910 is an ultra-portable photo printer that's perfect for printing anywhere using a smartphone, camera, USB or computer.

Canon Selphy Product Shot

To start,  I selected one hero shot from every special place we visited.  I added text of where the shot was taken and the year on each photo.  I used the PhotoGrid App for my photos in my Iphone and used Preview-Annotate for my Mac Book (Android users also have it as easy as Apple users in terms of installation and use). Oh yeah, please don't put your text too close to the bleed line of the photo to avoid text from getting cut while printing.

Apart from the photos, here are my other materials:

DIY Travel Pin Board

Once photos were labeled,  I started printing away.

For photos on my phone, I uploaded Easy Photo Print app.  Once installed,  I temporarily changed my Wi-fi to the SELPHY CP910  that appeared on screen.  An even easier alternative I discovered,  is to go to the photo, click print, choose Canon printer among the selection, and print.  No need to install anything.


For photos on my computer,  since I was missing the CD-ROM to install the printer on my computer,  I used the USB instead.  I just inserted the USB on the Canon SELPHY CP910,  scrolled to the photo and clicked print.  Easy-peasy!

Canon SELPHY CP910 prints out by layering.  And is done in less than a minute per print.

Canon Selphy Layering

When I was done printing all my photos,  I just tacked it on the cork board.  I chose a corkboard that wasn't too heavy so I can just blue-tack it to the wall.  I placed the corkboard in the hallway to our room so everyone will be reminded of the happy memories family and travel brings, as we wait for our next travel adventure.

DIY Travel Pin Board using Corkboard

Hoping to get my own Canon SELPHY CP910 , cough, cough to husbandry.  So that when we get back from our travel I'll just print and tack!

Why do I sooo want a Canon SELPHY CP910 ?

-  So easy to use.  I have tech-lag already and this is really a no-brainer for non-techies like me.

-  The Canon SELPHY CP910 is portable, small and lightweight.  Easy to bring out and keep after use.

-  The prints are good quality and I heard the cost per print is only at P 13/print.  Cartridge with paper package is at P1,498.  It comes with 108 pieces of paper and ink to last 108 prints:-)

-  You can print anywhere there is WI-FI.

-  It connects easily to any device.

-  It's only P8,998.00 and comes in classic white or black.

-   No more hassle of going to the photo shop, as I can just print from home.

-  Tons of ways to use it.

I can think of a lot of ways to use it. Print invites for my kids' party. Print - Christmas cards, Thank you cards. Print Instant ID pictures and a whole lot more.  For my toddler's upcoming party,  I can even use it as an instant photo booth for our home party!:-)  Can't wait!


Print away!

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Disclosure:  Thanks to Canon SELPHY CP910 for letting me test drive the so easy to use photo printer and for sponsoring this post.

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