Is it Time for a Gadget Upgrade?

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I'm not really a gadgets fan.  I mean I don't necessarily have to have the latest cell phone every month of the year.    As long as the gadget is serving my needs,  I just frugally wait for it to die out on me.

For the longest time,  I was on Nokia N73 and only changed to an Iphone 4S a year ago.  Nope,  my handy Nokia didn't die on me.  It was because I already needed some features that my old Nokia phone didn't carry.  Features like a powerful camera, internet connectivity and I had to get my hands on some of those wonderful apps.

With technology on a roll,  features apart from the basic function, adds a lot of value to the gadget.  These features simply make life easier, period.

A year ago,  I also junked my old HP 5610 printer (it served me for 6 years) in favor of the new HP K510.  It is more economical to buy a new printer with new original ink than stay with my old one whose ink is at P1,000++ per cartridge compared to P390.  The new printer is a beauty in terms of look and features compared to my mammoth HP 5610 but I was experiencing some problems with its feeder, once in awhile.

Fortunately,  HP gifted me with a printer from their newest HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Line HP 5525.  The printer is amazing!  It has the basic features like print, scan and copy.  I think those should already be innate features of a printer.  Who would want to head to the copier to copy a document or an id (scan-print)?

hp 5525

But what bowled me over are the following high-tech features:

  • It has automatic 2-sided printing.  I don't like wasting paper and I usually print my worksheets back to back, and I do that manually.  Now,  the computer does that for me!
  • It's wireless!  Since our laptops are wireless,  I can free some desk space by placing it anywhere I want.
  • I can print an email from my cell phone or tablet directly to my printer, using the web or my local wireless network.  No need to open the computer,  very, very useful    when I'm in a rush.  And I'm always, in a rush:-) I usually just use my local network so it's fast.
  • Since it is web-connected, if I'm out of the house and I forgot to leave an authorization letter at home,  I can just send an email to my printers' own email address and voila!  I'll just ask my helper to turn on the printer and wait for my letter:-)
  • Also,  if I'm out of the house and I need to print something from my mobile phone or tablet,  example, I stored my pdf presentation in my tablet and need an extra hard copy,  I can just command HP ePrint App (needs to be installed), to find the printers available based on my location.

Lasty,  I think it is brilliant that the scanner also serves as your door to the feeder and the ink.  That way,  in case of paper jams (sometimes unavoidable),  which I have not experienced yet (knock on wood),  but had in my previous one,  you don't have to access it from the back which is super hassle.

Oh yeah,  forgot to mention that the web-connected feature also gives me access to a wide variety of content offered by the HP Creative Studio.  My son and I, had fun making this solar system mobile.

arts and crafts project

To make your own solar system mobile,  you can also go to HP Philippines Facebook page.  The activities are sooo cute and very interesting.   I can't wait to share with you our next activities!

But what I'm more excited to share with you is HP's great printer giveaway right here at TheGoMom! It's happening anytime soon! Do you want to receive an email once the giveaway is up?  Just drop me a mail at the contacts form here so I can inform you once giveaway is up:-)

So,  is time for a gadget upgrade?

Do your math. Is it more economical in the long run?

Are there features you badly need that would make life so much easier?

Or is it just the desire to have the hottest one?  You be the judge. Good luck:-)

Disclosure:  This is a post written by TheGoMom for HP Philippines.

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