Of Graduations (with Writing Composition Activity)

graduation 2014

My son graduated from grade school last week.  True it was not as monumental as that of college graduation where graduates don a toga and toss up their grad hats in the air (do people really do that???),  but it was special nonetheless.

He looked teenager-ish and handsome in his barong and stood up tall during the march.  I am glad that he values his graduation as a new phase in his life.  He realizes it will be different.  He even meaningfully asked me, nearing the end of his school days, "Mommy, can you pick me up from school on Tuesday?"  and when I asked "why" he said, "Because it is my last day in grade school." Tissue!!!!!

graduation 2014

Back to the graduation,  the event was a success.  It was good to hear all the boys singing their hearts out during the mass.  The graduation ceremony was very efficient, with no time lost, yet everyone properly acknowledged for their contribution to their grade school.

The guest speaker, Mr. Francis Roxas Chua,  an alumni and the valedictorian several batches ago gave a rousing speech that had the boys clapping for three rounds.  It was then that I realized that our boys,  though seemingly still so childish and addicted to computer games,  appreciate an adult they can look up to, to stir them, to inspire them.  They have indeed grown wiser.

The batch Valedictorian gave a speech to his fellow graduates, and it was a good one.  My son didn't graduate Valedictorian of his batch but I thought it would be a good exercise for him to write a Graduation Speech.  I will be posting his when he is done.  Ask your kids to write one too and I'll happily to post it too:-)   There is a dearth in the internet of primary school graduation speeches and it would be good if our kids can contribute some.

Kindly click on this link for some guidelines your kids can use while crafting their graduation speech.

With you in the Happy Chaos called Parenting!

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