Halloween 2012

Halloween is in full swing for my kiddos, as they attended their 3rd trick or treat within the week.  The walk may be long before we hit a house in full Halloween production but tired feet along with sweat are forgotten so long as they walk with friends:-)

Sharing with you highlights of their Halloween 2012 adventure!

Mix of cute and gruesome decors, plus my adorable pumpkin:-)

A deck of cards, the mad hatter trio, ghoulish monsters with Sabrina the witch plus this cool creepy pumpkin -- this time with my robin:-)  The house where we took the pumpkin has decors galore, dirty ice cream, candies and chips plus a photo booth for all trick or treaters!  Bonggacious, right!

You can always hand it to my friend Jing who throws fab parties.  Halloween Food Labels!   Salad with zombies aka Plants vs. Zombies.  Puto with Olives aka Eyeballs to go with the Bloody Stew aka dinuguan.  Finger food lumpia. Skin layered with ground flesh and bloody sauce - lasagna - description is puke-licious!  Worm fruit salad.  Booger burgers.  Human Flesh on sticks BBQ. And last but not the least Krispy Kreme Halloween Donuts from another party!

Scream factor 10 decors!

They even joined a sort of Outbreak Run for kids.  It's just a 1k fun run with zombies running after them.  They were exhilarated after the run.  My daughter vomited - out of exhaustion and all the food she ate in the trick or treat before the run - but she still wanted and did finish the race.  All kids were given finishers medal.  Yay!!!

The loot they have accumulated is equivalent to 4 plastic boxes! excluding the big plastic bag filled with chocolates in the ref!

Thanks again to my friends Marichelle, Abby and Jing for inviting me and my kids to ther trick or treat!  Till Halloween 2013 mwahahaha!


  1. I agree with the pangangapa thing. Sometimes I feel stupid and frustrated kasi my husband is better than I am with babies. But I\’m happy. Words could\’nt explain the happiness of being a new mom!

    • So true! and the DevMommy blog is a fantastic avenue to share your adventures and misadventures (hehe) as a new mom. Congrats again! and hope to hear more from you:-)

  2. I envy you! I can’t wait for my 2 month old baby to grow up and go trick or treating

    • Hi devmommy! Next year you can go trick or treating already:-) and it’s gonna be loads of fun esp for a new mom like you!:-) I’m excited for you and your baby ashley (visited your blog devmommy) not only for Halloween but for every single step you make. Each birth is special but the joy, excitement coupled with “pangangapa” of the first is extra special:-)

      Parenthood nothing quite like it!:-)

  3. Happy Halloween! I so love the foods… it doesn’t look scary, it looks so yummy! 🙂

    • Hi gelaikuting! I know I so love it too:-) kaaliw di ba?:-) hope you had a fun, fun Halloween break:-) You have a very interesting travel blog:-) where did you spend your break?:-)

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