Nesfruta #RealnaReal: Make your Kid’s Drawing Come Alive

Nesfruta #RealnaReal

What can be a more joyfully heart-warming gift than telling your kid that you can make their drawing come alive!   Wow!  I can already see their eyes glowing with happiness and their heart's swelling with pride as they gently handle their "live" drawing, unbelieving at first and then with giddy excitement make it soar through the skies or dive in the deepest ocean.

Nesfruta, Nestlé's powdered fruit juice line, is going to make your kid's drawing come to life with Nesfruta's #RealnaReal contest.   Here's a look at what Nesfruta can do for your child.

Super aliw, right?!:-) All you have to do is let your kid draw, take a photo of it and then upload it at the Facebook page of   10 winners will be drawn through an electronic raffle and hopefully,  it will be our kids:-)  To get more details about the promo,  please click Nesfruta link.

Through Nesfruta's #RealnaReal contest we can make their drawings come alive.  We can also assist them, guide them or provide different mediums for them to create their very own.   My daughter's favorite character is the one and only Ice Queen, Elsa.  Her slippers are Elsa.  Her clips are Elsa. Her pillow is Elsa.  And of course she makes Elsa!

Over the months of Elsa stardom,  she has created an Elsa lamp, an Elsa Mine Craft figure, made Olaf melt, Elsa clay, snowflakes and sung "Let it Go" for the nth time.

The possibilities are endless as we let our kids stretch their imagination and let them create with their hands.  By using their imagination,  we help build our kids' creative problem solving abilities and let them explore beyond the box.

This CHRISTmas season, I think the greatest gift we can give our children is to make their imagination come to life and give them time as we soar with them in their great world of imagination.

Join the Nesfruta #RealnaReal contest,  post away and make all this come true.  One character per entry,  enter as many as your child wants:-)

Good luck and Merry CHRISTmas!




P.S.  Thanks to Nesfruta for this wonderful campaign.


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