Estrel’s Caramel Cake – Pretty and so Yummy!

It was love at first bite for me and Estrel's cake. I crave for the light and spongy chiffon cake that is baked on the day of pick-up  (all cakes should be pre-ordered, no cake for walk-ins). The custard/caramel icing that covers the cake and its middle plus the soft creamy butter icing that has just the right sweetness to it - is oh so yummy!

Last Sunday, my daughter celebrated her 7th birthday party and of course Estrel's was the cake of choice. I was so delighted to find out that they have more cake designs to choose from aside from the usual ones. Now, its not only yummy but pretty too.  I ordered their round cake covered with roses. I requested the colors pink, purple which they call Rich.  The roses are in pastel but I was hoping for the one with brighter shade pictured on their facebook page.  Purple is my daughter's favorite color so she was delighted to have lilac roses but it would have been better if it was the deep purple one.  Since the cake is covered with roses,  Estrel's made a styrofoam covered with icing with the words Happy Birthday (name) written on it.

All the guests loved it!

To order,  visit or call 372-2965 or 371-7938.   They have a complete line-up of all their cake designs in the website.

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