My Great Food: Super Duper Helpful Meal Planning and Recipe Tool for Filipino Moms

My Great Food by Pure Foods

One of my most dreaded tasks as a homemaker is meal planning.  I drag my lazy hands to put the pen to the paper and start planning the menu for the week.  I go crazy menu planning while considering the likes and dislikes of 5 people (including me) who are not very timid showing their disappointment if the food prepared is not to their liking.   Their faces fall, and depending on my mood, my heart is crushed or I want to crush theirs:-)

A few weeks back, I was invited to the launch of San Miguel Pure food's My Great Food website at the Marmalade Kitchen.  Tada!  It might just be the answer to my menu planning woes!

I tinkered with the website and it is as what it has promised itself to be, great!   There are over 1,000 tested recipes (and growing) that contain foods that are familiar and loved by the Filipino palate.   Family tired of pork chop?  Why not try the salt and pepper pork spareribs?

Pure Foods Salt and Pepper

The site is very easy to use and navigate.  With each food, categorized to appetizer, main entree, pastas and rice etc.  First I went through their recipes and added the ones I liked to the Recipe Basket.  And then I created a meal plan by just dragging the recipes from my Recipe Basket to the planner.  My menu plan is done!

Pure foods My Great Food Meal Plan

They have an advanced search function (see photo below) that I find very useful. I ticked the boxes I liked and a list of chicken dishes that are dinner entrees are listed!  Most recipes are listed down with illustration and some even comes in cooking video format.  I just hope they can add more seafood dishes in the future:-)

My Great Food Advanced Search

But for now,  I am excited for my family to try the new dishes I have planned for them with the aid of My Great Food.

Kani Salad

Here's the Kani Salad I made. I used to make Kani and the dressing always seem to miss something, now I know it's the wasabi! Thanks My Great Food for the tip.

One more good news,  My Great Food, doesn't end with the website. It comes in a My Great Food Mobile App too!  It can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play. I tried the app on my phone and aliw sya!!!  It has a grocery list that comes with it.  I went to my recipe basket and ticked the recipe I wanted and at the bottom of the recipe an "Add to Grocery List" box is available.  I ticked it and all the ingredients I needed where added to my grocery list!   Galing!

Mr Great Food App

Thanks to San Miguel Pure foods My Great Food my meal planning and preparation will be much easier and more creative!:-)  I'm excited for the social networking feature to pick up and see us Pinoy moms (and dads too) exchanging notes on our family cooking journey.

My Great Food Launch with Bloggers

Posing with fellow bloggers at the My Great Food launch at the Marmalde Kitchen. L-R Apples and Dumplings, me - TheGoMom, host Ms. Christine Jacob-Sandenjas, Tin of Manila Fashion Observer, Jackie of GoJackieGo and Michelle of Mrs. Martinez.

I can't wait for you guys to try the My Great Food website and the app!  I'm sure you will find it very helpful.

Disclosure:  Thanks to San Miguel Purefoods  for sponsoring this post and providing us moms a helpful meal planning tool.

Cook Happy!

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