How to Plan a Nerf Birthday Party

nerf birthday partyMy son lives and breathes Nerf.  So on one of his birthdays we held a Nerf Party.  I just booked a basketball court and invited 20 of his friends and it was a war zone like no other.  Flushed with excitement and dripping with sweat,  the boys remarked "This is the best party ever!!!"

My boy was so happy about it so we had a repeat of it the year after.  I was so happy about it because the boys were gushing over it and yet it was super cheap to stage it.

1.   Book a basketball court.  You need a big area where the kids can run around and fire at each other with those soft darts.  Basketball courts, with non-wooden flooring, rental ranges from P300-P1,000.

2.   Buy huge boxes from the junk shop and position it all over the court.  They will use those boxes to hide/duck from their enemies.

3.   Prepare 2 differently colored cloth bands (I bought cloth from Fabric Warehouse at P60/yard and just cut them up)  to tie on the kids' head to identify the 2 teams. Apart from identifying the team members,  this will also make them feel like a true-blue soldier.

nerf teams 4.   Prepare flags for each team.  I just used a balloon stick, tied a piece of colored paper to it (better if you tie the cloth instead) and tied it to one of the posts in the court.

Game Mechanics:

Separate the boys into 2 colored teams.  Place the flag of each team at their respective base camp (opposite ends of the court).  Each team should try to capture the flag of the other while protecting their own flag.  You will be amazed at how they strategize and plan who will do the attack and who will guard the base.   They are to prevent enemy from attacking by shooting at them with their Nerf guns.  Once hit with a Nerf dart,  that team player must go back to his base camp to touch his flag to get his life back.  First team to capture the flag of the opposing team wins!

nerf in basketball court

5.    Be sure to include in your party invite that the guests should bring their own Nerf gun and darts.  I asked the kids to write their initials on their darts.   While the kids are eating and basking how awesome they were in their attack,  have the helpers pick up the darts and separate them according to owner.  There will be some darts that would be missing so just have a pack of darts ready to replace the missing ones.

6.    For the food,  I brought my own table and prepared spaghetti, ordered pizza and of course a cake.  Prepare lots and lots of drinks.   If you have a dispenser it will come out cheaper.

party food

Do you have a little Nerf addict?  Blow him away with this inexpensive yet high on fun and coolness Nerf party.  Hope you can share your out of the ordinary birthday party theme with other parents here at TheGoMom!

With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting!

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